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Meet the nun on a bicycle who is changing the world

A humble Catholic nun on a bicycle is single-handedly changing the lives of former sex slaves and rape survivors in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You don't need much to change the world - just a bicycle, loaves of bread and a huge smile. For more than a decade, Catholic nun Sister Angelique Namaika has helped thousands of women and girls who have been kidnapped, raped and kept as sex slaves by the Lords Resistance Army in the north east region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The winner of the UN refugee agency's top humanitarian award is on a two week tour of Australia to thank donors for supporting her healing and rehabilitation work and raise awareness about gender violence. Between 2009-2014 she helped 2,000 women on her own, with the aid of her trusty bicycle and meagre resources, but last year with UNHCR fundraising she was able to expand her activities and assisted almost 3000 women. "Very often as a human I am overwhelmed (by the women's stories) but I…

38 year old amateur weight lifter strips to impress judges

Display: The weightlifter had only a gold star to preserve his modesty

Britain's Got Talent has had performing dogs and belly-dancing drag queens - but so far nothing has been stranger than this offering from the Norwegian version. An amateur weightlifter left the hosts of Norway's leading TV talent show gasping in shock, after he attempted a 'world record' completely naked. The 38-year-old man, known simply as 'Einar', is shown clad in a black dressing gown while bantering with the judges. He then whips it off to reveal his ample physique in all its naked glory, with only a gold star to hide his talents. His face puffing out with exertion, he then attempts to lift a giant red dumbell. Einar gives the judges only the briefest warning of what he had in mind. Before attempting the lift, he was asked if he felt nervous. "Not about this," he replied. "I am a bit nervous about my clothes." The blushes of female judges, who quickly covered their e…

Unveiling the first world's first sky pool.......Would you dare swim in the sky? Stunning 90ft transparent swimming pool 10 storeys up

Sky's the limit: This pair of luxury apartment blocks will be linked at 115-foot up by a suspended swimming pool

The world's first "sky pool" has been unveiled - and it's high enough to give anyone a touch of vertigo. Towering far above the street balanced between two residential buildings in Nine Elms in London like a precarious nest, the sky pool isn't for everyone. But the newly-built swimming experience looks like it has to be tried if you're not bothered by heights. Situated in the capital's new riverside district beside Battersea Power Station, the 90ft long glass encased pool is suspended 10 storeys, or 110ft up. The pool is entirely transparent and structure free, 25m long, 5m wide and 3m deep with a water depth of 1.2m.
   All mod cons: The breathtaking suspended swimming pool named ‘Sky Pool’ will be at Embassy Gardens The world's first "sky pool" has been unveiled - and it's high enough to give anyone a touch of vertigo. To…

Millionaire's daughters to inherit fortune but his will has some shocking terms and conditions

Maurice Laboz is leaving $10m to his daughters but only if they abide by his draconian terms and conditions.                            Victoria (from left) and Malena Laboz with their mother
A multi millionaire New York property mogul has dictated the terms of his will from beyond the grave seeing his daughters hit with stringent rules in order to inherit his wealth Maurice Laboz, who died earlier this year, decided daughters, Marlena, 21, and Victoria, 17 - would inherit $10million (£6.43 million) each when they turn 35. However the 77-year-old ensured they would be able to get some early bonuses as long as they attended a good university, marry right, get good jobs and do not have children out of wedlock. Laboz told the executors of his will his daughters could each receive half a million dollars if they marry before 35 on the condition their husbands sign a sworn statement that they will not touch the money. They could receive a further $750,000 if they graduate 'from an accr…

Woman bakes 250 lifelike dolls in oven to help bereaved parents who have lost their babies

Meet the real life baby-maker who has BAKED more than 250 dolls in her oven, in an effort to comfort bereaved parents. Devoted Teresa Russon, 51, from Worksop, Notts., first starting making them a decade ago after losing her son and mother within just five months. The mother-of-three found that creating "reborn dolls" helped her deal with her own grief and she now makes babies for couples who have lost children. But she does have quirky requests too - some customers have asked for reborn baby monkeys, fairies and even Halloween-themed vampire dolls.

Tragic reason: Teresa Russon says her realistic dolls help grieving parents
Meet the real life baby-maker who has BAKED more than 250 dolls in her oven, in an effort to comfort bereaved parents. Devoted Teresa Russon, 51, from Worksop, Notts., first starting making them a decade ago after losing her son and mother within just five months. The mother-of-three found that creating "reborn dolls" helped her deal with her ow…

Nick Gordon Learnt About Bobbi Kristina’s Death Over The Internet… Releases Press Statement

Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend Nick Gordon learned of the 22-year-old's death over the internet, according

to reports. An insider told Us Weekly that Nick learned of Bobbi's death "just like everyone else did, from the

 internet" as he was in Florida with his mother at the time the news broke.

Nick had been banned from seeing Bobbi Kristina and earlier this month he was served with $10 million

lawsuit, accusing him of being violent towards her and stealing after she was found unconscious in January.

Bobbi, the daughter of Bobby Brown and the late singer Whitney Houston, passed away on Sunday

surrounded by family at Peachtree Christina Hospice in Georgia.

Last night Nick's mother issued a statement on his behalf and said he had "suffered greatly" being apart from

 her over the last few months. Continue...

She said: "The passing of Bobbi Kristina is devastating to Nick and our family.

"Nick loved and cared for Krissi deeply, and he has su…

Three-month-old baby left BLIND in one eye after family friend forgot to turn off the camera flash while taking a photo close up

baby is left blind in one eye after a family friend forgot to turn off the flash while taking a close-up photograph. Doctors said the three-month-old, who has not been named, has suffered irreparable damage from the flash of the camera, which was held about 10 inches away from the baby boy. The parents noticed that there was something wrong with their baby's vision soon after the photograph was taken. Following the incident, the baby suffered from reduced vision in his left eye and blindness in his right eye. The damage is said to be permanent and cannot be fixed with surgery. The strong flash has damaged cells on the macula, which is the part of the eye where incoming light rays are focused. Damage to the macula can lead to the loss of central vision, which allows people to see straight ahead.  The macula is not fully developed until children are four, meaning youngsters are very sensitive to strong light. Experts have said that while babies will shut their eyes when exposed to light on…

Big Brother Africa 2015 CANCELLED

This is not good news for African viewers as the biggest reality TV show in Africa, Big Brother Africa (BBA) may not take place this year as expected. This is due to lack of sponsorship. The organizers of the show, Africa Magic and Endemol were unable to get sponsorship for this year’s edition of the show. The Manager of Multichoice Ghana, Anne Sackey confirmed to peganews that they at Multichoice Ghana have received notice from MNET that this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa will not hold. She explained that MNET did not give them any reasons as to why they will not be doing the Big Brother this year, but then, she personally thinks it’s due to sponsorship constraints.
Some people will run mad this very minute.

Buhari To Split NNPC Into Two

President Muhammadu Buhari has finally revealed what will be the fate of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, saying the national oil company will be divided into two successor entities under his administration. The President, who stated this in an interview with journalists in Washington DC during a four-day visit to the United States, an extract of which was made available to Saturday PUNCH, explained that the decision would form one of the key steps of his reform of the country’s oil and gas sector. The NNPC is considered a cesspool of corruption and fraud signposted by the non-remission of revenues from oil sale to the Federation Account. Hence, one of the first reform moves by All Progressives Congress –led administration is expected to start at the NNPC. There had been insinuations that Buhari would unbundle the NNPC into four companies but the President, in the Washington interview, said rather than breaking the NNPC into four companies, it would be divided into two – …

Teenager Dies After Tragic Accident During Ice Bucket Challenge

A teenager has died after joining in a variation of the latest internet craze, the ice bucket challenge. Cameron Lancaster is believed to be the first victim of the trend, in which people film themselves having ice water poured over their heads for charity. The 18-year-old was found dead after jumping into a disused quarry. Mr. Lancaster disappeared under the water at Prestonhill Quarry in Inverkeithing, Fife, on Sunday. He is thought to have jumped feet first off a cliff into shallow water, in response to the internet mania that has swept around the world. His body was recovered after a four-hour search. The death of Mr. Lancaster, from Burntisland, a small coastal village in southern Scotland, comes amid mounting criticism of the challenge. Some observers say it has begun to stray from its original aim of raising awareness and money for the neurodegenerative disease ALS, or motor neurone disease. In recent weeks, participants have filmed themselves performing increasingly risky stu…

The Kardashian Sisters Keep Slaying!

Kim shared a selfie of the trio looking all dolled up..flawless!

Hehe!!!, Abuja City, Turn Up!....Zakaa Luxury Is "Disturbing" The Maitama Axis Pretty Soon

If you are a lover of all shades of luxury lifestyle, then you have no excuse missing this memorable event where your dream assets would be all glaring right before you.

Here are some sultry eye popping glimpse of what would be displayed at the event after the cut

Emeka Ike Disvirgined Me At 19-Estranged Wife Insists On Divorce....Awwh,,, Poor Woman

Ace Actor Emeka Ike yesterday prayed the Lagos Island Customary Court not to dissolved his marriage, saying he still loves his wife, Emma. 
Emma had gone to court, seeking dissolution of their 12-year-old marriage.Emeka, represented by his counsel, Abdul’Hakeem Labi-Lawal, said his client has not appeared in court because he is ill.
“My client is ill but I will try my best possible he comes on the next adjourned date. We indulge the court to give us six months from this day to see if there is possibility of settlement between the couple,” he said.But Mrs Ike said six months was too long adding that the respondent had two years to reconcile with her but he didn’t.She said:

“The last time I wanted to speak with our children, it was my mother-in-law who
picked the call and asked if I had read Exodus 21 which says that if I go, I shouldn’t return.”The court’s President, Chief Awos Awosola, said the court could only grant two weeks.He said:
“I am expecting Emeka Ike in this court if he reall…

Basketmouth's Children Fly Business Class To Meet Him Abroad

Popular comedian and Glo ambassador Bright okpocha also known as Basketmouth has just shared a photo of his children, Janelle and Jason, lounging at the business section on their flight to the States. ThankGod they have a hard working dad! 
See what he wrote and then the photos of his kids lounging on the plane below:

“Una lucky say una pap dey try…see as dem dey feel…and they’ve come to join daddy’s tour. kaboooooom,” ..... What do we expect, when the combination is as follows, ; Proud + Hardworking + Succesful Dad = Intercontinental Ajebo Children....

Pregnant Women, Nursing Mothers To Be Banned From NYSC

The National Youth Service Corps has barred prospective corps members that are pregnant and nursing babies from participating in the national service across the country.

Also affected are students undergoing post-graduate studies in institutions of higher learning in the country.
The Director-General of the NYSC, Brig-Gen. Johnson Olawumi, who said these in Kaduna, however, said those affected needed not bother to enlist for service “until they are free to participate effectively.”
This was contained in the resolution of the two-day retreat released to journalists on Thursday.
The NYSC DG, at the workshop with the theme, ‘ICT and NYSC mobilisation process: towards eliminating identified challenges’, added that pregnant women and children would no longer be allowed into orientation camps across the country for service under the scheme established in 1973 by the Gen. Yakubu Gowon administration. “It was further resolved that pregnant women, nursing mothers or students engaging in post-g…

Somebody Is Trying To Chop Stance. LOL! ....Fani-Kayode Hails Buhari For Rejecting Gay Marriage

The Director of Media and Publicity of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode,(Femi Olukayode) has hailed President Muhammadu Buhari for rejecting Gay marriage during his recent visit to the United States.He took to twitter to write ..  “Buhari said sodomy is against ourlaws and abhorrent to our culture. It took courage for President Buhari to say that.Thanks be to God.On Bokoharam, he said the US helped the insurgents by refusing to sell arms to the government to fight them. “The US helped Boko Haram immensely by refusing to classify them as a terrorist organisation until 2014, and by refusing to sell arms to fight them.”

Hehe, Listen up!....First Class Graduates To Serve In Tertiary Institution Henceforth.

The director general of the National Youth Service Corps , Brig. Gen. Johnson Olawunmi, has said prospective corp members with First Class degree and their counterparts, who graduated with distinction from the polytechnic would henceforth be posted to tertiary institutions for their primary assignment.                                                                                                                            

Nice!!   Hope they get retained thereafter 

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THE RIB...Wrote This Post For A Fellow Blogger But Then I decided To Put It Here Too...Be Encouraged"...Plus I Hope You Love It Too. *Winks*

Now this is different, I couldn't think of any tale to tell, so I decided to just think and imagine something out of the box...And all I could think about was "The Rib" How many of us wondered why God chose the rib? Have you asked why?
Oh well, I just did.. If you have or haven't, this is for You...
Who knew the ribs protects the heart and lungs and even supports us around?
Who knew the duty of the rib is to ensure that we are created perfectly and beautifully?
Who knew that the ribs are very strong yet delicate and fragile?
Oh yes!, the heart is the center of our being , the lungs hold the breath of our life but then, did you know that the rib cage will allow itself to be broken before it will allow damage to the heart?...How sacrificial!!! 
From  the excerpts  of this  mini illustration, If your  body  system is composed of a rib cage, then I can autocratically assure you through the power vested upon me by the holy spirit that "YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE"
And just li…