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Start Where You Can. Happy Sunday!

"Life is like a bicycle, to maintain a balance, you must keep moving."  (Albert Einstein).

He's not interested in how large you kick-start but how well. Start from your own level and do all that needs to be done, not forgetting that there is more.

Happy Sunday Fam! It's being grace all the way. Let's thank Him for his faithfulness.

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Mind Fatigue

Mind fatigue include vices such as anxiety, boredom, depression, etc, which often leads to bodily fatigue. The body reacts based on the signal that emanates from the inside.

Focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative is the safest method to eliminate mind fatigue. Anxiety, mental stress and its like can be reduced through meditation to quieten the mind.

Ever wondered why external things bring inner peace? We must not be ignorant of the reason of our existence. Only then can we live and let live.

We make our own weather, determine the colour of the skies in the emotional universe which we inhabit by our creative efforts which in turn brings sunlight to our souls.

Today, say no to mind fatigue. Rather, position the mind into focusing on positive vibes that would enhance the bodily capability. Never bombard the mind with troubles, for health is wealth.

Have an awesome weekend.

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Yes She Will!

Being journeying from one location to the other. But hey, keep calm, I'll be back tomorrow.

Have a great day and enjoy every bit of it!

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Be Like Rats...

As a young girl, growing up in a rat infested house was one of the sight I dreaded the most. These rats would run from east to west with zero control. Trying to trap them was one of the most impossible thing to do until my dad eventually got mad at their ever increasing numbers (whenever Mother Rat popped out some more litters) and decided to end the nightmare forever.
Until then, these rats possessed undaunted and outstanding wisdom.
Initially, when their infestation started, my late mum prepared sumptuous poisonous meals to trap them to their death. The disadvantage about this technique was the great issue it posed, locating their foul smell whenever they died was a tedious search to venture into. *living or dead, rats can hide for Africa. This technique lasted for a short while because these "sense rats" eventually figured out the trap meals were poisonous and stopped eating them. *Haa, lol. 
I can't stand rats. While storming into absurd stories over the internet, I…

Men, Wait. Women, Seek

Shhh. Stop the complaint. Don't quit. Wait and Seek.

A wise man once said, "No matter the economy of the jungle, the Lion doesn't eat grass."

The current situation in recent time is faced with a lot of casualty and complexity making it difficult for the masses(especially the young) to maximize their full potential. Well, as Christians, these limitations shouldn't be a barrier because Our Father continually assures us that "those who put their trust in Him are like mount Zion that can never be shaken." Psalm 125:1

As a matter of fact, God is obsessed with hard-workers especially when its a Lady (Virtuous Woman)  in question because he has a way of blessing them silly.

We live in a society where the class distinction between the male and female is predominant. Men bully their way through the entire system and women obtain limited slots out of mere luck. Well, (except for women of easy virtues who shortchange their bodies for these benefits which h…

Put Your Face In The Sun

Well, for those who have issues with waking up. lol

Monday kick-starts the beginning of the other working days. Interestingly, many don't look forward to it.

Before God's blessing and decree begin to manifest, whoever is involved must be upstanding and updoing.

God rises for you
His sunrise glory breaks over you
Nations will come to your light,
Kings to your sunburst brightness
Look up! Look around!

This and more is possible only if you put your face in the sun!

(Anchor Scripture: Isaiah 60:1-2)

Have a productive day Fam.

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Happy Sunday!

Nothing much to say, just to wish you a Blissful, Super, Duper Happy Sunday. Have a great one!

Are You A Story Teller?

People always fall for the storyteller especially the girls. lol

If you are not a story teller or a renowned orator, then you should reconsider.

Like we know, Jesus was in the habit of dishing out stories on a platter. Well, they were not just ordinary stories, they were peculiar stories that fulfilled destiny.

What kind of story are you telling? Are they filled with nit-chat gossips? If they are not otherwise, then it's that time of the month to swipe that petty story with an upgrade.

The Holy Book of Mathew dishes out amazing stories (Parables) about forgiveness, the use of talents,  the cursed fig tree, the wise and foolish virgins, etc. All who listened to Jesus were saved, astonished and filled with bewilderment craving to know where He originated from and to investigate his progeny.

Today, avoid nit-chat stories and fill the ears of those listening to you with earthly stories with heavenly meaning.

Have a great day!

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The Answer

Well, I've sourced for the answer on your behalf and its here on a platter. *Winks.

You've bombarded God with a number of numerous questions? You may be going about it the wrong way. The answer is simple;

- Live right.

- Ignore hearsay, gossips or grapevine.

- Despise exploitation.

- Refuse bribe.

- Reject violence.

- Indulge guilelessness.

- Avoid evil amusement and pauperization.

 - Work on the inner you daily and allow God fix the outer you.

This is how to raise your standard of living! A safe and stable way to survive. A nourishing and satisfying life to live.

(Anchor Scripture: Isaiah 33:15-16)

Today, lets thrive to become a better version of ourselves.

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Put Your Name On It!

You've prayed so hard with zero result? Then it's about that time to put your name on it!

Watch how I personalize these Holy Scriptures. You believe you're a conqueror? Tag along, substitute your name and let's do this together.

By the way, my native name is "Somto" so I'm going to take turns swapping from Somto to Ellahillz at random. *Winks

Mathew 6:33; Somto, Seek first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you.

Psalm 40:6; Somto, Don't be after being religious and acting pious.

Acts 3:26; Ellahillz, You're first in line.

Gen.2:19; Whatever Somto called them, that was its name.

Eccl 5:8-9; Somto, Don't be too upset when you see the poor kicked around, and justice and right violated allover the place. Exploitation filters down from one petty official to another. There's no end to it, and nothing can be done about it. But the good earth doesn't cheat anyone.

Ecc 7:21; Ellahillz, Don't eavesdrop on the convers…

Jonah, A Prophet Or A Psycho Or Both?

God is in the habit of giving humans a second chance to right every wrong. Unfortunately, most humans don't operate in that realm.

After Jonah had effectively carried out his assignment of prophesying doom to the people of Nineveh, the people of Nineveh repented of their sins and God forgave them. This angered Jonah a great deal.

Jonah 4:1 "Jonah was furious. He lost his temper. He yelled at God." *Who dare yells at God? lol

In sincerity of heart, Jonah affirmed that God was sheer grace and mercy even though he further continued with his rant...

Jonah 4:3 "So God, if you won't kill them, kill me! I'm better off dead!" *What a bizarre statement to utter.

God went on to ask him what he was angry about, but he ignored God and left.

Jonah wasn't a stable man as evidenced, he was bipolar. But well, God's ways are not the ways of man, He chooses whosoever he wishes to proclaim His gospel and His choices are perfect. He is also in the habit of using n…

The Book Of Jonah "Fiction Or Non-fiction"?

Hung out with some friends two months back and a Biblical discussion ensued, the hot topic was ''Jonah."
There were allegations labelled against Jonah, the concluding part of their allegation categorically stated that the Book of Jonah was a Fiction. This got me! *Trust your girl to dig up some facts before she concludes with the rest.
From my findings, I realized that their analysis was baseless and with zero fact to buttress their stance. Now, it gets interesting.
I believe 95% of  blog visitors believe in Jesus and in the Holy Bible. Here comes the The Big Question, Did Jesus Tell a lie? *Well, I don't think so.
Well, Jesus acknowledged Jonah... Here's a rundown of my backup:

Mathew 12:40, "Like Jonah, three days and nights in the fish's belly, the Son of  Man will be gone three days and nights in a deep grace." (He even likened himself with Jonah)
Mathew 12:41, "A far greater preacher than Jonah is here, and you squabble about proofs."

Embrace Suffering

Don't shy away from suffering, embrace it.

All negative vices serve as factors to help accelerate one's step into greatness, success, happiness and a fulfilling destiny.

Thriving over suffering becomes struggle, scaling through struggle phases begets actualization.

Are you going through a bad breakup? Addiction? Poor foundational problem? Lack? Examination failure?  Loss of a family member? Job retrenchment? Divorce? Single parenthood? Unemployment? Generational curse? Work without tangible pay? "Rat race" means of livelihood?

Remember that there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Beautiful pictures are produced in dark rooms. Embrace suffering and buttress that suffering situation with a "Katalambano" of healthy Prayer and Worship.

Anchor Scripture: Mathew 16:25
"Don't run away from suffering, embrace it."

By the way, Katalambano is a Greek word that means; take eagerly, obtain, take over.

*Today, don't be ashamed of suffering,…

Happy Sunday Guys!

Sundays ushers the coming of a new week. Oh that  today, your life would be filled with goodies, gladness, awesomeness, happiness and everything that is good for the body and soul.

Have a great day and a perfect Sunday celebration.

Thank You for staying loyal and trusting Ellahillz Blog to deliver.

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Don't Be Any Of These... Happy Saturday

It's not right to go easy on the guilty, or come hard on the innocent.

The words of a fool starts fights; do him a favour and gag him.

Fools are undone by their big mouths; their souls are crushed by their words.

*Be every bit of nice today.

(Anchor Scripture: Proverbs 18: 5-7)

Trust the Saturday is going amazingly good. Have a great one!

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The Handpicked Servant

The Handpicked servant is a slave to humanity...

Fix your eyes at the handpicked servant cos
He's loved so much,
Take delight in him, He's being placed with unrivaled spirit.
He decrees justice to the nations,
He doesn't need to yell or raise his voice at that,
there's no commotion in the streets.
He doesn't walk over anyone's feelings,
nor push one into a corner.
Before you say "Jack" his justice triumphs.
The mere sound of his name signals hope
even among unbelievers.

Who is this handpicked servant?

His name is Jesus.

(Anchor Scripture: Mathew 12:15-21)

Were you at any point handpicked by an organization or an association, fix your eyes on the Handpicked Servant and emulate his unique leadership technique.

Have a great day!

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Dual Personality

From the literal context, dual personality is a psychological  disorder  in which an individual possess two dissociated personalities. Here, the individual has identity problems.

From the realm which is above other realms where I tread and take my bearing, it means otherwise.

Dual personality from the Biblical context entails that;

1. One must be cunning as a serpent  & at the same time
2. Inoffensive as a dove.

Here, serpent depicts wisdom and dove depicts peace. If you don't know how to switch personalities when the need arises, you'll be used, manipulated and left to suffer (especially when you are inoffensive as a dove).

For example, for a firm to outdo its competitors, the firm must be cunning as a serpent, possessing tons of strategic ideas on ways to make their way through to the top or retain the first position if they are already leading. Another example is how "I phone" cunningly outsmarted "Nokia" In an emotional speech by Nokia CEO, he said…

Impure Thoughts

As Mortals, we are prone to having impure thoughts every now and then. This include; bitterness, anger, revenge, envy, covetousness or even indecisiveness towards relationships goals. These stated vices have become the order of the day.

Gripping unto God is the only way out cos He alone delivers and is the only escape route.

In order to terminate every impure thought, we'll have to upgrade and renew our personal relationship with God each day, flee from temptation and every occasion of temptation.

Occasion of temptation are the root causes of impure thoughts which may eventually lead to sin. Subscribing to the "Avoidance theory" is the only way out.

Anchor Scripture: Psalm 34:4
"Turn your back to sin, do something good. Embrace peace."

Today, cut off every avenue of impure thoughts and see everything working for your good.

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Wait Oo...Mary, Mother Of Jesus And Wife Of Joseph Eventually Got Laid?

I was on my own sitting pretty and trying to acquire knowledge from the Holy Book (which has being my latest way of life) when I ran into this scripture;
Mathew 1:24-25(MSG Translation) "Then Joseph woke up. He did exactly what God's angel
commanded in the dream: He married Mary. But he didn't consummate the marriage until she had the baby, he named the baby Jesus.'' 
After I stormed this, I checked up other versions of the Bible and they corresponded. 
Quoting Mathew 1:24-25 of the New King James Version (NKJV), it reads, ''Then Joseph, being aroused from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took his wife, and did not know her until she had brought forth her firstborn Son. And he called him Jesus. 
From the mini research that ensued after I stormed the passage, I was able to gather consummation in marriage isn't a sin and as a matter of fact was created by God in his own wisdom and He sees it as perfect. Therefore, Mary remained …

The Magical Power Of Sleep

God had 6 working days to his credit but rested on the 7th day. Well, He was God and it wasn't recorded that He slept at any point. Psalm 121:4 informs us that, "He watches over us and  neither sleeps nor slumbers."

Interestingly He put Adam to sleep in order to perform a surgical operation of extracting one of his ribs to form Eve. All this wouldn't have being possible if Adam wasn't put to sleep. Same applies to practical surgical operations in our time, where anesthesia is given to induce sleep.

Like they say, rest is good after labour, it entails the act of sleeping which comes in between.

Sleep is important and compulsory for the human development. As a matter of fact, humans were structured to sleep. While sleeping, the brain goes into leisure, the mind goes into relaxing mood, charging it up with renewed strength to continue work.

After an activity filled day, sleep. After so many sleepless nights, sleep even more. As a matter of fact, endeavour to sleep …

Happy Sunday Fam!

Trust that you'll have a great day, pray that we fulfill destiny and hopeful that all our dreams come true.

Have a great day Fam!

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How To Make Your Life Glow

The glow powder is a blend of everything that would make your life glow in the dark. Interestingly, its component are obtainable and easy to acquire. They include the following;

*Get rid of unfair practices

*Quit blaming victims

*Quit gossiping about other people's sin

*Be generous with the hungry

*Give yourself to the down and out

This way, your lives will begin to glow in the darkness, He(God) will show you where to tread, He will give you full life in the emptiest places, firm muscles and strong bones.

Easy right? Let that beautiful life of yours glow today!

Have a great weekend guys!

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Stolen Bread

Stolen bread tastes really good right? Yes it does. The unease and unrest with your troubled conscience comes immediately the once tasty bread is entirely consumed.

Exodus 20:15 commands, "thou shall not steal."  There are repercussions for theft. Some of these repercussions come in light sentences, some in  medium sentences, others in grandiose sentences like death penalties.

Who have you stolen from? Were you caught red-handed?  Well, it doesn't matter, It's advised you return it back and make peace with the owner, your soul and ultimately with God.

Anchor Scripture: Proverbs 20:17
"Stolen bread tastes sweet , but soon your mouth is full of gravel."

No one deserves to have a mouth full of gravel, form your purpose by asking for good counsel, then carry it out using all the help you can get.

Have a great Friday guys! Holiday is over, ntoor! lol

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The Filling Station

A filling station is a facility that sells fuel, gasoline and engine lubricants for vehicles. Filling stations are one of the necessities that gives one a functional life.

From the metaphysical realm, The Filling Stations are where humans en-route to fill themselves with concrete substance. It transcends more than just filling the body with any kind of substance, rather, filling it with soul foods that would help develop all three part of the human composition which comprises of the body, soul and spirit.

Where do you refill? What substance does your filling station infuse into you? Do you get (divinely supernatural) fuel, gasoline, and other engine lubricants as the need arises?

These are rhetorical questions to be answered individually because the amount of input determines the level of output. If the fuel purchased at your filling station can't take you long distances even after purchasing full tank, then, this is due to alteration in the fuel pump, mismanagement, and other ne…

What He Knows And Sees...

He knows our deepest thoughts even when others perceive wrongly

He sees what's done in secret places when no one is watching

He knows our heart desires and attends to them at his perfect timing

He sees all of our weaknesses and is forever there to pull us to upright state

He knows the amount of our hard work invested even when everyone  but you is clueless

He sees our reflection in His eyes all day long

He knows our greatest insecurity and is forever present to ensure that we are secure

He sees how pure our hearts are when we serve Him in spirit and in truth

He knows the amount of our hair-strands and calls us by our name

He sees our crave for Him and calls us His'

He knows our flaws and all, yet calls us perfect

Above all, He loves us madly...

Holiday in progress right? Keep enjoying every bit of it.

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Prophets are persons regarded as inspired teachers or proclaimers of the will of God.

On the Friday, Ist of  July 2016, at exactly 10:14 am during my study on Prophets, the divine meaning of Prophets was revealed to me as thus;

P- People
R- Raised
O- Off
P- Principles
H- Heralded
E- Exquisitely
T- Teaching
S- Salvation

Prophets were raised by God to shake people into attention.

Anchor Scripture: Joel 2:28
"I will pour out my spirit on every kind of people; your sons will prophesy, also your daughters."

As a matter of fact, all men and women are legible to becoming prophets.

(See Amos 3:7) Amazingly, God does nothing without first telling His prophets the whole story.

It will interest you to know that we are all prophets and are entitled to prophesying into areas that affect us. Notwithstanding, this entitlement must be worked upon and developed in order to maximize its full potential.

Being a prophet is our birthright and rightful inheritance.

Today, let's extensively u…

He Took Me Off My Farm

Some people are called to do something new to glorify God. In most circumstances, it is usually against their wish, unplanned and all, but eventually, God's will must be established no matter how you try to run away. Elijah, King Saul, Jonah are typical examples.

Have you figured out your calling? What has God called you to do? Is it to spread the good-news by the ambassadorial status he has vested upon you? Or to teach others by the way yo live?

Did He call you to use that beautiful voice of yours to woo people to His side? Is it that gift of photography to capture beautiful moments that would inspire Nations and Generations to come? Is it fashion designing? What is that raw talent He has specifically Blessed you with?

In our respective sphere of life, we can teach teach others about God in a special kind of way because He'll always take you off your farm. My life is a shocking example. Each day, I look into the mirror and I'm left in awe because He constantly reveals so…

Wow! It's The First Sunday Of The New Month!

May this dawn of a fresh week usher us into divine bliss, upgraded advance in every ramification, good health, sound mind, Solomonic wisdom, perseverance towards achieving set goals, love, prosperity, and everything good for yourbody and soul, Amen.

Have a Great day and a Fab week ahead. *kisses

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The Price Of Humility

*Don't worry, no epistle today. lool. una no dey read for this generation sha, social media skits ti take over. Well, I foresee a dimensional shift in the nearest future, Amen. lol

The price of humility is answered prayers. Many are unaware of the grace that tags along with meekness.

Anchor Scripture: Mathew 5:5
"Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth"

Who are you doing "bugga" for? How much do you even have in that bank account that's making you swell like one bloated Agric fowl? Trust me, those who have seen it all don't have energy for "bugga" no more. lol

Humility is synonymous to meekness, they are intertwined.

Meekness does it guys! Meekness means being teachable. It's entails being approachable as well. It is only when you subscribe to meekness that God brings the right people in your life who will serve as destiny helpers(yardstick) to attaining greater heights and in turn inheriting the earth.

Have a Fab weekend gu…


The term "Sorry" is a gift of repentance and an act of repentance when genuinely said. Repentance has a lot do with changing one's behaviour; righting every wrong.
"Sorry" "Please" and "Thank you" belong to the family of the magic words, interestingly, as simple as they seem when uttered with profound remorse, they can save humans from troubles and catastrophe.

Before you utter the word "sorry" or the sentence "I am sorry," These three steps must come to play before it becomes effective;

Step 1: Recognize your guilt.

Step 2 : Trust that you'll be forgiven.

Step 3:  Refrain from misdeeds and strictly adhere by the rules.

Unfortunately, the term "sorry" has being abused, most people don't mean what they say and say what they mean.

Also, as a matter of fact, "sorry" can't be easily said by a lot of people due to ego, ignorance, stupidity or whatever the case may be. These negative attitude po…