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Evening With Ifie Sekibo ! #GOTNI

What does the acronym GOTNI mean ? As you can see from the above illustration, it means "Guardians-Of-The-Nation-International"

GOTNI is a Leadership Clinic that...

1. Introduce young people to the right mentors

2. Inspire young people to aspire and attain

3. Is involved with practical leadership principles


#Evening with Ifie Sekibo is currently the trending Hashtag. The slated event held yesterday, the 29th of February 2016, at the Conference Center in Reiz Continental Hotel, Abuja, and is proudly powered by GOTNI.

The event was well attended and ably represented. All thanks to the President, Linus Okorie(PhD) who made it a reality by hosting the first 500(five hundred) "Budding Potential Leaders" of our great country Nigeria for free out of over 7000(seven thousand) applicants.

Heritage Bank was the mother sponsor of the empowering event, no wonder the slogan for the Merchandise bank is "The Right Bank Mak…

The Mighty Zig Ziglar

Didn't want to go Biblical today. My plan and purpose is to diversify, this way, we'll get to have a balance.

I gushed about my experience in church yesterday, details are in my diary, feel free to pay a visit and read your eyes out. lol

Great achievers are not celebrated compared to what we see on social media platforms these days. You'll agree with me that musicians, models, actors, jackpot winners, etc take the spotlight and dominate the  world, little or no recognition is given to those who work so hard to make a difference which entailed living an extra-ordinary life.

I'll be featuring "The Mighty Zig Ziglar" today, grab a seat, munch on anything if You please and enjoy the unique and inspiring story of Zig Ziglar.

I didn't just want to write about Zig Ziglar because of the stories I heard about him or very interesting articles of his work I was able to gather through Google but entirely because of the 9mins 27sec video of him that I dashed out to Yo…

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday Fam!

I'm so having a good rest today and I bet You are doing same. I paid my dues to deserve the rest. *winks

Today was an awesome experience in the presence of my Creator. I practically told everybody I came in contact with today about the life changing messages I was privileged to receive at Church which I believe was specially drafted and crafted for me.

I was still a bit down with my hangover mood-swing from Friday, but You see, words are so powerful that they can make you switch from a Zero to a Hero, Fill in the blank spaces in your life, Heal you, and Remind you of so many reasons to smile  once more.

Today was too lit at my end and is definitely one of the best days of my life, I love love love anything or anybody that inspires me, and I still possess that childlike simplicity that triggers me to gush about any happy moment without apology or pride whatsoever. *last, last, na six feet things after the human race, can't understand why people form, to all t…

He Said, Anything...

I asked God, "what should I write about for the days' post", He said, "anything". Well, I'll just write anything...

Today happened to be one of the days my mood swing was on some serious high rise. So many random thoughts racing through. I felt I was failing God, I felt I wasn't doing all He had given me the capacity to do, I felt I was wasting time, I felt so much work needed to be done which I abandoned, I felt I wasn't giving my 100%, I felt I needed to drastically minimize the amount of time I dedicated into checking up the exotic lifestyles of celebrities on Instagram and focus on me! I felt I had so much to offer and achieve, I knew I needed to Re-strategize and get it right.

God has being faithful to me, entirely true! but I felt He has being acting so slow in the past five days. The past five days has being like five months! I've being believing but yet unsatisfied, but hey! it's too late to stop believing.

Prosper taught me to worr…

In Every Nonsense Is A Sense And A Yardstick For Judgement, And I'll Tell You Why

The Book of  Leviticus from the Holy Scripture is a very boring book to me *covers face, please don't judge me, only being sincere and reason is, it has too many emphasis on how to go about different types of burnt offering ranging from the whole burnt offering, grain offering, compensation offering, to the excessive harshness of God. Ahn ahn, what is it sef? lol.
Well, from Chapter 7 of the book of Leviticus began to make sense to me. Thank God I didn't completely rule it out judging from the first to the sixth chapter. Chapter 7 laid so much emphasis on how the priests of God should be treated and as a matter of fact, stressed on the message greatly which made sense to me.

Guys, The Bible is the best book ever! Doubting? then you need to go back and carry out a serious survey which will include an in-depth study. The Holy Scripture is too diversified to a fault, It teaches just everything! If you ever need Motivation, Sex Education, Love, Adventure, Stability, Faith, Hope, …

The Power Of Cooperation: Moses Wasn't Greedy Afterall !

Cooperation is an act or instance of working together for a common purpose or benefit. Cooperation is the process of working together to get something done. Cooperation is a voluntary agreement of two or more entities to engage in a mutually beneficial exchange.
Words synonymous to the term Cooperation include; Collaboration, Partnership, Liaison, Team-mate, Synergy, Association, Unity.

The direct opposite of Cooperation is Competition.

In the Book of Exodus Chapter 35, Moses spoke to the entire congregation of Israel instructing them of the things God had commanded them to do which includes resting on the seventh day, after working from the first to the sixth day, and most importantly, how their offerings would be made to God as regards erecting a Tabernacle which would be a place of worship.

Furthermore, He stated how God gave instruction to those with special skills to come forward for the actualization of  the divine project.

After Moses was done dishing out the instruction to th…

God Technically Owns Every First Born Child, Failing Means Failing God

Oh well, I'm a proud Ada Ada and a first born child at that. The word failure isn't in my dictionary at all, let's just say I have phobia for failure and as a result of that, it's being completely eliminated from the path I thrive. True, I fall, make mistakes here and there, but then, nothing stops me from rising up, putting myself to order and getting my fleek on. I secretly feel I'm too loaded to fail considering the fact that I have my younger squad looking up to me.

Today's post isn't about me, it's about every first born child. Do you know that we are consecrated, and that God calls us His?

Exodus 13:1        God spoke to Moses, saying,
                          "Consecrate every first born to me
                            the first one to come from the womb
                            among the Israelites, whether
                            person or animal, is mine"

From the above extract of the Holy scripture, It's clearly state…

When Last Did You Pray For A Friend?

Who is a friend?

A friend is a person that shares equal level of bond while exhibiting mutual relationship. A friend is a companion, never an enemy or a hater. A friend has a strong liking and supports who they are concerned about. A friend is never envious of the others' success because they technically share in the same joy. A friend is that person that remains a constant through the pains and gains. A friend is selfless and doesn't think of only their self. A friend is an everlasting motivator, a continuous teacher, and loves unconditionally. A friend is God's precious gift to man.

Few years ago, I had people in my life that I termed as friends, but looking back, I've grown to realize they were far from that. As a matter of fact, I don't keep them close no more because they didn't match up to the above definition.

At a point in my life, I had tons of "supposed friends" flocking around, little did I know they were temporal and entirely artificial. …

Search And You Will Find

Got out of bed rather early this morning with thoughts, all I could audibly hear was "search and You'll find" and I taught to myself that it'll be really nice to share.

Honestly, I'm not making this up, and I'm definitely applying it to what I've been searching for the most in recent times. errrm, don't worry, I'll share my testimony when it clicks. Bae is excluded out of the context oo, lol, I know I have friends that will think it's a wedding I.V or something. lol *marriage na small thing nau, and it's not you that will be in the marriage for me, it's me that'll run it all by myself, lol, Y shack my paracetamol for me nah?, kindly wait till I'm ready, inshort, don't worry, I'll be giving free asoebi to all of you as soon as everything is sorted out. *smiles
*Serious mode activated. Search, you'll find. This is holistically truthful and in truth from my own angle, all the things I enjoy at the moment is as a resul…

Surprise Surprise! Tap To Find Out Who Our Blog Royalty Of The Week Is...

Lool. I can't really tell if this person is my friend. All I can say is that the person is an ardent reader and of course a Blog Fam which automatically qualifies the person as my family.


Well, She's Mrs Ozioma Fimibama, A very beautiful mother of one and young too. Ooh yes, she is married oo, so no application form available.

Reason why she made it here is because she's a virtuous woman. morally upright, a hardworker and an in-depth lover of God. I don't know how she combines all that she's involved with, even as a nursing mother. Baby Fimibama isn't even up to 9 months.

Ozy baby as I fondly call her is a professional make-up artist and she's really a Pro. at what she does.

Ozy resides in Lagos but shuttles between Lagos and Portharcourt  for now because that's where most of her clients reside and also, like I stated earlier, she's a nursing mum but will definitely tour round the globe just to cook your face up when Baby Fimibama co…

No Room !

Wondering who there's no room for? 
Well, technically, there is no room for second place and the good news is that Ellahillz isn't the architect of the bias. 
Traditionally, Socially, Religiously  and in all shades of reality generally, there is no room for second best or place. Even if there were, the first always takes the spotlight. Religiously; Pope over ministers Politically; Presidents over Vice Presidents, Institutionally; Chancellor over Vice Chancellor, Business Organisation; C.E.O over M.D,  Pageantry; Winner over First Runner Up, the list goes on....
The only time there's room for second place is when they are uniquely exceptional and thrive to do something extra-ordinary that will eventually place them at the top.
Biblically, Methuselah is recorded as the oldest man that ever lived, he was aged 969, most people never noticed or talked about Jared, the father of Enoch who lived for 962 years or even the very popular Noah who lived for 950 years. Noah was known …

ERROR : Taking the truth to the extreme

Error is an act, an assertion or a belief that unintentionally deviates from the what is right, true or correct.

Error is deviation from accuracy or correctness.

Error simply means taking the truth to the extreme therefore leading to fallacy.

The Almighty came to make clarity between the Old and the New Testament. Some part of the old testament included manipulation and extreme measures to punish offences, while the New Testament preached forgiveness.

Are we making an error in decision making, dispensation of responsibilities, and other spheres that greatly affects us?   We may be putting in all our might and best which is absolutely true in most circumstances, but most times that is not always enough because of the unintentional error we make which is the present and re-occurring factor and is ever glaring before us.

Errors take time to correct pending on its volume or capacity, but with  undying research, consistent study, divine strategy, adhering to principles that have passed al…

How Bae and I Celebrated Our Val's Day...*Wink

Val's day was incomplete till Bae and I hit the streets. My dearest neighbour Ene tagged along with us to show support, she was so easy to convince. God bless her for me. Amen. My very good friend Joy was unavoidably absent, she really wished to be part of this but then, she was with us in spirit and I thank her specially for the calls and all. A good friend is a blessing.
The idea was to cook for 30 people. I single handedly cooked every, wasn't an easy stuffs mehn but I was filled with Joy doing all of that.
Showing love to the destitute was our own way of showing love, and we did that in our own little way. As we begun the distribution and interaction with them, I was filled with conflicting emotions, it's really hard out mehn...
Kai! My Dear Family, These people were experiencing the highest degree of poverty, they didn't have homes, they slept on the road side. They lacked food and other crucial necessities of life. Whenever generous people came along with surplu…