Monday, 29 February 2016

Evening With Ifie Sekibo ! #GOTNI

What does the acronym GOTNI mean ? As you can see from the above illustration, it means "Guardians-Of-The-Nation-International"

GOTNI is a Leadership Clinic that...

1. Introduce young people to the right mentors

2. Inspire young people to aspire and attain

3. Is involved with practical leadership principles


#Evening with Ifie Sekibo is currently the trending Hashtag. The slated event held yesterday, the 29th of February 2016, at the Conference Center in Reiz Continental Hotel, Abuja, and is proudly powered by GOTNI.

The event was well attended and ably represented. All thanks to the President, Linus Okorie(PhD) who made it a reality by hosting the first 500(five hundred) "Budding Potential Leaders" of our great country Nigeria for free out of over 7000(seven thousand) applicants.

Heritage Bank was the mother sponsor of the empowering event, no wonder the slogan for the Merchandise bank is "The Right Bank Makes A Difference". Over the years, Heritage bank has indeed proved to make a difference in the lives of Nigerian youths, grooming them to become Eagles that will take Nigeria to the next level.

The green carpet commenced at 5 pm to  honor special guests with interviews on what to expect, at  exactly 6 pm, the Leadership Clinic was declared open with the National Anthem.

Linus Okorie (PhD) who is the President and founder of GOTNI ignited the atmosphere with his powerful words and charismatic charm, he entirely won the admiration of all with his high definition Intelligence Quotient. He shared universal leadership principles that can be applied in any sphere of life. These universal principles include; Leadership Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Habit.

                      Linus Okorie (PhD), President and Founder of GOTNI

He went further to warn Nigerian youths of the dangers of quitting, and encouraged youths to have the capacity to endure pain and wait on greatness because PAIN is only a temporal place of sacrifice, discomfort and delayed gratification. He laid great emphasis in the area of raising up a reading generation and sealed a deal with the youths that entailed reading one book per week.

        Far left is Linus Okorie (PhD) sealing up a deal

Questions, Answers and Interactive Sessions followed suit, the closing remark was made, and the National Anthem was sung by all to close the event. Autograph was signed by the renowned author Linus Okorie (PhD). His "best seller" titled "Footprints: Leading Beyond Today" was greatly patronized.

More pictures after the cut.

    Right is Linus Okorie (PhD) in a board meeting.

    Linus Okorie (PhD) doing what he knows how to do best on National T.V

*Ellahillz and Ellahillz Blog Were Ably Represented. *wink

Ellahillz was one of the privileged participants at the event. She was honoured with an interview at the green carpet where she dished out her expectation, she went further to effectively participate in the Leadership Clinic.

       This popped up during lecture...#she never xperedit. *smiles

During the Question, Answer and Interactive Session, she stepped out to ask the Boss himself (Linus Okorie, PhD) her question. She introduced herself, introduced Ellahillz Blog, asked her question and received the perfect response ever.

This way, she got the attention and admiration of her fellow participants and made network of friends.It was indeed an outing to remember and an experience of a lifetime.

GOTNI Boss Inspired Us Greatly Right?

Have A Beautiful Day You All!

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Mighty Zig Ziglar

Didn't want to go Biblical today. My plan and purpose is to diversify, this way, we'll get to have a balance.

I gushed about my experience in church yesterday, details are in my diary, feel free to pay a visit and read your eyes out. lol

Great achievers are not celebrated compared to what we see on social media platforms these days. You'll agree with me that musicians, models, actors, jackpot winners, etc take the spotlight and dominate the  world, little or no recognition is given to those who work so hard to make a difference which entailed living an extra-ordinary life.

I'll be featuring "The Mighty Zig Ziglar" today, grab a seat, munch on anything if You please and enjoy the unique and inspiring story of Zig Ziglar.

I didn't just want to write about Zig Ziglar because of the stories I heard about him or very interesting articles of his work I was able to gather through Google but entirely because of the 9mins 27sec video of him that I dashed out to You tube to watch immediately after reading about him. Best belief, Zig Ziglar is goooood! You've ever craved actualization of your dreams, intense happiness and full capacity living, then you should subscribe entirely to Zig Ziglar. No time, I've added him to my list of mentors. #yimu.

               You'll agree with me that Zig Ziglar had great looks even at old age


He's real name is Hilary Hinton "Zig" Ziglar. He was born November 6, 1926, Coffee County, Alabama, U.S, he died in November 28, 2012 (aged 86) Plano, Texas, U.S. He died of pneumonia, he's resting place is in McKinney, Texas. Alma Mater; university Of South Carolina, he was a Salesman, Motivational Speaker and Author. He was a politician; he belonged to the Republican Party, he was a Christain, a Baptist. His wife's name is Jean Ziglar, their marriage lasted for 66 years until his death (1946-2012). He had four children but one is late, their names include; Suzan Ziglar Witmeyer (died 1995), Tom Ziglar, Cindy Ziglar Oates, Julie Ziglar Norman, he had seven grand-children.


Zig Ziglar was born in Coffee South Eastern Alabama to John Silas Ziglar and Lila Wescott Ziglar. He was the tenth of twelve children.

In 1931, when Zig Zigler was 5 years old, his father took a management position at a Mississippi farm, and his family moved to Yazoo City, Mississippi, where he spent most of his early childhood. The next year, his father died of a stroke and his younger sister died two days later.

Z.Ziglar served in the U.S Navy during the world war II from 1943-1945. He was in the NavyV-12 Navy Training college and attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina.


Ziglar later worked as a salesman in a succession of companies. In 1968, he became a vice president and training director for the automotive performance company, moving to Dallas, Texas.

By 2010, Ziglar still traveled around taking part in motivational seminars, despite a fall down a stairs in 2007 that left him with a short term memory problems.


Ziglar met his wife, Jean in 1944 in Jackson Mississippi. he was seventeen and she was sixteen. They married in late 1946. they had four children: Susan, Tom, Cindy, and Julie.

Ziglar integrated Christianity into his motivational work. He was also a Republican who endorsed former Governor Mike Huckabee for his party's presidential nomination in 2008. On November 28, 2012, Ziglar died of pneumonia at a hospital in Plano, Texas.


* See you at the top (1975)

* Confessions of a happy Christian

* Zig Ziglar's secret of closing the sale (1982)

* Raising positive kids in a negative world (1985)

* Top performance: How to develop excellence in yourself and others (1986)

* Over the top (1994)

* Success for Dummies (1998)

* Network marketing for Dummies (1998)

* Selling 101: What every sale professional needs to know (2003)

* Confession of a grieving Christian (2004)

* The autobiography of Zig Ziglar (2004)

* Better than good: Creating a life you can't wait to live (2006)

* Embrace the struggle: Living life on life's terms (2009)

* Born to win (2012)


* Few quotes I extracted from his clips include the following;

- Learn to solve your problem yourself

- Who never takes step 1 never takes step 2

- People that complain live in denial rather than facing the problem and solving the problem, they think good of themselves and others as bad

- Learn to see reasons on why you should love any circumstance rather than reasons to like it

- What you do is what you sell everyday of your life

- Positive thinking would let you do everything better than negative thinking will

- The healthiest of all human emotion is gratitude

I was greatly inspired! You don't have no choice other than being just that too. Reading and not allowing his works and words influence every sphere of our lives begets downfall or poor results.

Monday Motivation Couldn't Have Being Served Any Better! You don't want to know the amount of gainful hours I used in stalking Zig Ziglar to create this piece, I'll still stalk some more for me and just me alone *winks, I'm selfish like that.

We are encouraged to get his books, this will give us an edge in getting every detail of his life experience firsthand.

Have a "Mighty" Monday Fam, Enjoy Every Bit Of The Week!

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Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday Fam!

I'm so having a good rest today and I bet You are doing same. I paid my dues to deserve the rest. *winks

Today was an awesome experience in the presence of my Creator. I practically told everybody I came in contact with today about the life changing messages I was privileged to receive at Church which I believe was specially drafted and crafted for me.

I was still a bit down with my hangover mood-swing from Friday, but You see, words are so powerful that they can make you switch from a Zero to a Hero, Fill in the blank spaces in your life, Heal you, and Remind you of so many reasons to smile  once more.

Today was too lit at my end and is definitely one of the best days of my life, I love love love anything or anybody that inspires me, and I still possess that childlike simplicity that triggers me to gush about any happy moment without apology or pride whatsoever. *last, last, na six feet things after the human race, can't understand why people form, to all the headmistress and headmasters of forming, you're on your own, I ain't goina join you anytime soon or later, plus i no send you. Oh well,  I literally gush about anything that motivates, influences, gives me joy and teaches me real good. *smiles

Enjoy every bit of your Sunday, friends, You'll be glad You did.

Happy Sunday once again! pretend like there's no Monday tomorrow. lol

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Friday, 26 February 2016

He Said, Anything...

I asked God, "what should I write about for the days' post", He said, "anything". Well, I'll just write anything...

Today happened to be one of the days my mood swing was on some serious high rise. So many random thoughts racing through. I felt I was failing God, I felt I wasn't doing all He had given me the capacity to do, I felt I was wasting time, I felt so much work needed to be done which I abandoned, I felt I wasn't giving my 100%, I felt I needed to drastically minimize the amount of time I dedicated into checking up the exotic lifestyles of celebrities on Instagram and focus on me! I felt I had so much to offer and achieve, I knew I needed to Re-strategize and get it right.

God has being faithful to me, entirely true! but I felt He has being acting so slow in the past five days. The past five days has being like five months! I've being believing but yet unsatisfied, but hey! it's too late to stop believing.

Prosper taught me to worry less because it doesn't solve the problem, but rather, steals the joy and all that is beautiful, and in truth, It helped me greatly. Overtime, I've coached myself to be nothing short of happy, and it's being working real good. In truth, I have so much to be thankful for; Amazing spiritual life, The gift of life, Resounding health, A happy and healthy relationship, Irreplaceable siblings, Food on my table, Roof over my head, Peace of mind...the list goes on, but you see, I'm only human, and once in a while, I'll still go contrary to the belief.

At exactly 6:02 pm, my phone goes..."Opeeen the abuuundance and cause your raaain to fall on me", by the way, I entirely love that song, it's my ringtone, I reach out to see whose call is coming in, ooh! It's Prosper. He says, "Baibae what are you up to?" and I go.."nothing much" and he continues, "let's see a movie for 6:30 pm" I'm like "oh yeah, it's fine". That singular call lit my mood and I freshened up and  set out immediately.

The very interesting movie ended... and I was back to my mood swing. He goes again, "Baibae what is it now?" typical me, I immediately said "nothing" and he continues "there's something, or is it because of the fact that we're using a cab instead of our car? please share with me hunnie, you can whisper into my ear and tell me", I reach out for his ear and whispered, "I just want to be successful... using a cab to and fro the cinema is the least of my problem and I believe things would fall in place, I just want to a have successful career." He gives me that (sober) look, reaches out for me, pats my shoulder and plants a kiss on my forehead. I knew he meant, baby I got your back forever...

*I obeyed and just wrote anything... Hope my expression wasn't a boring one?

Have a great day guys.

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

In Every Nonsense Is A Sense And A Yardstick For Judgement, And I'll Tell You Why

The Book of  Leviticus from the Holy Scripture is a very boring book to me *covers face, please don't judge me, only being sincere and reason is, it has too many emphasis on how to go about different types of burnt offering ranging from the whole burnt offering, grain offering, compensation offering, to the excessive harshness of God. Ahn ahn, what is it sef? lol.

Well, from Chapter 7 of the book of Leviticus began to make sense to me. Thank God I didn't completely rule it out judging from the first to the sixth chapter. Chapter 7 laid so much emphasis on how the priests of God should be treated and as a matter of fact, stressed on the message greatly which made sense to me.

Guys, The Bible is the best book ever! Doubting? then you need to go back and carry out a serious survey which will include an in-depth study. The Holy Scripture is too diversified to a fault, It teaches just everything! If you ever need Motivation, Sex Education, Love, Adventure, Stability, Faith, Hope, Contentment, Joy, Happiness, Courage, Forgiveness, Blessing, Dedication, Teaching, Companionship, Protection, Provision, Divine Upliftment and Encounter, Feasting, Marriage, Redemption and just whatever you basically  need, then I'll recommend this book to you ; "The Holy Bible!"

I used to be among those that criticized every preacher that seemed extravagant as a result of their exotic lifestyle, little did I know that I was only being foolish, yes too foolish as a result of ignorance and petty mentality. There are false prophets in town, true! but trust me, there are anointed ones too.

Asides from the very popular Psalm 105:15 that says, "Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm"(that seemed overrated to me and didn't move me a bit I must confess, maybe because it is widely used by all and as a result of that, I failed to meditate deeply on the portion), but you see, Leviticus Chapter 7 hit me big time.

Leviticus 7:35-36   "From the day they are presented to serve as priests to God,
                                 Aaron and his sons can expect to receive these allotments
                                 from the gifts of God. This is what God commanded the
                                 People of Israel to give the priest from the day of their
                                 anointing. This is the fixed rule down through the generation."

When I liken the above statement to the modern generation which we are in,  I'm always like ooh, no wonder. Being overly judgmental especially on our priests or preachers  is a No No, I'm now mature enough  to realize that most of them that enjoy immense wealth didn't have it easy at inception, they toiled so hard for many years to actually produce results(referring to the genuine ones) that always seem like an overnight success, and they still work  so hard everyday of their lives. If you take time to read through the whole of Chapter 7, You'll notice how God instructed Moses to give Aaron and his sons(His Priests) the breast and thigh of all their offering(the offering of the people of Israel), and when you go deeper, you'll understand that the breast and thigh of any burnt offering is always the best part.

I've equally come to realize that God's divine backing rests on his prophets big time and that there are consequences attached to every negative talk on God's anointed.

Today, Let's just shut up our mouths and do better things with them. A whole lot needs to be done, trust me on this, and remember that if we read in between the line, there is an atom of sense in every nonsense which will serve as a yardstick for judgement.

Have a great day guys.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Power Of Cooperation: Moses Wasn't Greedy Afterall !

Cooperation is an act or instance of working together for a common purpose or benefit. Cooperation is the process of working together to get something done. Cooperation is a voluntary agreement of two or more entities to engage in a mutually beneficial exchange.
Words synonymous to the term Cooperation include; Collaboration, Partnership, Liaison, Team-mate, Synergy, Association, Unity.

The direct opposite of Cooperation is Competition.

In the Book of Exodus Chapter 35, Moses spoke to the entire congregation of Israel instructing them of the things God had commanded them to do which includes resting on the seventh day, after working from the first to the sixth day, and most importantly, how their offerings would be made to God as regards erecting a Tabernacle which would be a place of worship.

Furthermore, He stated how God gave instruction to those with special skills to come forward for the actualization of  the divine project.

After Moses was done dishing out the instruction to them, It will interest you to know that the people of Israel returned to give to God with a roused heart which was freely responsive and voluntarily, as they Cooperated by donating their brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces-All were made of gold, their silver, bronze, fabrics etc., they were able to complete the task.

Moses was a selfless man, he was far from being tagged a selfish or greedy man, he was indeed a very nice guy, and I'll tell you why;

                                                          A picture of Moses parting the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross

Exodus 36: 4-5    "All the artisans who were at work making everything
                         involved in constructing the Sanctuary came,
                         one after the other, to Moses, saying, "the people are
                 bringing more than enough for the work that God
has commanded us to do!"

Now let's take a good look at Moses' response...

Exodus 36: 6-7    "So Moses sent out orders through the camp:
                             "Men! Women! No more offerings for the
                              building of the Sanctuary!"
                              The people were ordered to stop bringing offerings!
                              There was plenty of material for all the works to be done.
              Enough and more than enough."

The power of Cooperation is everything, and every trace of greed whatsoever shouldn't come to play. We see how the people accomplished their mission through Cooperation and how Moses led an exemplary life which exhibits every attribute of a quality leader which is contrary to the present day situation  we find ourselves in.

Today, Let's Eliminate Greed, Cooperate With Each Other And Live A Great Life Generally.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

God Technically Owns Every First Born Child, Failing Means Failing God

Oh well, I'm a proud Ada Ada and a first born child at that. The word failure isn't in my dictionary at all, let's just say I have phobia for failure and as a result of that, it's being completely eliminated from the path I thrive. True, I fall, make mistakes here and there, but then, nothing stops me from rising up, putting myself to order and getting my fleek on. I secretly feel I'm too loaded to fail considering the fact that I have my younger squad looking up to me.

Today's post isn't about me, it's about every first born child. Do you know that we are consecrated, and that God calls us His?

Exodus 13:1        God spoke to Moses, saying,
                          "Consecrate every first born to me
                            the first one to come from the womb
                            among the Israelites, whether
                            person or animal, is mine"

From the above extract of the Holy scripture, It's clearly stated that God wants us all to Himself. This isn't for some kind of jamboree but to accomplish a purpose. You see, whatever God calls his own ain't for jokes because just like God, we are rightly created in His image and likeness, It's our duty to Reproduce, Fill The Earth, Prosper and Take Charge, He has blessed(consecrated) us already for the task ahead and of course, His grace rests upon us to lead us in the right direction.

Our duty is to take responsibility and not avert blame on no one when we aren't getting it right. Our duty is to learn from predecessors and effect any change that needs to be made. Our duty is to teach by living a life worthy of emulation.

A first born child is a leader and a pacesetter. A first born child should never be caught trying to fit in to norms that can't hold water, rather, making a difference that could be termed as outstanding, brilliant or extra-ordinary. A first born child is God's favourite, therefore, it's our duty to represent real good, teach others how to treat us, and thrive to attain our purpose in life which is to be imparted to all, for Failing in our respective assignments means  Failing God.

*If you're not a first born child, don't feel too jealous, lol, simply key into the words and allow the grace rest upon you. *smiles

Have A Winning Day Fam.

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Monday, 22 February 2016

When Last Did You Pray For A Friend?

Who is a friend?

A friend is a person that shares equal level of bond while exhibiting mutual relationship. A friend is a companion, never an enemy or a hater. A friend has a strong liking and supports who they are concerned about. A friend is never envious of the others' success because they technically share in the same joy. A friend is that person that remains a constant through the pains and gains. A friend is selfless and doesn't think of only their self. A friend is an everlasting motivator, a continuous teacher, and loves unconditionally. A friend is God's precious gift to man.

Few years ago, I had people in my life that I termed as friends, but looking back, I've grown to realize they were far from that. As a matter of fact, I don't keep them close no more because they didn't match up to the above definition.

At a point in my life, I had tons of "supposed friends" flocking around, little did I know they were temporal and entirely artificial. Anyone that likes you when it's only party time isn't your friend, anyone that doesn't contribute in making you a better person isn't your friend. Anyone that has nothing nice to say about you isn't a friend. Anyone that knew you from a distance but didn't get close to you at any point isn't a friend. Anyone that doesn't understand the term "growing up" and doesn't put it up on display isn't a friend. Anyone that doesn't take delight in watching you become a better version of yourself each day as you try to nurture your career, seek happiness and live life isn't a friend.

Four years ago, if i ever imagined that at a point in my life, I would be praying to God for friends, I bet i would have laughed so hard at myself and slapped myself to default mode.

Growing up to become mature in every ramification isn't only a trap, it's a reality check.

In truth, it could get so lonely seeing just a few friends support me especially when I used to have "tons of them" flock me, and sometimes, I get to force myself a bit on anyone that seems ideal and real (all females though, lol cos the guys of nowadays don't understand mutual friendship, it's either they think you're trying to hit on them or they end up catching feelings, I'll still have male friends in the nearest future that will understand the definition of a friend and keep it real, Amen, but for now lemme manage the distant few I have) which turns out to be an epic fail because I realize there's something lacking.

Overtime, I've learnt to choose my friends wisely, for friends can make you and friends can equally maim you.

Heard the road to success is usually lonely but the truth is, I crave to make a network of friends now so that we could build an empire together and also, that I may take them along with me to my future . Each time I look forward to having friends that I'll grow with, who will be smitten with hearty cheers allover when we look back in union and say "yes we made it!", I giggle with undying faith and say, Fix it Jesus!. I don't want them artificially flocking around when I become successful. Of what use will it be then? No use...

When last did I pray for a friend(s)? Everyday of my present life.

Have a great day guys.

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Search And You Will Find

Got out of bed rather early this morning with thoughts, all I could audibly hear was "search and You'll find" and I taught to myself that it'll be really nice to share.

Honestly, I'm not making this up, and I'm definitely applying it to what I've been searching for the most in recent times. errrm, don't worry, I'll share my testimony when it clicks. Bae is excluded out of the context oo, lol, I know I have friends that will think it's a wedding I.V or something. lol *marriage na small thing nau, and it's not you that will be in the marriage for me, it's me that'll run it all by myself, lol, Y shack my paracetamol for me nah?, kindly wait till I'm ready, inshort, don't worry, I'll be giving free asoebi to all of you as soon as everything is sorted out. *smiles

*Serious mode activated. Search, you'll find. This is holistically truthful and in truth from my own angle, all the things I enjoy at the moment is as a result of a thorough Search, yeah some people are so lucky to assess anything they want with ease but in my case, isalie oo, l'll have to toil(not excessively though) to assess it. God definitely structured it that way to teach me loads of stuffs in between the lines and it upgraded my mental ability and capability big time and full time. My God is a great God! 

You've seen Mathew 7:7? it says, "Ask and you'll receive, Search and You'll find, Knock and the door shall be open unto you". Truth is, if you don't apply the principle, you'll never gain assess.

You've given up on Him too quickly because you've searched for many years without result? don't ever do that. Don't ever allow the devil call you Loser!. You ain't one!

It's a race. Eyes on the trophy hunnies, eyes on the trophy! It's a season of a hundred percent life upgrade for me and I'm so going to assess it with all my might, trust you to do same.

                                       Yes, He's everything and more

Have A Fulfilled Search Day Fam.

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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Surprise Surprise! Tap To Find Out Who Our Blog Royalty Of The Week Is...

Lool. I can't really tell if this person is my friend. All I can say is that the person is an ardent reader and of course a Blog Fam which automatically qualifies the person as my family.


Well, She's Mrs Ozioma Fimibama, A very beautiful mother of one and young too. Ooh yes, she is married oo, so no application form available.

Reason why she made it here is because she's a virtuous woman. morally upright, a hardworker and an in-depth lover of God. I don't know how she combines all that she's involved with, even as a nursing mother. Baby Fimibama isn't even up to 9 months.

Ozy baby as I fondly call her is a professional make-up artist and she's really a Pro. at what she does.

Ozy resides in Lagos but shuttles between Lagos and Portharcourt  for now because that's where most of her clients reside and also, like I stated earlier, she's a nursing mum but will definitely tour round the globe just to cook your face up when Baby Fimibama comes of age.

You can get a free makeup session from Mrs Fimibama when you refer a bride within Lagos and Portharcourt, this special offer wouldn't last forever, so enjoy it while it lasts. It expires in the month of April, so make haste ASAP. For inquires, call 09056919129 or 08064341102. Spread the good news to friends, distant friends, families,relatives and just anybody you come in contact with that meets the required specification,

You taught I was kidding when I said she's really a Pro in her field? Then you need to check out some pictures of her works.


Mrs Fimibama is the C.E.O of Shifra Makeovers. Book an appointment with her today for that glam look you crave by calling the above numbers and ooh yes! she is very affordable.

Looking good is good business, give it a shot. *winks

Mrs Fimibama is happily married as it's strongly evidenced and he he, that's her strawberry looking hubby. You'll agree with me that they look so good together and definitely a divine match made in heaven and ordained by God.

This day and forever, may God bless the works of Mrs Fimibama and may He bless her happy family. Remember to book that appointment today by striking the above digits on your cell phone.

Have A Joyful Sunday Fam.

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No Room !

Wondering who there's no room for? 

Well, technically, there is no room for second place and the good news is that Ellahillz isn't the architect of the bias. 

Traditionally, Socially, Religiously  and in all shades of reality generally, there is no room for second best or place. Even if there were, the first always takes the spotlight. Religiously; Pope over ministers Politically; Presidents over Vice Presidents, Institutionally; Chancellor over Vice Chancellor, Business Organisation; C.E.O over M.D,  Pageantry; Winner over First Runner Up, the list goes on....

The only time there's room for second place is when they are uniquely exceptional and thrive to do something extra-ordinary that will eventually place them at the top.

Biblically, Methuselah is recorded as the oldest man that ever lived, he was aged 969, most people never noticed or talked about Jared, the father of Enoch who lived for 962 years or even the very popular Noah who lived for 950 years. Noah was known for his works nevertheless, he single-handedly built the Ark for so many years which was an extra-ordinary thing to do and of course, he's work didn't go unnoticed.

Our mission and goal is to take first place  and become first best in whatever we've committed, dedicated or taken upon ourselves to accomplish, bearing in mind that there's no room for second place or third place. And even if there is, it's usually a small room that's reserved for them.

As we take first place in all we've wholly made up our minds to achieving, may the good Lord give us strength to emerge victorious. Amen.

Have A Winning Day Fam.

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Friday, 19 February 2016

ERROR : Taking the truth to the extreme

Error is an act, an assertion or a belief that unintentionally deviates from the what is right, true or correct.

Error is deviation from accuracy or correctness.

Error simply means taking the truth to the extreme therefore leading to fallacy.

The Almighty came to make clarity between the Old and the New Testament. Some part of the old testament included manipulation and extreme measures to punish offences, while the New Testament preached forgiveness.

Are we making an error in decision making, dispensation of responsibilities, and other spheres that greatly affects us?   We may be putting in all our might and best which is absolutely true in most circumstances, but most times that is not always enough because of the unintentional error we make which is the present and re-occurring factor and is ever glaring before us.

Errors take time to correct pending on its volume or capacity, but with  undying research, consistent study, divine strategy, adhering to principles that have passed all forms of scrutiny and made a theory, constant training, practice, and  ultimately God's revelation, Errors can be corrected.

Errors are mistakes and they can be reversed from wrong to right.

Are You making series of Errors?  Never relent in the repeated trials, for most times, we are one step away from the truth which is the real deal.

Have an Error free day Fam.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How Bae and I Celebrated Our Val's Day...*Wink

Val's day was incomplete till Bae and I hit the streets. My dearest neighbour Ene tagged along with us to show support, she was so easy to convince. God bless her for me. Amen. My very good friend Joy was unavoidably absent, she really wished to be part of this but then, she was with us in spirit and I thank her specially for the calls and all. A good friend is a blessing.

The idea was to cook for 30 people. I single handedly cooked every, wasn't an easy stuffs mehn but I was filled with Joy doing all of that.

Showing love to the destitute was our own way of showing love, and we did that in our own little way. As we begun the distribution and interaction with them, I was filled with conflicting emotions, it's really hard out mehn...

Kai! My Dear Family, These people were experiencing the highest degree of poverty, they didn't have homes, they slept on the road side. They lacked food and other crucial necessities of life. Whenever generous people came along with surplus food to distribute to them, because they didn't have ordinary firewood and pot to heat the food, they had to preserve it in the most local way ever. This entailed they spread the food under the sun for the heat of the sun to dry it up so that it can last for days to sustain them. How touching!

I literally had to pinch myself real good for consistently bombarding God with my requests. The personal encounter with them was a good feeling because they were very homely but deep within, I was emotionally unstable.

Here are some of the screenshots from the video we made with them. Kindly go through them and be touched to help the needy around you today.

I had wrapped up with cooking and was dishing out respectively.  I prepped Jollof rice as you can see... *I fried  dodo too  ';'

Then we hit the streets...

Meet Armani, He was kind enough to help us interpret our mission to them in Hausa language.
Armani was such a warm  and kind-hearted soul, the former guy we initially pleaded with to help us out told us we must pay him first. lol

                                                   We were about to kick off

                                          Armani began to relate with them on our behalf...

                                             It was an interesting translation. *smiles

                                                             People are hungry!

                                       They followed me around in their numbers...

 More of them.., The woman on blue hijab would have gone physical with  me  if she had her way. lol

                                 Caption this abeg, they didn't know I was awon streets.

                                      Some one should please tag Lil Wayne. lol

                       I have a dream,"that one day, I'll take them off the streets and give them a home",
                                                          so help me God, Amen.

                                   With that old man kneeling before me? Dear Lord!

   They had received food and were receiving their drinks, see how happy they looked. awwwwh

                                     My sweet neighbour Ene was such a darling.

                                             Armani tagged along all the way

This little boy kept following us to beg for more food. Heyah!

      They were seriously telling their problems n i'm like don't worry Mamas I'll  get you out of here,   just keep remembering me in your prayers.. All in Pidgin English tho..*tongue out

                  She wanted more food for her absent family members that were nowhere to be found
           but unfortunately, food had finished. I had to promise her I will bring more food, and that                                                          was my saving grace.

                        awwwh, that lil baby..Let's all remember them in our prayers.

            The woman I was conversing with was telling me how she could barely see and how I                                                     should take her to the hospital for medication.

                               Awwwwh.. They waved us good bye...*their smiles be melting my heart.

                                                    Ene and i goofing around

                                            Ene's smile is contagious. lol

                            He was behind the screen all the way .*.Muah, thanks hunnie!

                        Permit me to do PDA small. lol...Amen hunnie, Amen, God'll bless us. You've                                    continually being my support system always and all the time. Thank You My King!

Hope my Val's day celebration inspired you real good. *smiles... To the amebos that ran in here, expecting to see "lovey dovey pictures" of  Bae and I, Lmao, better luck next time u hear. loool.

Till I locate my destiny helper(s) that would pave way for me in order to give them the befitting lifestyle they are rightfully entitled to, I would never stop reaching out to them in my own little way, for one day, my dream of taking them off the streets, giving hope to the hopeless, lending my voice to the voiceless and doing many other charitable works would unravel, so help me God.

We're still in the season of love...Remember to spread the love everywhere, love keeps us all together irrespective of our diverse ethnicity and cultural background.

Have an awesome day Fam!

No Blogging Without You, Thank You For Visiting.