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Giving God Advance Praise....#Have A Unique New Month Guys!

Praise is a joyful expression of delight over the goodness of the Lord. Praise boosts the ego of God. Praise is a joyful act that switches us from a zero to a Hero and you know what, Praise is contagious. Your praise has to make somebody else jealous enough to join you in the act.

God can do all things but Praise. God can't praise Himself, therefore when we indulge in that, we are releasing an overflow of goodness, mercy and loads of goodies upon ourselves.

Do you know God can change the climate for us because of praise?  Let me try again. Do you know God can change our situation, no matter the situation, including that "impossible kinda situation" because of praise? I'll highlight some examples to back up my point; Do you know the walls of Jericho fell flat because of praise? Do you know David was the only man after God's heart till date because of the numerous praise he sang to, danced to, and wrote? You're doubting?, You should read the book of Psalms.


And The Winner Is.......

Ran a very short interview with our only winner on the post titled "Are You Giving The Wrong Answer?" Bet you were inspired by that powerful post. Oh well, I never make empty promises. There was an interesting puzzle attached to the piece and I gave a preceding rule governing how i'll select my winner.

There is it. you have it!.. The juicy package included I featured him on the blog with a recharge card to go with it. Our cute gentleman was in shock when I told I was going to feature him on the blog and all he did was give me serious advance thanks. lol... When my Blog Fam is Happy, Ellahillz is super excited. To those that gave me the right answer on bbm, pele, bbm is not my platform. Ellahillz Blog is. No vex too much.

Had a brief interview with him, and He disclosed the following;

His name is Okonkwo Goodnews
A student of Anambra state University studying Political Science
Hails from Umudim nnewi in Anambra State
From a wonderful family of four. Dad, Mum, Himself and…

Reaction vs Response...

Story, Story, Story....
Suddenly, a cockroach flew from somewhere and sat on her. I wondered if this was the cockroach’s response to all the glory that was spoken about it! She started screaming out of fear. With panic stricken face and trembling voice, she started doing jumping, with both her hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach. Her reaction was contagious, as everyone in her group got cranky to what was happening. The lady finally managed to push the cockroach to another lady in the group. Now, it was the turn of the other lady in the group to continue the drama. The waiter rushed forward to their rescue. In the relay of throwing, the cockroach next fell upon the waiter. The waiter stood firm, composed himself and observed the behavior of the cockroach on his shirt. When he was confident enough, he grabbed and threw it out with his fingers. Sipping my coffee and watching the amusement, the antenna of my mind picked up a few thoughts and started wondering, was the co…

What's she Thinking? What's He Thinking? What's The Difference Between Their Thoughts.., Find Out! This Piece Is Too Loaded To Be Ignored..

Good morning Fam, bet you night was as cool as mine...*winks*  Well, I use two devotionals for my morning devotion. The first is "Open Heaven by Pastor Adeboye" and the second is "The Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer"...These two devotionals transformed my life. And as a lady, Joyce Meyer was my first ever unseen female instructor and mentor. she taught me a lot through her books and I love and appreciate her for that.

The difference between the thoughts of a man and a woman would make you go "oh my God!, no wonder" that's exactly how I felt when I stormed the piece. Love me some Joyce Meyer, she gets it right all the time.

What's the difference, see what Joyce Meyer has to say;

"The bible encourages us to seek understanding. Read a couple of good books on the difference between men and women and also one of the differences in personalities. If you do, it may prevent thousands of arguments or misunderstandings.

Women offer unsolicit…

Are You Giving The Wrong Answer?

The previous post was on power, potential and saying goodbye to the old ways of livelihood which we get too comfortable with but moved on above all odds because of the divine encounter experienced firsthand through God's divine backing. Trust you were inspired.

Today's post would definitely call you to order. You may even have to do some serious background or foundation check.  Are You giving the wrong answer?? You'll find out. Kindly check the table below.

     I dare you to be true to yourself and answer correctly on first trial this simple arithmetic. No room      for second guessing.   Good luck!

Don't feel too bad if you didn't get the answer correctly on first trial. "yah just a cwiious olodo, just admit" *lol*, only teasing around. It's my duty to ensure you get it right. I'm super nice like that. *hehe, lol, don't jealous me either...*flips hair and gets back to business*

From the above illustration, it's evidenced that so many peo…

Brace Up! You Just Have To Say Goodbye To The Oldies..

One of the numerous books of  T. D Jakes titled "When Power Meets Potential"  I recently read inspired me to do today's post, and it will only be selfish of me not to share with some of you that need it, a great piece from that awesome goodie bag.

Like the two powerful men of the Holy Bible named Elijah and Elisha. Elijah had Power while Elisha had potential. Elijah earlier had the potential that led to him being very powerful, but Elisha was a budding chap with loads of potentials.

Power notices Potential when it comes in contact with it. Potential needs to display consistent shades of itself all the time to win the heart of Power, so that  Power never lets go, and Potential doesn't remain unnoticed. Individuals with potential(s) aren't lazy people, they aren't people-pleasers, they never force themselves on other people because they feel they are way superior than they are and have loads of  material benefits to obtain from them, rather, they give a hundre…

Sir Isaac Newton Is Ranked No.24 Out Of The 100 People That Changed The World, With Jesus Christ As No 1..His Story Will Inspire You..Read And Be Encouraged

Biography Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727)

Early Life of Newton Sir Isaac Newton was born on Christmas Day, in 1643, to a relatively poor farming family. His father died 3 months before he was born. His mother later remarried, but her second husband did not get on with Isaac; leading to friction between Isaac and his parents. The young Isaac attended school at King’s School, Grantham in Lincolnshire (where his signature is still inscribed in the walls.. Isaac was one of the top students, but before completing his studies his mother withdrew him from school, so Isaac could work as a farmer. It was only through the intervention of the headmaster that Isaac was able to return to finish his studies; he passed his final exams with very good results, and was able to go to Trinity College, Cambridge. Newton at CambridgeAt Cambridge he was able to pursue his interests in mathematics, science and physics. At the time the prevailing education was based on Aristotle, but Isaac was more interested i…

Who Is Ready To Play??? Introducing To All of You, The, "Getting it right challenge"


    Yesterday, I said I was going to give you ....... Here it is, officially introducing the "Getting It Right Challenge"! Don't ever say, it won't work, keep saying repeatedly, It must work,Good luck..

There are going to be only seven steps to the getting it right challenge.

#Step 1:  Spend the first seven minutes with The Almighty daily thanking him for the brand new day.

#Step 2: Read at least one chapter of the Holy Bible daily. (the lazy ones can read a verse, read a                      portion of the scripture, that's all) lol

#Step 3: Meditate daily. (think of random stuffs of what you read in the papers or on blogs about                    accident victims, the destitute, happy moments, sad moments,etc..Trust me, You'll be                        thankful for all you have.

#Step 4: Never be ungrateful

#Step 5: Show love and with a cheerful heart..Just Smile, you don't have all the problem in the world..

#Step 6: Try to abstain…

This Would Melt Your Heart...Some Men Can Love Silly Ehn..

20 years ago at their wedding.

Award winning gospel musician Krik Franklin celebrates 20th wedding anniversary wife and his Instagram message to her will sweep you off your feet.

Can I take my time?!
Get past the jacket, the shoulder pads, and the grill before retainers! Today I celebrate 20 years with this woman! We were young, I was dumb, she came from a good family, I had NO family, but she was patient; not stupid. A prime example of how a good woman can change a man without breaking him down. My past was sketchy...she knew that. She didn't compromise her standard but helped me reach it. Every song you've heard over the last 20 years, she wrote it. She was every lyric, every key change spelled her name. We've seen dark days together, but we saw them, TOGETHER. Men can be dumb at times, and want what's newer, fresher, or what our other "head" thinks is better... But to fail Tammy, is to fail God. To cheat on tamm…

Sex And Masturbation

Sex is divine? True. Masturbation? Never was, never has and never will be.

Sex is intercourse between male and female for the purpose of reproduction and pleasure. It eases tension, it calms the hormone, it's spiritual and ultimately complicated. It's a soul tie (a covenant) between two parties and deeper than what we really think it is.

Masturbation on the other hand is the erotic stimulation of ones own genital organ  commonly resulting in orgasm and achieved by manual or bodily contact exclusive of sexual intercourse by instrumental manipulation and occasionally by sexual fantasies or by various combination of this agencies.

Now let's check out the biblical version of both.

Biblically, sex is God's given gift, for the purpose of procreation, intimacy, comfort and physical pleasure. It is a fulfillment of God's created order between husband wife. Outside marriage or wedlock it's termed immorality.

There are two sides to every coin, people all over the world …

Don't Roll Back And Play Dead

Oh Yes!, it's a fight. don't give up or give in too easily, for the devil is a Liar.

Promises and expectations may not be met after all efforts, and especially when you've surrendered it all to the most high. Keep fighting, don't roll over, don't play dead, it's a continuous fight till you emerge winner.

Never fall for the stunts of the loser, devil, John 10:10 makes us understand that the devil comes only to kill, to steal and to destroy. The mighty warrior, Jesus comes to give us life and life in abundance. This abundant life is only accessed after certain a level of faith in trying circumstance(s) is exhibited.

Some people get what they want easily, some have to toil so hard to obtain what they crave and the others toil so hard with zero results. Don't ever let envy set in. Stay focused, your reward is coming sooner than you expect, that's why we are unique and different from one another. It'll pay off some day, best belief. Keep thriving.

Rule …

Don't Just Put Anything Into Your Big Mouth!

Gluttony can be defined as habitual greed or excess in eating.  Eating excessively can cause great harm to the body and from the biblical realm, it is a sin against the Holy Spirit.

Gluttony may not be a habitual trait for some people but it is for others. Learn to say thank you when you've eaten to your fill and more food is passed to your table. It would do you more good than harm.

Some of the harmful things it does, consists of; indigestion, sleepless night(s), aching stomach, puking, pooing, imbalance, restlessness, obesity and other negative vices.

Most times drunks are quick to be condemned while those who are gluttons go unnoticed. "Physical appetites are an analogy of our ability to control ourselves. If we are unable to control our eating habits, we are probably also unable to control other habits, such as those of the mind (lust, covetousness, anger) and unable to keep our mouths from gossip or strife. We are not to let our appetites control us, but we are to have …

Labour Always Gives Room For Favour......yeah, all the time

Labour is good but over dose of it can hurt us. Favour always break rules or protocols on our behalf, Favour is God's divine backing.

Labour doesn't necessary entail that we work so hard. It entails we work smartly, intelligently and ultimately with God, whereby we work jointly with and in Him.

I bet you're familiar with the popular slogan, "Do your best and leave the rest"...Yeah, we should labour in our own way and leave the rest for the favour of the Lord to take over. It works better than magic.

You're toiling so hard with little or no result to show for it? Then you need to re-strategize. You need to do things differently, learn new things, under-go training on the particular skill or desire if possible and watch God do his thing.

God is obsessed with new things. God brings out tones of messages from every messy situation.

Have an awesome week Lovelies...

May the favour of the Lord rest upon you, Amen.

But The Devil Is A Liar

Does God ever make mistake(s)? Never has, Never been and Never will be.

Everything, situation or circumstance under the surface of the earth, happens for a reason. whenever things don't go well as planned, especially at the last hours if we were at the verge of getting it sorted out, Rejoice! even with tears streaming down your cheeks, Rejoice!

Oh! If only we knew the secret battles God was fighting on our behalf, we would fall on "bended knees" and weep in excitement. we could mourn all night if that would help ease us,but it's an abomination to wake up feeling like God failed you. For sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Check yourself before you Wreck yourself.

Some people are so good in giving advice(s), but can't advice themselves or shake themselves off the dust when they fall. Young man or woman, you need to Practice what you Preach.
Always remember that those who are called to greatness face great challenges. the setbacks and mess…

You've Ever Been Disappointed Before? Now, This Should Be Your Motivator

Every miracle begins with a Conversation. Disappointment is a Conversation about your Future. Every Conversation Gives Birth....To Something,Perception, Change, Doubt or Faith. "Dr Mike Murdock"

Never give up because of any disappointment(s) whatsoever. the moment you quit, it's all over. that is failure personified. You see, God shows us the end from the beginning, he doesn't show us the mess that we experience in between.The moment you give up, you end your mission on earth. No one was born without a purpose, there is enough to go round.

The above equation tells it all. disappointment can come from anybody you've had too much expectation and confidence in. It could come from yourself as a matter of fact. When it comes to others, never expect too much from them. Why not channel all of that confidence and trust in God who never disappoints and in yourself so as to be used by God.

Disappointments when mastered, are ladders to the manifestation of reality. Disapp…

Potatoes, Eggs, and Coffee Beans....You don't want to miss out on this inspiring story.

Once upon a time a daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and that she didn’t know how she was going to make it. She was tired of fighting and struggling all the time. It seemed just as one problem was solved, another one soon followed. Her father, a chef, took her to the kitchen. He filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Once the three pots began to boil, he placed potatoes in one pot, eggs in the second pot, and ground coffee beans in the third pot. He then let them sit and boil, without saying a word to his daughter. The daughter, moaned and impatiently waited, wondering what he was doing. After twenty minutes he turned off the burners. He took the potatoes out of the pot and placed them in a bowl. He pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. He then ladled the coffee out and placed it in a cup. Turning to her he asked. “Daughter, what do you see?” “Potatoes, eggs, and coffee,” she hastily replied. “Look closer,” he said, “and touch the p…

Not Only Your Body Need Food, Your Spirit Does Too

Here's a dessert for you

You eat good food and your Spirit is starving ? You need an upgrade honey. You need to step it all up. You can start somewhere. consistent baby-steps leads to mature-adult steps. Most of  you wouldn't be able to relate until that personal relationship with The Most High is instilled. I encourage all of you to start small while embarking on this supernatural journey. You wouldn't understand, till you get there. It works!

I was a victim of being "lukewarm" at some point while feeding my spirit and I can compare and contrast the ever glaring manifestation in my life when I made the best decision of my life to give God my everything, my life; literally, technically and physically changed forever. God wants you to give him a hundred,He wants your all, he wants the overall best after much evaluation and scrutiny.

Let Me Tell You A Story....


A group of frogs were traveling through the woods, and two of them fell into a deep pit.
All the other frogs gathered around the pit. When they saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead.
The two frogs ignored the comments and tried to jump out of the pit with all of their might.
The other frogs kept telling them to stop, that they were as good as dead.
Finally, one of the frogs took heed to what the other frogs were saying and gave up. He fell down and died.
The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again, the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die.
He jumped even harder and finally made it out. When he got out, the other frogs said, "Did you not hear us?"
The frog explained to them that he was deaf. He thought they were encouraging him the entire time.

Lessons to be learnt: 1. There is power of life and death in the tongue. An encouraging word to someone who is down can lift them up and help them make i…

It'll End In Praise

I don't know what you're going through, I don't care about it either, as a matter of utmost fact, it's irrelevant to me. I was sent to tell of you, It Would End In Praise....Did you just doubt? I said it would end in praise!..I want a believing AMEN!..

Permit me to tell you what praise does;

* It magnifies God

* It boosts God

* It extends the mighty hands of God over us

* It amplifies God

* It heightens God

* It hypes God

We can pray amiss, but we can never praise amiss.

Praise triggers Favour, It gives us access, it's break-forth new dimension, it changes our lives, we live on a brand new level each time we give praise to The Most High.

I urge all of you to  spend "24 minutes" of the 24 hours God has blessed you with today, praising God Whether Christian or Muslim. As far as I'm concerned, we serve only One God. Do this and experience first hand a 24 hour cyclical miracle on what the lord will do in  your life.

Happy Sunday Dearies, enjoy every bit …

Inspirational African Choir At Town Church

The African Children s Choir has helped raised funds for impoverished communities

The world famous African Children’s Choir bring their joyous sound to Leamington this month. After their uplifting performance of the number one single ‘Sing’ with Gary Barlow at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the choir have been invited back to tour their inspirational talent and will be performing at All Saints’ church in Leamington on Monday January 18 with more local children. Music for Life, the official fundraising charity of the African Children’s Choir, works in seven African countries, and has educated over 52,000 children as well as improving the lives of over 100,000 people through relief and development programmes during its 29-year history. The African Children’s Choir travels the world, acting as the ambassador for Africa’s most vulnerable children, raising much needed awareness as they go. Funds raised contribute towards not only the entire education and care of all the touring …

Adorable Photos Of Barack And Malia Obama Are Indeed Family Goals And Would Melt Your Heart

This is President Barack Obama's final year in office, but the father of two is also facing another milestone in 2016. Malia Obama, the president's eldest daughter, is gearing up to go off to college -- and if photos from the first days of 2016 are any indication, the president is squeezing in as much quality time with the 17-year-old as possible. On the last day of their annual Hawaii vacation, the father-daughter duo seemed nearly inseparable during a family trip to the Honolulu Zoo. "While younger daughter Sasha stayed close to her cousins, Obama walked hand-in-hand with older daughter Malia," the Honolulu-Star Advertiser reported. The happy duo were photographed again on Sunday --  and again, hand-in-hand -- returning to the White House. Talk about #FamilyGoals:

More pictures after the cut

Girl Collects 1,000 Coats, Blankets So Homeless People Can Stay Warm In Winter

Makenna Breading-Goodrich has taken on a special holiday project, for the last three years.  The determined 12-year-old goes door-to-door in her community, passing out flyers that call for spare jackets and blankets for the homeless. Then, two weeks later, she returns to each home to collect the donations, piling everything inside her red Radio Flyer wagon. This past Christmas, Makenna delivered more than 1,000 coats, blankets and other winter gear to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, according to "It gets really cold around here at night, like 30 degrees," Makenna told People Magazine. "I want to make sure homeless people aren't walking around without jackets or blankets at night!" Every November, 12-year-old Makenna Breading-Goodrich goes door-to-door collecting donation items to help                                                  keep her community's homeless population warm through the holidays. Makenna started collecting coats for the homeless in …

This Man Donated Part Of His Liver To A Stranger. Now They're Getting Married

Illinois couple Heather Krueger and Chris Dempsey are a perfect match in more ways than one.
It all began in January 2015, when Chris overheard a co-worker talking about a family member in need of a living liver donor. That family member was Heather; she had been diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease the year before and needed a transplant to save her life
                            Heather Krueger was diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease in March 2014.

Without hesitation and without ever having met Heather, Chris -- a former Marine -- was determined to help. He got tested and was a match.  "I put myself in Heather's position and thought what it would be like to not know if you're going to make it," Chris told The Huffington Post. "And I thought to myself, You know what -- I'm just going to do this." "[Chris] called me and said the tests came out great, let’s do this, I’m a match, I’m your donor," Heather told ABC News. "I couldn’t beli…

Awwwh... Excited You Stopped By, Thankyou!

Super happy you googled your way in ,to check the blog out. Like I earlier explained in  my previous posts, It's one post per day (preferably at night) because of some projects I've being working on.
By February/March "Insha Allah", and all things being equal, I'll be giving you them juices on a regular just the want and crave for it. Love you silly Fam...Thankyou! I encourage you to support me and make me blush "cheapishly" by checking out the blog daily. We can do this together!.. P.S Hehe....Don't forget to read the previous posts, they are entirely for you. I'll still put up another post tonight.                                                                                                                            
No Blogging Without You....Thank you.

You Can Mean What You Don't Say But Don't Ever Say What You Don't Mean

The definitionof the terminology breakup; In the Oxford English Mini-dictionary which was my major source while trying to do this post didn't have such word as breakup, it possessed break, break-in and break down.

But then I decided to ask google shortly before this post to be very sure if the terminology was a right word and indeed it was. From my later study, I discovered it was a term added to the dictionary because of the popularity of the term. Now, Google defined it this way:
noun noun: breakup the separation or breaking up of something into several pieces or sections. "the break-up of the Ottoman Empire" synonyms:separation, split, split-up, parting, parting of the ways, estrangement, rift,rupture, breach; More
the end of a relationship. "a marriage break-up" synonyms:endterminationdissolution, splitting up; More
 Well, back to my me Area of concentration, the word Break which is where i'm interested in is where other conjuctions asso