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Just Before You Say "I Do"

The phrase "I Do" is the most craved phrase throughout the entire human race. The phrase "I Do" is the most used during the exchange of vows and interestingly, it is the most abused phrase(many don't say what they mean and mean what they say).

Unfortunately, there is an upsurge in the statistics of divorce rate as a result of repugnant reasons too numerous to mention.

Oh well, I may not be married but to an extent, I'm experienced in the dating/courting game even though I'm still a work in progress. Therefore, I indulge you to carefully read in-between the lines. *winks

Just before you say "I do" there are steps which you must painstakingly follow. They include the following:

Step 1: Pray fervently and ask God for his guidance and revelation during the courting process. Never be carried away with the 'mills and boom' of the relationship ignoring the warning sign. You'll notice the warning sign and you'll notice the go-ahead si…

Anticipate The Legendary Musical Crew "The Gratitude"

Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo (Senior Pastor of COZA) familiarizing with the equipment to kick-start the opening of grande event alongside his Technical crew.
From the left: Avalanche crew member, Pastor Wole Soetan(Executive Pastor, COZA, Ilorin branch), members of the planning committee. 
From May 16th-18th 2016, the Heavens opened its gates at The Common wealth of Zion Assembly(COZA) with warm embrace to welcome raw talents with divine gifting who would make it to the final 5 that would form the international gospel musical crew, "The Gratitude." 
The event was well attended by participants across the country and unfortunately, many are called but few are chosen, so was the fate of the densely populated participants. 
Tye Tribbett and Tim Godfrey were the Chief panelist of the event.
Tye Tribbett is an American gospel music singer, songwriter, keyboardist, choir director and founder of the Grammy nominated and Award winning gospel group "Tye Tribbett & G.A.
Tye Tribette is ma…

You Are Not That Important To The Devil

So many are in the habit of consulting Soothe-Sayers who'll constantly reassure them that the devil isn't trying to play games with them, the most painful side of this boring story is that they spend fortunes all in the name of trying to gain clarification.

You see, you are not that important to the devil. As a matter of fact, you almost don't exist in the eyes of the devil, you are too petty for him to handle.
Since his exit from Heaven and the fall of the first man(Adam) whose fall he(devil) wholly masterminded, he has spent the entire human race trying to get back at God.
In truth, he's not interested in you, it's God he's interested in, and because he's so shameless, he constantly reduces himself to acting petty by trying to pick on(steal, kill and destroy) humans. 
God made humans in his image and likeness and to top it up, He loves the entire human race unconditionally, making the devil entire jealous and defensive(remember he used to be God's fi…

Some Sweet Words To Kick-Start Your Day

Be the best. Be number one!

- If you want to change your way of living, you have to change your way of thinking.

-The mind is a battlefield, our actions are results of our hearts.

- Don't become a product of the negativity around you.

- Change comes from the inside before it begins to manifest on the outside.

- The gift of the Holy-Spirit gives you remembrance. Embrace it.

- Don't be lazy, You have to lay hands on yourself.

- Go after treasure not trash.

- Never use others people's way of life to wholly judge yours, you'll get messed up.

- Accuracy is the word of God. Align with the perfect word.

- You can't change what you can't identify. Identify that error today and fix the loophole.

- Activate yourself. No one is going to do that for you. You are the sole proprietor of the navigation process.

- Money without purpose is materialism.

Trust this "Paula White" inspired piece lightened up your day and gave you the perfect juicy tonic for the week…

Happy Sunday Guys!

Had an awesome day?? It had better be a YES because I absolutely enjoyed every bit of my day. Trust my Saturday got entirely jealous of my Sunday.

It was a swell time with the new folks turned family and ultimately, It was a day well spent. Being a while I exercised myself by digging it out on the dance floor *hehe. All work and no play makes Ella a boring somebody jor, plus ehen, I love to dance. #Smiles

Enjoy every bit of your day guys. Yeah! (TGIMT)=Thank God it's Monday tomorrow, the holiday

Remain blessed as ever Fam and above all, spread love. *Kisses

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Life's Persistent Questions According to Martin Luther King,Jnr.

Legendary question:What are you doing for others?

Legendary Response: Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

A high level of faith needs to be indulged while fighting for the betterment of humanity. Faith according to Martin Luther King Jnr. is "taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

There are so many "doubting Thomas's" filled with unbelief and indecision. The crave for seeing it all before taking the first step is said to be on the rampant.

Martin Luther's words of inspiration encourages us to step out of our "playing it safe zone" and step out to effect that change that would make a difference in the lives of others around no matter the number.

*Trust you're having a great Saturday as always. The match between Real-Madrid and Atletico-Madrid was the realest thing that happened tonight! I enjoyed every bit of it, the tension and all was entirely entertaining to me.

It was a…


You've ever laboured so hard, toiled tirelessly to attain a certain degree of accomplishment on behalf of others, only for you to return to the proposed destination of where your mission is to kick-start, and meet everyone who you've painstakingly laboured for living in vulgar obscenity of the highest order.

Well, you are not alone, that was the fate of Ezra.

Baba hustled big time for the people of Israel, gathered all the treasures he could from King Darius and his advisories. In excitement, hurriedly returned to Israel to unveil all he had in store for them only to get his heart broken by the level of betrayal. (See Ezra Chapter 9 for the full gist)

Ripping off one's robe was the social norm of expressing mourning at the time, but Ezra's epic mourning was entirely historic because he not only ripped off his robes and his cape, he pulled hair out of his head and beard. *Imagine doing that to have a feel of his agony

In the end, they mourned bitterly alongside Ezra, r…

Steel In The Spine

A steel in the spine is an idiomatic expression which literally means high dose of motivation, morale surge or anything that gives one the "gingered" effect.

At a point in our lives, we all need that morale surge(steel in the spine) that will give us the positive vibe to anticipate victory while preparing to confront it. It could be a competition, a contest or the hosting of a grand event. It could be anything historic and more.

King Hezekiah who was referred to, as the best King ever lived in the city of Judah (See,2 Chronicles 31:20) was in the habit of empowering his subjects with the highest level of morale surge whenever it was time for a warfare. Most importantly, he didn't eliminate God out of the equation. As a matter of fact, he put God first, and then went on to do what he knew how to do best. God continually instilled divine wisdom unto him to fuel up whatever activity he got himself engaged in.

When we read through 2 Chronicles Chapter 30,31 and 32, we see h…

Don't Let Them Grab You!

By the way, that's Becky with the good hair with her boo. lool *laugh with me

On a serious note, there are agents of hell fire posing around as friends or friends to be, don't ever give them the slightest opportunity to grab you. They do it with so much ease, be warned! Don't be a victim of circumstance.

We all have the immune system to fight. Fight, fight , fight your way through. It's a continual process.

First off, don't permit what you don't want in your mind. Also, don't permit the wrong people in your life. Put on the "Do Not Disturb" sign. Oh yes, you must rub it in their faces. It has to be ever glaring always and all the time.

Often a times, we get comfortable crawling, when we have a DNA to fly. Acceptance makes one relax, be comfortable with everyone not liking you. Reason is, the road to success is usually lonely not over ruling the fact that on our own, we go far, but with people, we go fast.

Well, First we must go far(phase 1…

When In Pain, Pray For P.Square!

Praying For P.square when in pain isn't bad after all!

Pray for P.square! Pray for them!

Oh well, Biblical P.square means Provision and Protection not Peter and Paul.#Yimu. lol

Anchor Scripture: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10
"Jabez was a better man than his brothers, a man of honour. His mother had named him Jabez (Oh, the pain!), saying, "A painful birth" I bore him in great pain!" Jabez prayed to God of Isreal : "Bless me, O bless me! Give me land, large tracts of land. And provide your personal protection - don't let evil hurt me," God gave him what he asked for."

The above  Anchor Scripture reminds me of Mathew 7:7, "Ask and you shall receive"

Not so many are aware that God hastily attends to the needs of those in tragic situation. The thing is, many are drowned in excessive mourning instead of  summoning courage, confronting God and asking for whatever their needs may be and staying readily available as well to obtain what they as…

Fix It!

In one of our previous posts, I deliberated on the difference between "Nonchalantness" and "Worrylessness" In-case you missed it, click Here.

I used to be nonchalant in the past, now I upgraded to being worry-less.

My emotion reflects my writing style, those sensitive enough can relate. Literally, everything inspires me to write.

No human underneath the surface of the planet is perfect. While thriving to obtain perfection, we may end up doing it excellently but never perfect which isn't bad at all.

Well, I have my weakness(es), they are ever glaring before me.

First, Over time, I began to love fashionable dresses, some of them may seem "high risque" and sometimes, subconsciously, I take risks. Reasons why you may get to see me on petite outfits sometimes. The good-news is that I try to do that in the most modest way as possible, growing up in the way of the Lord shaped almost everything that affects me, it awoken my consciousness.

Second, I move on f…

What is God Doing?

It'll interest you to know that most times when we waste time waiting on God, He's in Heaven lounging, shaking His head at us and patiently chilling for us to get started and just make that move.

After the fall of Man(Adam), God discarded man from the garden of Eden. He was merciful while doing that, so He gave him dominion over every other living creature and vested authority and power over him to take charge and dominate.

Taking Dominion entailed that man was/is responsible for naming every living creature, decision making, safe guarding himself and ensuring that his needs are met. God would never descend to planet earth to personally help us, we must do it ourselves. He is forever wise! And to that effect, He ensured that we don't ever get to live in isolation, so He put things in place for us on our behalf.

What is God doing?

*God is waiting for us to set goals, meet them and move on to the next(there's always more to do).
*God is waiting for us to exercise that a…

Blank Cheque

A blank cheque is a signed cheque with the amount left for the payee to fill in. It is an unlimited amount of freedom.

The above definition which is theoretical is intertwined with the definition of  God's given blank cheque in the spiritual realm.

A blank cheque is usually issued.

God created each and everyone of us, issued unto us a blank cheque to carefully fill all we crave for. Likening it to the second definition of a blank cheque, we are entitled to an unlimited amount of freedom while filling it.

The idea is to fill it carefully, and the good thing about this blank cheque is that you can erase any error and fill in the appropriate detail. This blank cheque is "destiny based."

It's unfortunate that most people do not specifically write all that needs to be written in their own blank cheque, therefore just living life as it comes without actualizing destiny which is the appalling scenario many get themselves involved in. This blank cheque is given without a pr…

You Can Be Replaced!

Dating back to the the creation story in Genesis Chapter 1, we see how God not only replaced Lucifer but discarded him forever. Lucifer was said to be God's right hand man, because he was the closest to God.

Yea! he got great looks too, and a shining light beamed in his countenance that made him shine ever bright but there was one thing, he wanted to be on the same page with God where he'll be involved in every decision making on to run the universe.

Greed set in, envy pulled through, jealousy found its way in, and pride ruined everything.

Thing is, he was ungrateful, God gave him authority over other angels, God granted unto him high definition I.Q(Intelligence Quota), God blessed him with good form, God dispensed Authority free of charge to him, God gave him freedom, God ensured he lacked nothing, God blessed him with every good thing... but most importantly, God loved him dearly.

Then, he rebelled against God; The Alpha and Omega, The Mighty Man In Battle, The Lion Of The …

Influential Yet Insignificant

*It's going to be a lengthy read. Dare to be patient, read to the end and thank me later, winks.

There lived a bad guy named King Joram. He wasn't a good-bad guy, he was a bad-bad guy. He was the son of late king Ahab a.k.a Jezebel's husband. See 1 Kings 16:29-33 to read about his distasteful record of how he was refereed to by God as the king who got him angrier than all the previous kings of Israel put together. What a monstrous record! lol

Joram was a split image of his late parents but he wasn't as bad as them anyway according to the Bible.

Well he was quite  influential yet insignificant as well because of his terrible leadership and acute disobedience.

The King of Moab rebelled against him(Joram) after the death of his father(Ahab). This prompted him into sending a message across to King Jehoshaphat who was King of Judah at the time, to accompany him to war. Jehoshaphat obliged to Joram's request and a war was declared. The king of Edom tagged along with the…

''Nonchalantness'' vs ''Worrylessness''

Nonchalant is a state or manner of appearing usually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest or enthusiasm.

The term "Worryless" isn't grammatically correct, but it literally means zero worry, free from anxiety, kill-joy and anything toxic to your state of mind and welfare overall.
Well, "Nonchalantless" is not of God because it's an attitude that entails being overly loose, careless, carefree and literally ignoring almost everything. It takes nothing serious.
On the other hand, "Worrylessness" is of God. It reinstates perfect freedom, peace of body, mind and soul. This godly trait not only bring serenity into our lives, it elongates our life span. 
Anchor Scripture: Mathew 6:25 "Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you'll eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?
Our Anchor Scripture of the day stresses on the need to discard every wo…

Happy Pentecost Sunday Guys, Click Open To View My Wishes For You!

Happy Pentecost Day Guys!

Pentecost Sunday is a special day because it's a unique celebration that falls on the 8th day of the 7th day of the 7th week from Easter.

 It's celebrated exactly fifty days after Easter. The numerical significance for ''50'' is "Liberation."

Today, may God liberate us from every shackle of backwardness and stagnation, may the Holy-ghost fire reignite our light, so that we may shine so bright, obtain a new identity, do exceeding, abundantly, above all that we could ever think or imagine, Amen.

Have a lit Pentecost Sunday celebration Fam.

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Do It Yourself

You've ever worked so hard with little or nothing to show for it? It's time to involve God, re-strategize and Do It Yourself...

You've ever allowed others perpetually make decisions that rule your world, it's time to mount the "STOP" sign and Do It Yourself...

You've ever trusted others with their epileptic judgement, overruled yours which seemed like the real deal and it backfired, It's time to Do It Yourself...

You've ever wondered why the world has being so unfair to you amidst the  substantial amount of input you thrust into it, without a profiting output, It's about that time to change your location, bearing in mind that it depends on you and you'll be needing to Do It Yourself...

You've ever sacrificed so greatly for others and they consistently  fail to translate the message. There's nothing wrong with your "food" but there's everything wrong with "your table" You'll have to change your table but…

But He Didn't Say You Should Look Dirty

Like they say, "All fingers are not equal" True! but God so kind created Class distinction in his own wisdom to create a balance. Imagine a world with only rich people or only poor people, where no one ever struggled over nothing, life would be so boring at the sight.

Yeah, it's okay to start from the grass-root level and remain there for a while, while trying to re-strategize at the dawn of self-consciousness, but it's not okay to remain at a spot forever, reason is; it's not Biblical, whatever God creates multiplies.

Dirty is synonymous with the word filthy, it is an unclean or unpleasant state or excessive disorderliness exhibited by an individual, which are most times inculcated overtime to become habit.

It will interest you to know that dirtiness comes in grades just like class distinction but dirtiness itself is universal an it doesn't favour no class either. Some rich people are dirty and some poor people are dirty as well.

Dirtiness in most situation…

Get The Gift Of Goodbye!

Goodbyes are always difficult decisions to make but it's entirely worth it when one isn't obtaining desired results yet drowning in the process because of the fear of hurting the feelings of the other party, not wanting to look like a terrible person and the fear of being lonely.

It's time to say goodbye to;

* Those who don't celebrate you and never have anything nice to say about you.

* That stupid relationship leading you nowhere yet perpetually indulging you in sinful acts.

* Those who live their entire lives talking at your back and smiling at your face.

* That job that gives you zero job satisfaction, yet entails you having to lie, steal, cheat, cover up shady stuffs, play pretend and other negative vices, all in the pursuit of more money to make ends meet.

* That friend who isn't adding value to your life yet corrupting the good manners you still have left.

* Those friends in the habit of demeaning you, instead of upgrading you.

* Those who don't show su…

Some Sweet Words From My Distant Mum, Joyce Meyer!

"You can suffer the pain of change or suffer the remaining way you are.

"Courage is fear that said its prayers and decided to go forward anyways.

"Put your expectation in God, not people.

"When you are tempted to give up, your breakthrough is probably just around the corner.

"Character is doing what you don't want to do but you know you should do.

"Stop determining your worth and value by what other people say. Be determined by the word of God (scriptures)says.

"Spending time with God is the key to our strength and success in all areas of life. Be sure that you never try to work God into your schedule, but always work your schedule around Him.

"I may not be where I need to be but I thank God I am not where I used to be.

"God doesn't tell you to do hard things so He can stand back and laugh and watch you struggle. He tells you to do things that He knows are gonna work out to your good in the end.

"One mistake doesn't have t…

He Can Tolerate Skinny Not Anorexic

The last post was on obesity, yes, there is a relationship between the fat and the very fat. Well, I didn't intend to step on no fat person's toe, assimilating the message being tried to convey without taking no stuff personal displays a high level of maturity and all round wisdom.

That said, I'll proceed...

To be fit is ultimatum, but not every skinny person is healthy. Some skinny people are on their way to being Anorexic. Everybody wasn't created to be the skinny, but created to fit in and be comfortable in their own skin.

"Social media ti take over" Most people are going haywire because of the new trend which is so unreal, some lose their lives in the process while trying to be comfortable in another person's skin that's not theirs.

Anorexia is an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat.

I tried so hard trying to scout for a scriptural passage that'll amplify God's distaste towards poor ea…

Happy Sunday Guys!

Happy Sunday Fam!

May your Sunday and the rest of the week be as cute as the puppy above.

Have a joyful day and a productive week ahead guys.


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He Can Tolerate Fat Not Obese

Yes, He(God) can tolerate the fat but can't tolerate the obese.

Not so many people were aware that God's prophet Eli, was a very fat man.

1 Samuel 4:18
"At the words, 'Chest of God,' Eli fell backward off his stool where he sat next to the gate. Eli was an old man, and very fat. When he fell, he broke his neck and died. he had led Israel for 40 years."

From the above scripture, Eli was very fat and as a result of that, it triggered his immediate death even though God had prophesied that his family would be wiped out.

Health is wealth, and being fat is the route to being obese. It will interest you to know that God is a lover of the fit, He's obsessed with healthy who possess vigor and vitality in serving him in spirit and in truth.

Obesity is the state of being grossly fat or overweight. Obesity reduces oxygen supply to the body.

Obesity can lead to other illness from acute to chronic, some very severe and deadly, such as; Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, …

When Last Did You Pray For A Naomi?

Ruth and Naomi

Naomi was married to Elimelech who hailed from Judah but left home to live in the country of Moab in search of greener pastures. Naomi had two sons named Mahlon and Kilion.

Elimelech died leaving Naomi widowed, and as if that wasn't enough, her two sons died leaving her lonely and entirely heart broken. She had two daughters-in-law named Orpah and Ruth who were wives of her late sons.

Her daughters-in-law loved her greatly and willfully stayed by her side. The pain became unbearable for Naomi to handle so she decided to return back to her home-country, Judah, her daughters-in-law insisted on accompanying her but she pleaded with them to stay back, re-marry and start a new life since they were still young. Well, Orpah eventually succumbed to her plea but Ruth held on stubbornly and said, "Don't force me to leave you; where you go I go; and where you live, I'll live. Your people are my people, your God is my god; where yo…

Did You Know...

- People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze, your heart stops for a mili-second.

- A good laugh and a good sleep are two best cures for anything.

- You can do a little extra to make the world a little more awesome.

- You can choose to be grateful no matter what.

- Every 3.6 seconds, a person dies of hunger, 75% are children.

- The human brain takes in 11 million bits of information every second but is aware of only 40.

- You should not pray for tasks equal to your abilities, but pray for abilities equal to your task.

- Blessed is he that gives than receive. Receiving is not bad; just give more than you receive.

- The day after tomorrow is called "overmorrow"

- One of the very true greatest illusions of life is that we always believe that there is more time in tomorrow than in today. So don't miss today!!

- When you kiss the face of your little baby, you've kissed the face of God.

- 2016 is a year of millennial customer.

- Humans don…

You Ingrate!

The first two years of her marital life was entirely blissful until the devil struck which God eventually revived after the brouhaha that lasted for a long long time. Yes, she was in a marriage with an infidel who was unequally yoked with her, the man she was married to went as far as filing for a divorce. Now, the rest is history. God showed up!

As a young girl, she lived in abject poverty, her background wasn't an enviable one, though she managed to scale through university as a law student and was eventually called to bar after Law school. Mr Hubby came along and immediately after Law school, they made it official. Hubby was so rich, he uprooted her from her past life and this time, gave a life, they toured round the globe because Hubby worked with a good firm, and it entailed being transferred him from country to country, and of course, she(Wifey), tagged along with him every damn time.

Her children went to the best schools in the U.S, she lived in a beautiful house, met infl…

Never Mess Up The Protocol

Protocol is the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of the state or diplomatic occasions.

Every environment  has its own protocol. Out of pride, temperament or whatever the case may be, never mess up the protocol by going contrary.

First; We must ask and receive wisdom from God in order to apply discernment accordingly.

Second; We must study our environment.

Third; We must be sensitive enough to know when to distract, react and listen.

Fourth; Some environment entails that we put up our best behaviour even when we may have to pretend about it; this is to obtain required result.

Fifth; We must follow due process always. This due process must be applied to the numerous works of life we engage in continually
e.g;i. You must first study intensively and even extensively to pass examinations.
      ii. One must prepare adequately before dishing out a presentation.
      iii. Following the due process of  writing letters, filling required forms and applying the waiting …