You can go to bed a sinner and wake up a saint

You can go to bed with no vision and wake up with a mission

You can go to bed with a dirge and wake up with a ballad

You can go to bed with a liability and wake up with an asset

You can go to bed in a mess and wake up with a message

You can go to bed with an infirmity and wake up with healing

You can go to bed gloomy and wake bloomy

You can go to bed empty and wake up full

You can go to bed in lamentations and wake up with gratitude

... Because His mercies endures forever and His blessings are new every morning.

Scriptural Reading: Revelations 21:5 "Behold, I make all things new, write, for these words are true and faithful."
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Feminine Authority is scriptural and I'll walk you through a passage of the Holy Bible that will change any whooped ideology about the female gender.

Anchor Scripture: {1 Corinthians 11:8-11} "For man is not from woman, but woman from the man. Nor was man created for the woman, but woman for man. For this reason the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels. Nevertheless, neither is man independent of woman, nor woman independent of man, in the Lord.''
I discovered the above scripture while on vacation with my husband during our last devotion/ meditation at the Yankari Game Reserve and it got me thinking of how unfair women have been allotted the lowest portion out of the general equation.

The passage depicts woman as a symbol of authority. Sadly, this contradicts the situation of women globally. Women are referred to as the weaker sex who must depend on the man for succor, excluded from leadership positions, suppressed and subjecte…


To all the doors that got slammed in my face, God opened new doors!

To all who mocked me at my back, It's safe to say I'm laughing last!

To all who left me stranded, God picked me up and is making me a masterpiece!

To all who thought I wasn't good enough or too much to handle, God whispered into my ears saying, "You're good enough and more than enough baby!"

To all who looked away when I need a Mother-figure, God sent my Grandmother-In-Law and we're beginning to share identical looks!

To all who stole from me, you can keep all you stole from me. It will go out of style in the next few years and I'll have the limited edition!

To all who couldn't handle my imperfection, it's okay to distant yourself, I wasn't sent to everybody!

To all who looked down on me and currently are, I am very conscious about my worth and so un-bothered about your delusional opinion!

To all who swore I couldn't have a home, I'm creating an iconic family mode…

Go Back To The Drawing Board!

When things aren't adding up, quit the complaints and go back to the drawing board and start all over!

The drawing board gives you freedom to evaluate, erase the initial plan and  replot the course for actualizing divine purpose.

Scriptural Passage: {Numbers 11:1-2} "The people began to complain to the LORD about their troubles. When the LORD heard them, He was angry and sent fire on the people. It burnt among them and destroyed one end of the camp."
The above scriptural passage explicitly show us the dangers of complaints and grumbling.

No one is comfortable with a crying baby, even God. Complaining non-stop about an unruly situation without investigating the root cause and tackling it by applying effective measures to redeem you will only do you a disservice.

Ever been in a situation where you complain and grumble about everything that is weighing you down and begin to bore the people around you, making them feel uncomfortable? Well, That was my case a month ago. I…


It is the act of eliminating all the equations around you but ensuring you remain a constant.

Self love is the ability to say a firm no to the inadequacies around you and taking appropriate measures to put a final stop to repeat occurrences. It's the ability to ''unlink'' your happiness with people, places and things. It entails treating one's self to the best of nature's finest and enjoying your own company.

It is the ability to recognize that life is not fair and making it fair to you. Self love technically means living in isolation but not suffering depression. It entails being disciplined enough to remain on your lane when people are going south.

I remember relocating to Abuja in April 2015 with a broken heart. I had just concluded the burial rites of my late mum. I vulnerably searched for security in the wrong places, people and things but it was an epic fail. Then I sought for help in the Lord and He thought me the Art of self love. Even though i'…

Subtle Depression???

Been Not So Happy Lately...

I think I'm losing the writing gig
I think the new things I'm trying out are taking forever to click
I think I'm failing in my marital obligation
I think I'm not as fortified as I thought I'll be
I think I'm not smashing all my intended records
I think I've allowed fear overshadow me
I think there's a missing puzzle unidentified
I think my mind is just wandering and not at rest
I think my spiritual life is dwindling
I think I'm anxious for everything
I think I'm a shadow of myself
I think I'm losing my life

What happened to me? The shock from the sudden switch from Spinsterhood to Wifeyhood? Supernatural help... Please find me!

*The aforementioned are not subject to mental scrutiny, you'll not win. *smiles

Have a Blissful day Fam.

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Isolation is the state of being detached or separated from other people.

It is true that no man is an island but there comes a time in one's life when he or she will have to isolate him or her self from the crowd, given that some people take it upon themselves to distract you from your focus and are aimed at ridiculing, oppressing and silencing you.

Joseph was isolated from his family at a particular period of time, when he was sold into slavery by his blood brothers to Egyptian merchants. From that period till the time he became the governor of Egypt, he did not have any contact with them until the appointed time.(See Genesis 37:18-36)

It was in his isolation period that he passed through several processes that edified his spirit and molded him into the perfect gentle man that served his generation.

Anchor scripture: {Mathew 14:23} "After He had sent the crowds away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray, and when it was evening, he was there alone.''
Every …