Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Take Down Mama's Portrait Or Nah?

                                                 Too much cuteness in one portrait

There's this popular Yoruba proverb I'll interpret to English language for the purpose of assimilation and better comprehension. It reads "Never hurt your back if you have no mother cos there'll be no one to rub your back when it's hurting."

Do I miss my Mama? Yes! everyday! I try to be strong about it though. I can't believe one year is far spent already and she's not a part of it. It can get lonely and I could get a bit depressed when I see others getting along with their mothers, and mine would never be a part of my life forever.

Different people recover from loss in different ways, please bear with me if I continually rub mine in your face through my posts, I'm permitted to be different right? "Individual differences" plays a significant role here and right about now.

Unfolding part of my encounter(goodies) in bits, My Mama's one year remembrance is the "starter pack" that was the number one reason why I embarked on my journey. Everything on ground was a success, the sad thing was that I fell terribly ill that day, had a divine encounter same day too, even though the effect of the second malaria drug one "ogbonge nurse" recommended to my sister on my behalf which I  eventually took threw me off orientation and led to the another phase of ailment, I immediately discontinued the drugs, and that was how I regained my consciousness bit by bit.*I never trust village nurses, they forced/manipulated me.

Convocation fell in between and it wasn't fun, everything was a struggle, I almost missed it, I was still recovering.

Fast forward to my Mama, pheew, I returned to Nnewi back and forth, specifically to tag along with a portrait of her, planned all of that before I embarked on my trip. Please check my young Mama out, isn't she the prettiest thing ever? Problem is this, I mourned my Mama for 8 months, I was always crying, ehhm, It kinda contributed to my weight loss, *open confession* the loss of appetite doubled up, errands here and there, late night studies contributed a bit too but hey, I feel so good and so fly, my God is good.

My Mama nicknamed me "Madam gist" and she was too good at listening to my gist, plus my mama too can gist for federation, I nicknamed her in my heart as "Chief Madam Gist" as each time she returned from work, she would branch straight to our room for some intense gisting, most times, she crashed in our rooms and it could get so tiring and we (my siblings and I) would want her to just leave us and gan face her husband. lol. When I'm away, Mama would call to know how I'm fairing no matter the circumstance, she always made sure I was safe as a young lady, losing her to death was the biggest blow life punched into my face and at the level I've reached, no blow can really penetrate into my system, except it's from God himself which God himself can't even try, *ein no fit, lol.

Each day, week, month, and year, in a cyclical order, people begin to unveil new traits and most times repeated upgraded old traits are re-born. Indulge focus, focus and more focus, ignore the bad air.

Reason why family is never  characterized wholly by blood is because group of people come together, fight for a cause and never force it. you can never maintain a  family bond by force and reiterated pattern of struggle. Life is not that hard.

Imagine a world where people asked confrontational questions rather than make up imaginary stories from acts, casual statements, thoughts, unrealistic medium of communication, and whatever the case maybe amidst the disparity, that's an ideal kind of world, life is beautiful.

Since I returned with my mothers portrait, it's being a blend  of torture and smiles. Whenever I look at her beautiful smile, I get so emotional and begin to miss her and cry my eyes out, I still blow kisses at her and converse with her portrait too though.*wide grin, I love my mummy too hard even to death. The portrait steps up my confidence level, I sometimes feel God took her away so that I can start off my life chapter because if she was probably alive, my life would have definitely went in a different direction which wouldn't have made much sense, most times it's a battle I can't even afford to lose, I'm giving it my whole shots to get that crown of royalty on her behalf, Mama was Queen! it's a dynasty affair. *don't hate, hehe.

Pondering whether I should take it down or keep looking at it until I get used to it. No one like Mama, Scary no one will rub my back when I hurt, but then, that is why we have beautiful people around to help us at least blow hot air on it, lol. Ultimately, in case you've lost a beautiful mother like myself, make sure you remain constantly happy because happiness is a state of mind and can be easily accessed unless you're looking in the wrong direction and engrossed in it.

Take down the portrait  or nah?

Pheew, hard one, I think  I'll make it stay so that I get all the positive vibes I need and be assured she's right next to me with that melting smile.

Happy One Year Celebration Of Your sacrificial life Mama Ellahillz! The Nzelu's, Extended Families And Your Secret Fans Miss You Greatly. *even though illness didn't allow me post on i.g the sweet message I prepped a week before your remembrance which I'll still do. *smiles

Luke 19:10: "For the son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost."

*Have a great day guys.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

And They Say There's No God???

First, this post was unplanned, I intended to start unveiling some of the goodies I promised to drop in bits, but then, Man proposes, God disposes.

You see ehn, permit me to say that I'm the most loved person by God, yes, He may love You too but hey, I can't stand in the line for You, every man for himself right about now, I can only verge for me because of my personal encounters which are too numerous to be listed.

Please, It's going to be a long read, be patient to finish up and see the awesomeness of my God.

Only yesterday the 29th day of March 2016, Easter Monday to be precise, yet again, Jesus did it again. I'll be too stupid and foolish all in one not to share my encounter.

My Easter Sunday started off good but didn't end so well because of a fall out.

Well like I say, everything happens for a reason especially in the lives of those who devoutly pray for divine protection and meditate on the words and wonders of the Almighty Father day and night. The fallout to me was intentionally plotted by God himself.  Pheeew, that said, I'll ride on.

Easter Monday was an awesome one, I stepped out of my apartment at about 1 pm, this was as a result of an orphanage outing organised by a church, the idea was to put a smile on the yet to be seen children in my own little way and take cute selfies with them, I had planned all of that in my head since Easter Sunday immediately I heard the announcement in church. I'm so adopting so many children alongside my future biological children, if I had my way, I'll steal any cute baby I see. That's my weakness but I believe God understands.

In truth, things didn't go well as planned when I got to church, too many politics here and there, I was so irritated and left, I was too angry, and returning home wasn't going to solve no issue so I went to my good friend's house, her name is Joy Dirisu, God bless the day I reunited with this chick.

Fast forward to few hours later, I told her I wanted us to go out and just chill for a bit instead of just staying back ahome gisting our bodies and souls out, lol, we always have too much to talk about, little did I know that was the escape route, we went to join some friends at the pool side and of course we had shared memories, I even made an amazing friend out of the clique, that's how lit it was, I'm never too quick to call someone friend, It was an intense outing, yet lit much.

We left the pool side at about 10:35pm and of course it was too late to return home solo, so I crashed over at Joy's place. This was so unlike me cos I looked at my wristwatch when it was 8.15 pm and I had the intention of leaving but God just strategically delayed me without my notice, funny enough, I wasn't in the mood to immerse myself in the pool cos of  some sensitive reasons. I was just the only chick behind the scene watching my people have fun.

Today, Tuesday morning, 6:59 am, while I was at the verge of dashing out, my neighbour Ene calls and she says, "there was a robbery incident at home, only your door wasn't tampered with, call me back, I'm out of credit" and then she hangs up. "maka Chukwu", my heart was in my mouth, I couldn't even leave immediately, my heart was racing, my legs wouldn't move, all that was in my head was how to get home and see the miracle first hand.

At about 8:50 am, I was home, My goodness, these robbers robbed virtually all the houses in the close excluding two houses, the giant security dog in one of the house wouldn't let them in, and this other house which is directly opposite my apartment. The family in that particular house were in the habit of praying at mid-night hours daily, those family motivate me real good. and in truth, and I believe God was at work in their household. I'm not making things up about the "midnight praying house".

In the compound where I take my dwelling, I can't even describe what happened, I wish You could all come to where I reside so that you see firsthand how this bad guys penetrated. Please, I'll try to be truthful and expository as possible.

First, there is a security gate in the compound where I reside, but the funny thing is that they passed through the barbwire by the left hand side of the fence. According to one of my helpless neighbour who first noticed this ugly incident, It took them about 5 mins to cut and make their way through, this people came with their equipment, they were fully armed and were in great numbers. *The overall security system in my dear country Nigeria is too poor to a fault and it hurts.

"They" pulled down burglary proofs, broke doors, used hammers to break walls, came with cutlasses to kill anyone that comes in their way, blood stains here and there, they beat up one of my neighbour who is a married man, at the moment he is hospitalized, he's suffering from an internal bleeding, they made away with laptops, phones, money, credit cards, and valuables, the only door they didn't touch was mine. Let me break it down, they passed through my apartment to go to the next and then the next and the next, I had plans of returning home immediately after the Orphanage outing and PHCN refused to bring the light before I set out, I forgot to put things in place. My lights were on, windows open, my lemon bag and purse where I have important documents were sitting pretty on my bed, my laptop was just on the floor there, along side my other cell phone, my bedroom curtain wasn't properly closed, my kitchen curtain was open, remember I said all the lights were on, I didn't even turn off my fan, one could take a sneak peek at my cubicle and see it all, but according to the reports I gathered, they didn't even touch my door, not to talk of sneak-peeking. What grace! What Favour! What Love! Who is like unto my God? nobody! My God keeps me away from trouble all the time, each time, I'm always an inch away from disaster or never present whenever trouble arises, and I return to hear the stories. It was divinely structured by God for me not to return home last night. At about 8:15 pm when I realized I needed to set out while with the clique at the pool side, going home was on my mind but then, I still remained there, this was so unlike me, I always return home, I'm too busy at night.

I stay alone, how would I have handled the trauma all by myself? how? Lord Jesus, I can't stop crying over the wonders of your unconditional love and faithfulness. Thank You!

When You have grace, it affects the closest person around you, my flatmate wasn't robbed, she was close to being robbed, babe stucked herself into her kitchen cabinet, how she did it with her not so plumpy self, I'm clueless.*God at work still. She hid all her valuables, they peeped into her apartment, tried to make their way into her place but saw nothing handy to make away with, they made sure they peeped thoroughly through all the windows to confirm no one was inside and they said  "she no dey"  please how did they know it was a she that lived there? This I kept pondering while the neighbours narrated the ordeal to me.

There's more to add about the other houses they robbed, but let me just take a halt and just stop!

Right about now, all I can say is Thank You Jesus, and from the bottom of my heart Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Please endeavour to recite Psalm 121 each day even if you don't have the energy to say a lengthy prayer, that Psalm has preservered me from all manner of danger since the year 2008 till date and is a "scriptural jazz", you can ask around.

P.S: I just bragged in the lord, there was zero intention of exhibiting any certain degree of pride whatsoever. All I pen down have deeper contents only me can comprehend. Stuff is too deep, too much occur in my life. In all again, Thank You Jesus! It was You and You alone overall and You know it.

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Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Easter Guys!

Yeaaaah, I'm back and bubbling real good with life, a lot transpired I must confess, and subsequently I'll be sharing in bits with all of You, so stay glued!

Join me in thanking God for a peaceful and safe trip amidst the lil brouhaha that sprang up in between. I'm tempted to spill what happened....Well, lemme just spill.

I embarked on my journey by road from Awka(In Anambra State) to Abuja. I got to the park as early as 5:50 am so that I could board the first bus and reach in good time. I was delayed till about 7:40 am before the vehicle I boarded eventually decided to take off, in truth, I was so bitter and furious, little did I know God was preventing me from something dramatic.

Pheeew, well, we set out, barely an hour later, the driver complained to us that he needed to fix the brake pad and that was how baba went to drop us at one of their terminals.... This time, I was so irritated, pissed, disgusted, angry, bitter and everything negative!

Good thing, he returned in less than 35 mins and this time, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then, we continued our Journey.

Whenever I'm on transit, its's either I'm praying, listening to music, surfing the internet, reading a book or sleeping, You'll definitely catch me doing any of the listed item but then, in truth, I can sleep for federation, I sleep more. lol

At about 2 pm, I sensed something wasn't right, I opened my eyes, *covers face, I was fast asleep.
"Omo", the driver was literally averting, other vehicles ahead and behind did same, and then he got to the queue where other vehicles had parked and then joined them, before I could say Jack, baba had opened the door of the bus. There was this irritating young man who sat sat behind me that kept saying every shade of negative stuff about how "Okene People" kill people by either slitting their throat or butchering people from the head with daggers, this guy kept saying all sorts. My ears were so full that I immediately hushed him to shut up! I kept telling this grown man to be filled with positivity and never negativity no matter the circumstance.

Before I could finish talking, people from the other buses that had queued up with us took to their heels, the passengers in my own vehicle took off too. I didn't understand why the driver had averted and parked alongside others, but this dine minute, I discovered.
It was a robbery...

The idea was to park so that people can find their way in case anything goes wrong. I looked round, contemplated whether to run or not, and I hear something say, "remain in the vehicle", I immediately went to the back seat of the vehicle, stuffed my laptop bag under a seat, squeezed myself on the floor in between the seats and began to pray. It was just me in the vehicle, the driver had fled too.

Five minutes afterwards or less, the Police patrol team rode to our direction, and that was the saving grace, they shot in the air to scare the robbers that were already robbing the buses ahead and made way for all of us.

It was a "not so okay" experience, but in truth, all the people that fled were running into the bush, some to "God knows where", they didn't have a direction. The sad news is that some people didn't join their respective vehicle to escape the dilemma when the Police turned up to clear the road because they allowed fear completely overtake them without even being watchful.

Was I the bravest of them all? Not exactly, I just felt I had the covenant of divine protection and I knew how good my baby sister and I prayed before I headed for the park. In my meditation that morning, God called Himself "completely dependable" and promised He'll take care of me, I keyed into that portion and it worked for me because I kept professing that. I didn't know how it will happen, but I was confident that my God will break protocols on my behalf

When the "run-aways" returned to the vehicle, they kept saying "babe, You get mind o, nawa! where you from? How only you get mouth, come gather mind sha. I felt good with myself and started explaining some common sense principles with them before I went biblical a little, some tried to counter, but at the end, they agreed with me and shook their heads in bewilderment. I could read their minds, I could beat my chest they said, "this tiny girl, all this thing from her mouth" lol.

I forgot to add, the old papa youngie that kept spilling trash before the ordeal, was almost left behind, God saved the drama King through the help of a passenger that sighted him from afar.

Is my/our God a good God? Yes He is! I thank Him for all He continually does in my life. Please join me in thanking Him for an overall safe trip with zero complications. It was He and and He alone that made it possible, I don't want to imagine if the brake pad hadn't failed!

I returned home to an exciting surprise which I received with a lot of with mixed feelings, It literally erased the thoughts of what had transpired earlier, I was awestruck! I think that's the most appropriate phrase to use. #yimu+blushing cheapishly jor.

Happy Easter once again guys! Enjoy the reason for the season. It's all love from my end to Y'all, I'm excited to be back to work for a course. *smiles

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Sunday, 13 March 2016


Hey guys!

Right about now, I'll be MIA for a while, thought I should keep in touch. I'm enrouting Nnewi for My late Mum's one year remembrance. Remember to pray along with me for a successful event.

Plus hey, my alma mater eventually decided to organize our convocation ceremony after so many years. lol, so its going to be an activity filled week, I'll still keep in touch whenever I'm a bit free.

Just be good hunnies, I'll miss you tintini for a bit *muah+smiles.

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

You Can Be Anything But Don't Be Average

Revelations 3:16;
"So because you are neither hot nor cold, I'll spew you out of my mouth"

Average technically means lukewarm, and being average begets average results. It will interest you to know that being average is a sin just like not being either hot or cold. God hates indecisive people, rather, He wants us to maximize our full potential always and all the time.

If you were once below average, and then transcended to being average, best belief, You're growing in a healthy way and you can be more than just average, that way, you keep going higher and higher. Keep thriving, keep pressing, keep pushing, keep stretching, keep moving, don't ever stop! don't ever settle for less, for average is only an insecure state.

Transcending from the average state to the maximized potential state is a fight but never a negative competition. Personally, I'm not good with competitions, I'll so lose so terribly, I run my race my way, my pace and my style, that way I'm a 100 percent natural, comfortable, unique and I attract the right people unconsciously.

Being lukewarm would only pass the wrong signal across which is usually half baked, You can be either hot or cold but don't be stale, never be stagnant! God'll so vomit you because he has promised to. While being either hot or cold, don't choose being bad over being good and don't be in between either, cos You'll only end up disgusting God.

Scriptural-wise, cold signifies "ignorance", hot signifies "overly knowledgeable"  and we are made to understand that God can tolerate the ignorant, is impressed with the overly knowledgeable and irritated with the lukewarm.

Choose wisely the position you want to attain having in mind that God "gat" your back always. *note to self.

Have a great evening guys.

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Men Who Cheat And Women Who Seduce

To cheat means to act dishonestly or engage in unfair behaviour in order to gain advantage. Words synonymous to cheat include; fake, defraud, trick

To seduce means to attract(someone) to a belief  or into a course of action that is inadvisable or foolhardy. Words synonymous to seduce include; tempt, lure, cajole, ensnare

Our society is full of people who cheat and seduce. These days, you'll agree with me that women not only seduce but cheat and men not only cheat but seduce. The two unfavourable acts are exhibited by the duo.

Who can climb the mountain of God?

According to Proverbs 24:3-4, only the clean-handed, only the pure-hearted; Men who won't cheat and women who won't seduce.

Men and women of hope and ambiguous promises, let's thrive not to be caught in the act of cheating and seducing because of temporal or material gratification, because clean living and justice with neighbours means far more to God than religious performance. Never cheat or seduce your way into anything, rather let's go hunting for what is right and kind and as we do that, we would find glorious life itself. It'll entails a lot of discipline, that I'm aware of, but in truth, with the help and involvement of God, all things are possible and obtainable to those that are committed to making a difference.

One last thing, never cheat or seduce as a form of revenge. So many men and women are involved in such petty acts, men and women were not entitled to play the revenge role. Leave revenge and judgement for God, this way, we live a far healthier life void of negativity and drama.

Have a cheat-free and a seduction-free day guys! lol(I'm serious ooh)
*remember to share this piece with a friend. *wink

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The First Wisest Man Wasn't Solomon Afterall. *sigh, smh

        Moses the good guy and Jethro the wise guy lounging.  *I want, lol

Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived because he asked God specifically for wisdom and understanding to rule and God blessed him with other things he didn't think of nor imagined. Oh well, that's what happens when we specifically ask God for stuffs, we emerge victorious breaking all records and protocols.

We all know of the good guy named Moses, right? Moses was assigned by God to lead the people of Israel to the promise land, God was entirely with him, true, but he failed to ask for wisdom to guide the affairs of the people. Then this great man came to the rescue...

His name was Jethro. Jethro was the father-in-law of Moses and a priest of Midan (see Exodus Chapter 18). He heard of the reports of all that God had done for Moses and sent his message across to Moses telling him that he was coming to visit him in a short while.

Jethro eventually arrived and was impressed about all that the lord had done for Moses, he offered burnt offerings to God but the next day, he noticed something was wrong with Moses' administration.

Moses subjects(the Israelites) brought their problems and questions all day to him to judge. Jethro noticed this and rebuked his actions. He asked, "what is going on here? Why are you doing all this, and all by yourself, letting everybody line up before you morning to night?'' As the good guy who Moses was, he defended the people by saying that they came to ask him questions about God and resolve their conflicts.

Jethro the wise guy retorted and said to him that it was the wrong way to go about it and told him he was going to burn if he continues that way. Jethro advised Moses to continually teach the people the rules and instructions and show them how to live and in turn advised him to appoint men of integrity, who were incorruptible and ultimately had the fear of the Lord to act as leaders to judge the affairs of the people, and whatever case they couldn't handle, then they could bring it over to Moses to handle, this way Moses can have the strength to carry out the commandments of God effectively.

Moses listened to his counsel and breathed lasting fresh air happily ever after...

Today, let's be wise in all our dealings(using the common sense evolution possessed by Jethro) and ultimately ask God for wisdom just like Solomon did so that our lives can be filled with goodies.

Have a wisdom filled day Fam!      *remember to share this piece with a friend *winks

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Have A Significant Wednesdays Guys...

Oh that today, You'll remain nicer than ever, cuter than ever, sweeter than ever, and the fliest of them all.

Mission blogging would continue tomorrow, Your girl is currently taking up a challenge and the battle line would be drawn later today, so she needs to prep up real good.

To this effect, Your babygirl found her way in here to keep in touch and thank you specially for the maximum support. It's being God, You and I in the game all the way, Thank You!

Enjoy the rest of your day hunnies and have it engraved in your hearts, that I wish You all that is good and perfect for your body and soul.

Just do You and keep it real as always.

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Monday, 7 March 2016

David's Victory Is Contagious

David inspires all generation to fight, therefore our victory will inspire others, Amen.

Do You know David was only 17 years old when he confronted Goliath? You think you're too young, you should think again.

Do You know David changed the name of the city because of his singular act of bravery? Oh yes! the name of the city was changed from Jepusite to Jerusalem after his victory. You can change any circumstance by the level of bravery You possess.

David didn't bury the head of Goliath in Bethlehem but in Jerusalem. Never bury the monument where You are born but where You are heading to. 

David killed Goliath and used same weapon Goliath intended to use against him, but You see, the good-news was that, David not only killed him but beheaded him and kept his head. What ever you "kill", you keep. Every negativity should be trampled upon, subdued and eliminated.

Just like the level of faith David exhibited, we should be committed to having faith in God. Faith doesn't need no paper work. Just do it! Take the first step and then the next.

Like David, we would emerge a victor and be announced to the public. God doesn't only bless us in private, He wants everybody to know.

Today, we would do exact same thing Goliath intended to do to righteous David, we would steal his sword, kill his body and destroy(severe) his head, for David's victory is entirely contagious.

 Contract The Victory Bug From David Today Fam!...    #remember to share this piece with a friend *wink

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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Just Some Sweet Words That Will Lighten Up Your Day

Be committed to getting better everyday.

Oh that today,we would be different and unusual

Extravagance is a life of advantage and not disadvantage.

Let's be word addicts and not coke addicts.

The profiting is in the practice of the word.

Some watch things happen, some make make things happen. Be the latter.

The violent ones take it by force, therefore, spiritual violence has being legalized.

Let the devil access everything but your mind.

What you believe is what your mind turns into

Eagles don't talk, parrots talk.

Don't fight every battle. Focus on your focus.

Learn how to talk sense into your siblings.

Focus on problems, you get focus. Focus on opportunities, you get opportunities.

There's no one like you.

Quit looking at other people.

Maintain your uniqueness.

There is something in our lives that can announce us to the world.

Be patient with greatness.

If you didn't have a good childhood, have a good adulthood.

Never put a full-stop to any exploit of the enemy in anybody's life.

Change: Something you have to deal with all the time.

Success don't just happen and it is never accidental.

Grow up, don't just show up.

You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue.

Find a way.

Don't let your memory outweigh your dream.

Your yesterday is inferior to your today.

Be a business man and woman of the kingdom.

And the greatest is love. Display an usual kind of love to everybody you come in contact with.

Hope this piece fed your body with some soul foods. *wink

Have a great day and a great week Fam.              #Remember to share this piece with a friend.

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Happy Sunday + A Happy Mother's Day Celebration.

Yeah! it's that time of the year again to celebrate our mothers and intending mothers.

Guys, show some love to the women out there today...its, not an easy stuffs u know *tongue out. Dear children, you are not excluded, I don't care about your age, if your mama is still alive, show her all the love she could ever crave.

This time last year during the mother's day celebration, my earthly mum passed on to eternal glory. Please remember her in your prayers for me. *kisses

Have a great Sunday and a great celebration.

With Love,


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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Let Me tell You A Story...

Story! Story!!,

Once upon a time,

In the Ocean of Ellahillz, there lived numerous amount of small fishes and one giant fish(a shark), the shark was in the habit of swallowing the smaller fishes and this continued for a long time until there were only three fishes left in the mighty Ocean of Ellahillz.

The three surviving fishes dreaded the shark with all their might.

One fateful day, the three fishes were in great danger and they instantly remembered they had a Mighty God who was far above the skies watching them, and in union, they called on God and He took compassion on them and answered.

God left his heavenly throne and came down to the Ocean of Ellahillz and said to the three fishes, "make a wish!" This wish was a measure to prevent them from the attack of  the shark that posed as a serious threat to their lives and means of livelihood.

Fish One: Dear God, I wish that you exchange my tiny eyes for giant eyes, this way, it would enable me see the shark when its 100 kilometers away and I'll flee for succor, this way I'll be safe.

Fish Two: Dear God, I wish that you grant unto me giant wings to fly up above the sky whenever the shark came around, this way, I'll be safe.

Fish Three: Dear God, I don't want any extra feature added unto me, I believe I look just the way You want me to and I feel great this way, I only want your presence, this way I'll be safe.

Then God granted their respective wish and returned to his throne situated far above the skies...

One day, the shark came visiting, this time they were so excited about their respective immunity and used their new gifts with great confidence.

Fish one who now possessed a perfect vision noticed the shark from a distance and hurriedly swam away from the Ocean of Ellahillz to another seaside with minimal water where the shark couldn't survive in, this worked perfectly for Fish One.

Fish Two stretched out his brand new giant wings and flew high above the sky, this excited Fish two greatly.

Fish Three had a human shadow always present, the shark noticed the shadow, became terrified and made a U-turn, this way Fish Three was safe. The shark became sober and returned with an empty belly to where it came from without hurting any of them.

Days past, the minimal water at the seaside where Fish One swam to dried up as a result of the blazing sun and unfortunately, Fish One died. An eagle strolled out to hunt for food and saw Fish Two up in the sky, the eagle was so excited! it thanked God for providing it with a miracle fish in the sky and quickly reached out for the fish, Fish Two was devoured by the eagle and it died.

Fish three was all by itself in the Ocean of Ellahillz and it was the only survivor.

and this is the end of my story...*smiles

1.Be content and confident with the way You were crafted by God, He never makes mistakes neither    is He a trial and error kind of God. You are perfect just the way You are.

2. In time of want, aid and refuge, call on the presence of the Most High God and He'll never leave         you stranded.

Have A Great Evening Fam!                #Kindly share this piece with a friend.

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Friday, 4 March 2016

Who Am I ?

Proverbs 18:21;
"Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."

Romans 12:2;
"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing, you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."

Oh well,',--;'

Who Am I ?

Many people ask me who am I.

I'm a hardworking young lady who has a goal to accomplish. My goal is to be the best I can be through the help of God who strengthens me. I'm a big dreamer and each day I try to be a better version of myself  by stretching myself to becoming a professional in my field.

Each day I have this big portrait of myself becoming an accomplished Mission blogger, Effective Communicator,  Philanthropist, Writer, a Socio-Preneur, Hair-Stylist and Virtuous Woman.

As a 2'1 graduate haven studied Sociology and Anthropology, versatility in all ramification is entailed, no wonder I can fit in just anywhere especially when whatever is assigned to me involves meeting people, helping people grow, and ultimately learning to upgrade myself. I'm still a work in progress.

I am an athletic being. My favourite sports include; Table tennis, Sprinting, Jogging long distance, Volley balling, Aerobics. I tried playing football in a competition back in my undergraduate days, and it was not a nice experience, the football pitch was too big and it kept sapping my energy, the macho girls kept dealing with me silly and eventually I left the pitch before it was even game over. hahaha, I wasn't born to this world to come and suffer for nothing. I equally love to dance!.*lol, how could I forget that.

I am smart, I'm a good person, I know my worth, I know what a wonderful person I am, I know how to be strong when I have to be. I never force myself on people. I am unique, I am different and I am disciplined. I am approachable and easy going, people of like minds love my company and easily connect with me.

I don't take negative talks about me to heart for too long, I have short memory of wrongs, I live and let live, I can't stand ungrateful people. My brain is highly functional and it retains a lot.

I love to read. My learning style is kinetic. I learn by touching and doing.

I love to direct and work with principles, dominating and manipulating human beings are what You'll never see me do, *animals and other good stuffs to control never finish nah..haha. I'm subject to learning. I observe, listen , argue if need be and I'm committed to practicing till I get it right.

I love to listen to calm songs with  empowering contents, and sing along too, it's been my latest addiction. *Don't be shocked to meet me and my voice that I'm still managing on Coke Studio..hahah, my dreams are too juicy abeg". Oh yeaaah, I love to take selfies, selfies and more selfies, *wide grin. I love taking pictures, they bring back memories whether pleasant or unpleasant. You'll never catch me in the act of deleting my pictures except the badly captured ones or the identical ones.

I could get upset sometimes because I'm only human, but my favourite state is being happy and staying happy. I never allow people rob me of my joy and happiness. I don't take life too seriously, to me, it comes in phases and is only a journey.

Different people perceive me differently, there perception doesn't really count to me, I focus on me and how to make a difference.

I love looking good. Looking good is good business for me, it boosts my confidence, people have a good impression about me, and because I never know who I'll run into, I want to look my best all the time, life is too boring to wear boring clothes.

I am a traditional person, I have regards and respect for culture especially in my country Nigeria where cultural practices are upheld and diversified.

I was raised in a good Christian home and on my own, I took my relationship with God to another level. Serving God in spirit and in truth is a personal decision.

So the question was who am I ?

I am a young lady with a big dream who can take giant steps to attain greater height. My experiences have made me who I am today; a hard-worker and a dependable person, but I also know how to have fun and enjoy the small things around.

Who Am I?  I am Nzelu Emmanuella "Ellahillz" Somtochukwu

Let's meet you. Who are You? *smiles

Have a great day guys.

No Blogging without You, Thank You for Visiting.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Not A Person Among Them Was Needy

Acts 4:32-33;
 "The whole congregation of believers were united as one--one heart, one mind! They didn't even claim ownership of their own possession. No one said, "that's mine; you can have it." They shared everything. The apostles gave everything. The apostles gave powerful witness to to the resurrection of the master Jesus, and grace was on all of them."

This is deep right?

Do You know that there is enough to go round? 

It's glaring that the rich selflessly gave away their resources, this way, the apostles used the monies and valuables disbursed, to take care of the need of all. They lived in unity and love.

Permit me to come from the empirical point of view which is the sociological way, lol. I'm a proud Sociologist and this is my field.

Socialism, Communism, and Capitalism are all Marxist theories. Max Weber was a German sociologist who was one of the founding fathers of Sociology. He propounded those social theories for social research. His full name is Karl Emil Maximilian "Max" Weber", he was aged 56 years (21st April 1864-14th June 1920). *hope I didn't bore some living souls with my interesting analysis? If I did, "ur just an olodo, lol".

The above theories explains that the state had control of the means of production. This entailed they lived in a classless society which means there were neither bourgeoisie or proletariat. Relating it to the Biblical interpretation, You'll agree with me that the exact same thing was experienced among the people and indeed Jesus was a Republican. *winks

It's our duty to help the needy. This way,divine favours begin to rest upon us and the Heavens begin to smile at us.

If we can't feed a hundred, feed one. Not forgetting that we can't help everyone but everyone can help someone.

Have a great day guys, be generous today in your dealings.  #Share this piece with a friend too*winks

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Never Call A Bend An End

      Never  fail to make the turn!

Galatians 6:9 "Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season, we will reap, if we do not give up."

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for You, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give You a future and a hope."

2 Chronicles 15:7 "But you, take courage! do not let your hands be weak, for your works shall be rewarded".

Mathew 19:26 "But Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of Christ Jesus for You."

Proverbs 16:7 "When a man's way pleases the Lord, he makes even his enemy be at peace with him."

Hebrew 11:6 "And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those that seek him."

Ephesians 4:26 "Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger."

Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way that seems right to a man, but it's end is the way of death"

Psalm 30:5 "But His anger is for a moment, and His favour is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning."

Job 23:10 "For He knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold."

I scouted real good to get the above portion of The Holy Scripture, I trust it is worth it.

Like I say all the time, the Bible is the best motivational and inspirational book of all time, anything and everything we need to know is properly documented in it, and it's our duty to open it, see it, engage in-depth study, and meditate day and night on it .

It will interest You to know that those who have authored the "best seller" books of all time referenced the Bible and used it as a yardstick to covey the message they intended to pass across.

Never call a bend an end, reason is, often a-times, It's God's divine test for humanity. It's a test because God wants to be really sure if we trust him in spirit and in truth and when we guarantee Him of that, He begins to rain His blessings down, when this divine event occur, there is usually an overflow.

Be angry all you want, but don't sin in the process. Anger is one of the unquenchable characteristics of  mankind passed on to man from God because we are made in his image and likeness. God is aware of this generational trait but warns that we should not sin in the process of exhibiting anger. Man must have control over anger so that we don't do regrettable things and ultimately, we don't incur the wrath of God and miss His blessing.

Are we pleasing God today? Are we serving Him in spirit and in truth? Are we keeping off from all He rightfully warned us against? Are we carrying out our respective tasks correctly?

The rhetorical questions above should be meditated upon, this way, we'll sincerely find out if God is responsible for whatever the devil has robbed us of.

Being able to access the goodies kept in store for us by God is like the game of table tennis, You serve and get served accordingly because the amount of input determines the output. Here, the law of reciprocity comes into play.

Today, let's worship God and abide in His ways so that we can be confident enough to challenge Him with his words when a bend in our lives seems like the end.

* Never call a bend an end because it never was, never is, and never will be.

Have A Day Filled With Positive Vibes Only.     # Remember to share this piece with a friend *wink

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