Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Fear paralyses all that is beautiful. The moment fear is eliminated from the equation of our lives, tapping into creation process becomes handy.

Fear is synonymous with insecurity, and insecurity leaves an individual at a spot.

The only reason fearful/insecure people never make moves is because they are afraid they'll never get something better compared to that which they claim to be stuck with. The mentality has been proven wrong since the fall of Adam.

Switch fear with faith, and watch the unusual begin to happen.

Anchor Scripture{Proverbs 29:25}MSG Translation
"The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in God protects you from that."

It's typical to wallow in fear for a while, but you're not allowed to enable it overshadow you for too long. What are you afraid of?  Is it about your family? Your Career? Your Spouse? Your Friends? Your Relationship? That Unforeseen Promotion You Rightly Deserve? That Business Proposal that's on the verge of getting sealed but funny stories are beginning to spring up? Your Personal Life And All You've Involved Yourself With? Walk in righteousness! Fear not! and Trust God! -For He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ever ask or imagine {Ephesians 3:20}

Today, subscribe to faith to surge up that morale level, which will give you every ounce of positive vibe(s) you'll be needing to take over new territories and do exploits, for faith is an attitude.

Have a 'FAITH-full' day guys!

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Queen Esther...

Thought I knew so much about Queen Esther until I saw the movie titled "One night with the King." It gave me an amplified vision/version of Queen Esther's characteristics.

Her unique qualities will make you love her even more, more than the King ever did.

-Queen Esther was a reader
-She was charitable
-She was free spirited
-She was pure (a virgin)
-She was teachable (she asked the King's personal aid to teach her what impresses the King)*Smart woman, Smart move!
-She passed her interview (she was truthful about her background amidst the fact that it wasn't a juicy one.)
-She was wise enough not to tell it all (she kept some confidential issues to herself)
-She was a charmer (her weapon was her intelligent conversation)
-She was vulnerable but never stupid
-She made the King fall head over heels in love with her. He remained loyal to her as well(only a few women can pull that stunt off with ease)
-She was a woman of virtue (Her dignity was so intact)
-She never gave up trying to make amends when she 'faultered'
-She was a prayer warrior (and just like Jesus, she prayed for the pain to pass away if it were God's will when she was in distress)*Naturally, no one loves 'sufferhead'
-She didn't remain silent for a long time (she spoke up when it was time for her to speak up!)*Don't be a dummy!
-She fasted too
-She had the interest of her people (the Jews)
-She broke the protocol/norm *Calculated risk is key
-She was such a good actress *She stuck to her script
-She brilliantly justified her change of name sighting Jacob
-She was made queen for such a time for her reign
-She found favour before man and before God!
-She received the blessing of her uncle, Mordecai, and prided herself graciously in it.
-She was faithful
-She was not the most beautiful out of the other maidens, but she was comfortable in her own skin
-She wasn't perfect
-She was the daughter of Benjamin, the daughter of the Most High God!

Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. {Isaiah 40:31} Also, God is in the habit of transforming nobodies into somebodies.
What are trusting God for? Receive His word, Believe His word and Become His word.

Trust you were inspired by the life of Queen Esther!

#Have an Amazing Weekend ahead guys. *Muaaah

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

''Follow Follow''

"Follow Follow" is the 'in' thing now. It always has though. Even Jesus was a victim.

Most people tend to follow people (especially on social media platforms) for the wrong reasons. They are either monitoring, analyzing, or seeking for cheap popularity and other benefits, immediately their expectations are not met, they cut themselves off and defect to other preys with immediate effect.

Who are you following? Who is following you?  Are you in their space for the right reasons? Are they in your space for the right reasons? Watch it!

Even Peter(the mouthed guy) and John(the beloved) with all their anointing went back to fishing when ''The Celebrity Jesus'' was no more even after they had tasted the goodness of their master and experienced His mighty works first hand.

And as for the people, they followed Jesus because;
-The hungry wanted to be fed
-The poor wanted to be rich
-The sick wanted to obtain healing
-The dead wanted to be resurrected
-The naked wanted clothing
-The blind wanted to regain their sight
-The deaf wanted to speak
-The infamous wanted to become famous

...and when He was charged to be crucified, not a soul could stand by him! How disappointing and heartbreaking.

When you separate the conditional benefits off an individual, can you be by their side through the thick and thin? Likewise, can they stand by you through the thick and thin?

Rely on the God, the 'revealer' of secret things to step into your situation and do what only He can do. Cos when He opens your eyes to see, just like He opened the eyes of Hagar(the Egyptian handmaid of Sarah and the mother of Ishmael, first born son of Abraham) to see the well in the desert, things will never remain the same.
More so, ask God to open your eyes to notice the right people who genuinely follow you for the right reasons and have your overall interest at heart.

Today, apply caution and eliminate every "follow follow'' in your life.

Have a Great day.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Maturing from childhood to adulthood wasn't an interesting phase for me. Each day, I prayed to become an adult real quick. My lesson teacher, Uncle Daniel, would beat me to stupor until I aced all my assignments and took first position in class. He ignorantly thought he was boosting my morale level because I began to ace my assignments and come out tops in class, but unknown to him, he was harming me. My mum was another "Agile Mopol", she supported the course and didn't hesitate to praise Uncle Daniel even when Daddy Shina, the neighbour, continually visited to alert her of the child abuse that transpired while she was away. She always turned a deaf ear.

I grew up in a perpetually tensed atmosphere, for I lived in fear. Unknown to the Uncle Daniel and Mummy, they were harming me psychologically, physically, emotionally and otherwise. "Beatings will continue until morale improves" was the anthem. Even when I aced my exams, Mummy would still call me a local champion, emphatically stating that my mates were winning common wealth scholarships. Oh Mummy! lol. *It wasn't funny then, glad that I can laugh about that phase now.

Until I bagged a 2.1 in my first degree, mummy didn't take me serious. She eventually began to build confidence and believe in me overtime, and that (type of morale) changed my life forever...

Beatings will never surge up any morale level. Words, Actions and Patience will. Speak the right words into (an) individual/people continually, display an immeasurable amount of affection to convince them that you truly care, and be patient with them to let them make their mistakes and learn from it.  Above all, guide them in the path of righteousness and pray for them, for prayer works!

Anchor Scripture {Colossians 3:21} MSG Translation
"Parents, don't come down too hard on your children or you'll crush their spirits."

Help build somebody's Morale level today!

Have a Swell day guys...

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Monday, 21 November 2016


Don't ever take "Grace" for granted.

Every man has a level of Grace that rests upon his life but some level of Grace are higher than other level of Grace.

If the Grace upon your life comes in good measures, pressed down, shaken together and is running over, don't abuse it, for there are consequences!

Anchor scripture:{John 5:14}
"A little later, Jesus found him in the temple and said, you look wonderful! You are well! Don't return to a sinning life or something worse might happen."

It is amazingly true that Grace breaks protocols on our behalf, but again, these "unmerited rights'' can terminated if sin creeps into the scene. Sin messes up the entire process and in most occasion, leaves the victim at a zero.

"Don't return to a sinning life or something worse might happen." Grace doesn't entertain sexual immorality, theft, lies, cowardice, scandal, bankruptcy, malpractice or any sinful act. Any doctrine or preaching that condones otherwise is a demonic one.

Grace isn't a cover for sin, rather, Grace annuls the sin of a repentant sinner who resolves never to go back to a sinning life and makes conscious/intentional moves to remain equally yoked with Christ.

Look away when ignorant people use grace as a cover! They are subscribing to the grace of the devil which definitely has an expiry date. But hey! seek for the Grace of God! It does great and mighty things and add no sorrow or "guilty conscience" to its seeker.

"The Grace of God is like insurance. It will help you in time of need without any limit"- Sathya Sai Baba

Don't abuse Grace, use Grace. The absence of grace leads to disgrace.

Today, Use Grace, Do Grace and Be Grace, for a Graceful life is a wonderful (fulfilling) life.

Have a Grace-Filled day!

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The Law Of Contentment

"Where there is no control over desire, there is no control over life and destiny." (Dr. Paul Enenche)

- If you have no control over your desire, you can't control your life

- The absence of contentment is the pathway of compromise

- Contentment is the bedrock of character, character is the key to destiny

- To be content in life is to last long on earth

Ever realized why lazy people who are unbothered with life live long? They are content in their own world! *Don't be lazy though, lol.

{1 Timothy 6:68}
"But godliness with contentment (great gain), we brought nothing to the world, we are taking nothing back."

{Jeremiah 17:11}
"Get money by cunning and dubious means, in the end, you shall be confirmed a fool."

Here's the gag;
* Be satisfied with what you have and where you are and trust God to take you higher.
*Absence of contentment - Latency to compromise.
* No control over life - No control over desire.
* Absence of discipline - Doorway to disaster.
* Unprincipled achievement of success - Premature death.

I needed some mind-lifting soul food today, thought it was needful to highlight one of Dr.Paul's Laws of Life instead of doing the norm. Hope you are blessed as well?

Contentment is everything! Gehazi wasn't given a second chance to make resolution for his lack of contentment. May greed never consume us, rather, may we live in contentment, trusting God to perfect all that concerns us, Amen.

Have a "Content'' day hunnies!

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Friday, 18 November 2016


Sometimes, it is the best way to figure out where you are going...

Failure means lack of success. And when there is lack, seek knowledge!
Knowledge ushers in success overtime. The process of acquiring knowledge to tackle lack may seem painfully slow, but here's the good-news: There is improvement, and there is a learning process.

Giving it all up isn't profitable. The world needs your time, prayer, talents and treasures.
Even scripture never promised the world was an easy venture, It required different level or phases of battles before victory became eminent. (Take a cue from King David and St.Paul)

In the course of failure; hustle, thrive, soar even higher still. There is no shame in hustling, the eyes of your spectators won't even harm you, I promise.*lol. It's the mind you'll have to train/convince to remain focused and elude distraction. Some of these distraction include; procrastination, naysayers, insecurity, opinion advocates (those who advise others but themselves), evil communication/bad company, etc.

To overcome failure, you'll be needing a lot of positive vibes, 'fresh air', mentoring and discipline(long suffering). Interestingly, failure is part of success.

Anchor Scripture{Proverbs 24:16}
"The righteous may fall seven times but still get up, but the wicked will stumble into trouble."

The mastery of failure transforms fear into action. And you see, there's no shame in falling or failing, but if you'll ever fall, ensure you fall forward, arise, ''shake your tail feathers'' and get back on track.
Never forget, the mastery of failure transforms fear into action and action yields results.

Have a Dope Weekend ahead guys! *You know it's all love from my angle.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

You Think You're Having A Bad Day?

It actually gets really tiring making expenses over something you thought the initial investments ought to have covered up for, but hey! such is life, it throws unexpected shots. It is ones' sole responsibility of mastering the art of goal keeping, so that even when some shots are fired and conceded, overall defeat is not preeminent.

Yesterday started off really cool for me, it always does when I start with God. Along the way, list of expenses began to roll in, deep in thoughts, I termed everything " a process" and quietly talked to God to help speedy up the process so that a new phase is unraveled. Above all, my thanksgiving list was quite juicy and His praise never left my lips still.
Moreover, It was my mum's remembrance day and I had already keyed into the miracle which I get to experience on the 15th day of every month. *My mum lives on, this is personal!

There was a situation of a flat tyre, as we pulled over beside the available "vulcanizer" to get it fixed, I stepped out of the vehicle which was the normal thing to do, little did I know I was going to meet the shocker of a life time.
A "pure-water" hawker approached me, she was filled with hearty smiles and rushed to give me a warm hug. She exclaimed, "Are you not Aunty Chidinma's Sister from Anambra State?"  
For goodness sake, I am the first born child and daughter from my egg-mummy and the names of my younger sisters were Chinelo, Nwando and Ife, ''I thought to myself.''
"You don't remember me? She continued... I know you! My name is Happiness, I used to work as a nurse in your sister's pharmacy in Port Harcourt, ROFAB Pharmacy is the name of the pharmacy."

My head(memory) began to reboot and recall past memories from my one-year stay in Port Harcourt after my secondary school education. Yes, there was an "Aunty Chidinma" who owned one ROFAB Pharmacy and I helped her manage the place as well, I lived with her through out my stay. She was "an aunt" not a sister.
 Eventually, everything began to add up but Happiness remained unrecognizable to me.

As Happiness began to relate her life ordeal to me, I was deeply moved to tears. I was trying to solve the equation of how a once "chubby-light-skinned-young-good looking" nurse transformed into an "old-suffering-dark looking-unattractive" woman, hawking overloaded basin of "pure water."
How could this be? Oh! how I cried! Her ''Calabar-English'' accent was the only thing I could remember about her, it didn't change one bit. Oh! I equally remembered she wasn't up to 5ft.
I was barely 15 years old going on 16 during my stay in Port Harcourt after secondary school, I'm 25 years old at the moment, feel free to do the mathematics. Ten years was and is such a long time! coupled with the fact that I was such a baby at the time (even though I thought I was really grown at the time).

She(Happiness) narrated how she furthered her studies, lost her dad, got evicted from her former apartment in Port Harcourt, relocated to Abuja and got evicted a second time where they seized all her belongings (including her credentials) and how she couldn't pick a dime from the place because she couldn't pay to obtain any of it, she further narrated how the cloth she was wearing was given to her by a church member and how her fiance who once refused her travelling to Dubia to work when the opportunity came, dumped her without a trace(he changed his sim card and equally changed location). *Some guys sha!
It was a lengthy heart-rendering conversation and we needed to adjourn the conversation, other activities of the day were calling. I asked for her digits, she said she had none anymore, she went on to say so much, and above all, she said she was homeless!

I gave her some money to manage herself for a while, wrote down my number on a piece of paper, handed it over to her and asked her to please call me.

As I write this piece, I'm still bewildered in shock.

If you're moved to help get Happiness a home, please don't hesitate to place a call or send a message to my email (details are in my profile). It's ''Operation Take Happiness Off The Street!" Nothing is too small.
Together we can do this right? Yes we can!

Are you still having a bad day? I don't think so!... Have you said Thank You Jesus Today?

*Indulge gratefulness as the watchword, bear in mind also, that people are gnashing their teeth in abject poverty.

Have a Solemn day Fam.

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Virtue Left Me...

There are TWO times virtue leaves an individual. First, is when he is filled with the Holy Spirit (and his works are been manifested) but he falls into sin. Second, is when an individual is filled with the Holy Spirit but performs tons of miracle and is left exhausted.

Let's term the former "lower virtue" and the latter " higher virtue."

Both category of virtue need Prayer (intercessors/ intercessory) to be reinstated. Uninterestingly, the lower virtue takes a lot of time to be reinstated. However, the higher virtue can be reinstated with ease.

Virtues are ethical behaviours showing high moral standards. Subscribing to sin leads to loss of the lower virtue, which send the sufferer into depression, stagnation, confusion, doubt, disbelief, trauma, sober moments, and all other negative psychological imbalance.

Subscribing to holiness without introducing sin into the picture during workings of miracles reintroduces the sufferer/victim into the next level (phase) of higher dimension.

Luke 8: 45-46
"Who touched me?" Jesus asked, while everyone was denying it, Peter said, "Master, people are crowding all around and pushing you from every side." But Jesus answered, ''Virtue left me!'' The woman with the issue of blood knew that she could not hide, so she came trembling and knelt down in front of Jesus."

Virtue means strength, but in the above context, it was used to denote purity.

Both losses of virtue need intense prayer and other spiritual exercises to be reinstated even though one leaves you agonized and dejected, and the other brings on sparkles and fortifies the body even more.

Never lose the "lower virtue" you'll suck at being you, it takes only the extravagant grace of God to revive you and make you functional once more.

Be virtuous in your dealings and if you're going to lose your virtue, lose your 'Higher Virtue!'

Have a High-level-Virtue-Filled day guys! *winks.

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Yay! I'm Back!!

It's been so cold from my end right? No Ellahillz Blog Post(s)on your timeline and all...*lol. Oh well, the good thing is that I'm back and I'm going to be around for a long long time.

The last few weeks were so hectic for me, the sleepless nights were epic, but hey! they were entirely worth it. And to God be the glory, my exams sailed in swift progress even though I'm still experiencing 'hangovers' from those sleepless night. lol..* my vision has been so blurry lately ehn,,, well, it'll adjust with time as I return to the status quo.

Trust you all are doing good and in great shape. I firmly believe that all things are working in your favour. I decree that your day is Blessed and in turn productive. The blessing of Psalm 1 rests upon you today and forever.

#You're like a tree planted by the rivers of water bearing fruits in your season and your leaves will never wither. God will fill your life with goodies and bless you with long life, Amen. Shine ever bright until the perfect day hunnies. xoxo

Have a Lit day guys!

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I'll Be Back By Sunday, I Promise!

I creeped in to do some posts out of my way, but in truth, I can't keep up with the premature come back. *lol  I'm engrossed with so much on my slate. Trusting you to understand as usual.

I promise to be back on Sunday. Prayers up! I hope to be done with the "heat" this week.

Thanks to every EllaHillz Blog Ardent lover, You Know It's All Love From My Angle!


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Friday, 4 November 2016

And This Is What He Will Do...

     I don't think so!

He will love you,

He will bless you,

He will increase you,

He will get rid of all your sickness,

He will move the enemies out of your way,

He will safeguard you forever...

...all this and many more He'll do if you walk in His directives.

Have a Fab Weekend ahead guys!

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

The ''New'' Beast

A beast is not just an ugly creature with ten horns and seven faces as referenced in the book of Revelation 13. If you possess identical characteristics such as; having a loud mouth, being boastful and blasphemous, *nwanne forgerrit, you're a beast.

A pretty/handsome face with an ugly mind = Beast. Why is this equation tangible? Humans are in the habit of accessing or passing judgement based on the outward, only God is always in the habit of accessing and making his final verdict based the inward.

Peep{Jeremiah 17:10}
"I, the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give each man according to his ways, According to the results of his deed."

{Luke 16:15}
"Then He said to them, you appear righteous in the public, but God knows your heart. What this world honours is detestable in the sight of God."

You see, what society sees and calls monumental, God sees through and calls monstrous. We live in a world where people draw their conclusion based on all they perceive with zero research or thorough scrutiny, and It'll interest you to know that the new generation man is filled with antics and has mastered 'the art of fakery' with ease. With this, they find it easy to manipulate the psychic of their prey.

Beware of the ''new'' beast. They are no longer ugly-looking, they have mastered the art of animation and formation, and have situated themselves among God's right-living people. They're the perfect portrait of all you've envisioned or fantasized about. Only the Spirit-filled with the extravagant gift of discernment can distinguish an individual.

Separate yourself from people with 'beastility characteristics' and eliminate any trace 'beasticide seed' that's subconsciously building up within you.

Have a Beast-Free day guys! *winks

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