38 year old amateur weight lifter strips to impress judges

    Display: The weightlifter had only a gold star to preserve his modesty

Britain's Got Talent has had performing dogs and belly-dancing drag queens - but so far nothing has been stranger than this offering from the Norwegian version.
An amateur weightlifter left the hosts of Norway's leading TV talent show gasping in shock, after he attempted a 'world record' completely naked.
The 38-year-old man, known simply as 'Einar', is shown clad in a black dressing gown while bantering with the judges.
He then whips it off to reveal his ample physique in all its naked glory, with only a gold star to hide his talents.
His face puffing out with exertion, he then attempts to lift a giant red dumbell.
Einar gives the judges only the briefest warning of what he had in mind. Before attempting the lift, he was asked if he felt nervous. "Not about this," he replied. "I am a bit nervous about my clothes."
The blushes of female judges, who quickly covered their eyes, suggested none of them had been expecting the display they were given.
Wonders shall never end. LOL!!!


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