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How To Live

How to live entirely subscribes the "Law of Vision."

The law of vision entails the following;

- Don't let life choose for you
- Live decisively
- Live deliberately
- Live passionately
- Live profitably

Vision lacks life until it's put on paper.

Habakkuk 2:1-2
"What cannot be defined cannot be discovered, write the vision, make it plain."

* Read your vision or goal continuously, consistently; possibly daily
* Give it a date
* Do something daily about the vision or goal
* Connect your life's purpose and vision frequently
* Deliberately associate with people of vision and disconnect with vision-less people (Association determines acceleration)
* Commit the actualization of vision into God's hands

Vision is key to life, therefore vision determines our future, it gives us every reason to visualize; to see the ultimate is to survive the immediate. How far we can see determines how far we can reach.

People start dying when they stop dreaming -Brain Willia…

My Next Mistake...

Growing up was a bit adventurous for me, but not entirely. Funny how I look back and see how much stuff could happen in one year.

My life from year 2012-2013 took a dimensional type of change. A lot transpired, it was a different level of tour for me. I had this "friend" who influenced me with the saying, "Don't put your eggs in one basket, enjoy it while it lasts" Oh yes, it's a He. lol, smh.

There were some people I encountered who I knew "oh! this one is going to be my next mistake" Even with the consciousness of knowing exactly what I was doing and still knowing what I wanted, my manner of approach towards the situation was entirely wrong. I was continually stuck between people I really liked who didn't believe "me and my truth that seemed like a lie" and people I didn't like at all but they were all on my case. I wasn't a bad person, yet wasn't upright, so many people had the wrong impression about me at the time. W…

Inheritance Are For Girls Too!

In the typical African Traditional Setting, little or no attention is given to the girl child, reason is, it is assumed that they have little or no role to play in the cause of transferring the family name to the next  heir which will linger on from one generation to the next. As a result of this, allocation of inheritance to Girls is termed insignificant and irrelevant because the idea is for her to eventually get married to some other guy and permanently fit into his own lineage forgetting that she is not for sale.

Well, the Holy scripture proves otherwise and gives clarification...

Lawyers and Lawmakers are aware that universal laws were emanated from the Bible, so permit me to go Biblical.

Oh yes, the Male child is highly significant because they are the name bearers with longevity accorded with the responsibility of preserving and transferring family names. Truth is, God entirely supports this and made it so.

As a result of this, the larger chunk of inheritance is to be given to…

Some Sweet Words To Lighten Up Your Day

Be first in line, Be number one

It's possible for dry bones to rise again

Be not conformed but be transformed

Know your history so that you know what you won't permit in your life

Invest in God and He'll honour you

Watch what you say

Don't live in denial

Eliminate excuses

Don't depend on your strength, involve God

Start small, Dream big

You'll eventually see the manifestation of all you've built up in your mind through hard work. Be patient, involve the waiting game technique.

Enjoy life in the best way you can, it's the little things around that matter.

Have a great day guys!

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The Promise Land Wasn't Wholly "Milkish and "Honeyish" Afterall

Weird fact... #It gets deeper

The "Promise Land" wasn't entirely a land of convenience after all. Yes, it was a land flowing with milk and honey but No, it wasn't a bed of roses.

In order to retain their territory and dominate surrounding countries which was rightly handed over to them by God, they needed to fight and ward off their enemies. They entirely got physical, embarked on numerous warfare that were overly intense with lots of bloodshed. It was a messy situation and  It lingered for many years.  *See Joshua Chapters 2-14 for explicit rundown.

You see, whatever is given to you by God requires a steady fight to acquire, this type of fight is usually deliberate, it equally entails fighting in the good way, in the right manner and with the ultimate divine map scripted to stand the face of time.

Did God grant them perfect rest afterwards? Oh yes he did!

       The Promise Land!

After the warfare and  allocation of inheritance to all the tribe of Israel includ…

The Path To Getting It Right

A path is a way or track laid down for walking or made by continual treading.

There are different paths. They include the path to success, the path to healthy living, the path to righteousness, the path to academic excellence, the path to craving indulgence, the list goes on...

"The Path To Getting It Right" may involve tons of trial and errors but with continual dedication and deliberate steps, it'll definitely be a hit.

The path to getting it right is most times lonely, distractions could spring up posed as people who crave hasty gratification and tread consciously or unconsciously in the wrong path. These set of "distractions" only want you out and about with them when it's convenient for them. Immediately they realize beyond reasonable doubt you were the wrong number they accidentally dialed, it's allover.

There's a reason they're called distractions, they make you question whether you're indeed getting it right,they fault whatever your…

The Blame Theory

God: Adam! who ate the fruit that I commanded you not to eat out of?

Adam: God, it's the woman you gave to me.

Eve: It's not me God, it's the devil.

Since then, the human race has continually blamed others for their faults...

The "Blame Theory' took its root from the creation story and has being infused into the system till date.

The Blame Theory is a unique moral judgement that is both cognitive and social. It regulates social behaviour and fundamentally relies on social cognition.

That said, reincarnation of the creation story is said to have resurfaced, this time, it's here on planet earth and has come to stay forever.
Most men(e.g; Harrison my dearest friend) blame the women for not acting right, and in turn, blame it on the reason why the rate of unmarried women is on the increase. On the other hand, intelligent women ain't finding their "cock and bull" story impressive and would always defend themselves, just like I'm technically tryin…


Moderation is the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one's behaviour or opinion.

Moderation is key to preservation. Being moderate in all we do is an element of moderation.
"The profitable becomes a curse when applied in excess."

If one oversteps the boundary of moderation, the greatest pleasure ceases to please.

For example; i. Food is needed and very important to the body because food gives life to the body and retains it in good shape, whereas, excess food or poor diet can lead to ill-health which can lead to death.
ii. Excess sweetener, salt and other ingredients can cause hazards to the body.
iii. Too much phone calls is wrong in every ramification. Moderation should be imbibed.
iv. Sleeping is awesome but oversleeping is the practice of death, reason is, death is permanent sleep!
v. Moderate makeover enhances ones beauty, but  excess makeup will make one looking like a drag queen or king.

Just to add, in Psychiatry, excess passion for attention is a ps…

Ask Questions

Have You  Asked  The Above Questions Today?

"The only true wisdom is in knowing that you don't know." ---Socrates

Great multitudes are in the habit of dwelling solely on commonsense analysis, speculation, second-guessing and perception. I'm not trying to rule out any of the following because they are entirely important, puzzles may be solved with any of them and mysteries unraveled. But have you asked, researched, and gotten substantial answers? Most times, the answer is No.

Pride has a role to play in the reason why people do not ask questions, they believe they are fount of wisdom themselves and put on the "garment of unteachableness" because they feel they know too much already. This is popularly known as the "ITK syndrome."

You see, he who asks questions remains a fool for five minutes but he who does not, remains a fool forever, reason is, there is magic in asking the right questions because we get the right answers and even acquire broade…

Moral Cowardice

Moral cowardice is knowledgeable consciousness of knowing the right thing to do but choosing not to because of backlash from petty individuals. It's also an act that tries to justify ourselves as entirely righteous in the open while doing contrary behind closed doors.

Bottom line is, God is not impressed, neither is He convinced, You can fool everyone but yourself.

So many started off the new year in the right way but backslided as a result of the attachment to the things of the world which has entirely taking over. Backsliding literally means going back to our own vomit. This isn't something to be publicly proud of, rather, it's every shade of Moral Cowardice and God doesn't take the act likely.

2 Peter 2:22
"If they escaped from the slum of sin by experiencing our master and saviour, Jesus Christ, and then slid back into the same old life again, they are worse than if they had never left."

Justifying our wrongs and even going further to cite examples of mo…

Too Pregnant...

Lately, some may have wondered why I've not being in the habit of updating beautifully random pictures Me, Myself And I or maybe 'Us' on my social media platforms which is so untypical, reason is;
I've being Too Pregnant...

Nearly approaching my second trimester, and all I can say, "It's being Jesus all through the entire process."

The thoughts of my water breaking scares me greatly, it's a combination of an all day terror infused with assurance, but then I look behind, beside, and then up above the sky, only then do I realize I'm not alone in the entire ordeal.

It's being a process of taking in, taking in and continual taking in and my belly is gradually protruding. Adapting to this rapid physiological and psychological change is continually welcomed with streams of mixed feeling. Some days I'm doing just fine, other days, I'm frightened, it's emasculating, the hallucination and nightmares are entirely weird, it's always in m…

Happy Sunday Fam!

For God is Love...

Bet your day was as dope and fulfilling as mine. hehe, "don't jerous me, swips hair and doing just fine, duurh, lol." Oh well,  my Sunday was well spent! I'm too confident that Daddy J is up there blushing cheapishly at his personal favourite biological daughter whom He loves unconditionally. *widegrin

By now, You should be aware I wish you all that is awesomely beautiful and more.

Have a fruitful week ahead remembering God is love, love is the greatest gift of all, and love should be disbursed to all without prejudice.

*Any dark cloud? Take numerous steps away . Any negative vibe? Ignore. Any unsafe air? Make that U-turn now!


Your Truly,


No Blogging Without You, Thank You For Visiting.

The Waiting Game

The waiting game is the ability to wait on greatness and to wait for greatness.

It is the "Test Phase." This phase is usually the most agonizing if not properly manged, reason is, so much sacrifice has being put into play already, and the idea is to be patient till whenever "Greatness" makes up its mind to attend to us, but unfortunately, most people opt out at this phase which is usually tragic. You see, best belief is that when the game is all over, it's always a touche!

I have this mentor who is in the habit of waiting on/for "Greatness," he is very skillful in the act because he has entirely mastered the skills overtime, and this motivates me greatly.

One fateful day, a meeting with "Greatness" was scheduled for, after the waiting game phase which was a success, the location of this meeting was to be held in the U.K and it was indeed an exciting trip to look forward to. Flight tickets were booked, shopping at the grocery was entailed, o…

The "F" Word(s)

What is the 'F' word?  What are the 'F' words? What is significant about it? What is the cause and effect of the unique word(s)?  Be calm, You'll figure it out as You read on.

F= Faith, and it digs deeper to uproot other ''F" words that play a major role in our respective lives which is entirely cyclical. In it, we find our dwelling, effect any change that needs to be corrected, redefine our purpose and potentials, and maximize the gift of life which is entirely BEAUTIFUL.
Faith is complete trust in somebody or something. It is an obligation of loyalty or fidelity and the observance of such an obligation.
Faith determines our
* Fate: the presumed cause, force, principle, or divine will that predetermines event. It's refers to our destiny.
* Future: the time ahead, those moments yet to be experienced. &
* Fortune: which refers to our favourable destiny. wealth and good-luck.
And in all, they sum up life which is equal to responsibility. A life w…

#BLUEAfrica presents "Y?"

#BLUE Acronym forBornLeadersUnderEnlightenment is a coalition of young African minds poised to make a positive lasting impact in the lives of as many African teenagers as reachable. Established in 2015, our mission in BLUE is Touching, Inspiring and impacting the lives of Teenagers to create a better future, guide them in the right path, and encourage & challenge them to become stronger men and women who would make a difference and impact their generation positively.   We believe that if young people stand for what is right from their foundational years, then Nigeria and even Africa at large has a shot at becoming a better place. To draw us closer to achieving our mission, we have organised social, inspirational and educational events facilitated by well seasoned speakers in different locations. We intend to continually create impacts via our events, seminars and gatherings. 

To kick up the Quarterly Campaign for the year 2016, #BLUE has planned and organised an event tagged “Y?!” …


1st Corinthians 9:24-25

"You've all been to the stadium and seen the athletes race. everyone runs; one wins. Run to win. All good athletes train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes fades."

To run means to move at a speed faster than walk, never having both or all the feet on the ground at the same time.

Run in such a way that you may obtain the prize. This entails that we discipline our bodies and bring it to subjection. The purpose of running is to excel, to win and to stay healthy. Running as an act is a deliberate intention.

It is advised that in order to run the the good race and emerge victorious, a lot physical and spiritual actions are  intentionally incorporated, this way, the gold medal gracefully awaits us.

In an interview with the world's greatest, Mohammed Ali, he was asked if he enjoyed all the rigorous training and unending protocols, his reply; "I don't love all the stress, but I have to be the champion."

Today, let's ru…

An Evening With Ifie Sekibo #Legendary Throwback Wednesday

Mr Ifie Sekibo (PhD) was unavoidably absent on  Monday, 29th February 2016, and the above invite took a dimensional shift from "An evening with Ifie Sekibo" to an "An evening with Linus Okorie." *I gushed about my outing here;
     M.D/C.E.O, Heritage Bank, Ifie Sekibo(PhD)

Notwithstanding, The Managing Director / CEO, Heritage Bank, Mr Ifie Sekibo(PhD), a man of integrity and distinguished virtues rescheduled, this was in fulfillment of a promise earlier instituted. On Wednesday, 6th April 2016, "An Evening With Ifie Sekibo" became a reality and indeed was an opportunity of a lifetime for participants, it was well attended and ably represented.

The opening presentation was uniquely and professionally done by Barr. Ikechukwu. Here, he simply defined Life as Responsibility and further stated that all greatness starts with RESPONSIBILITY, his opening remark created a sultry atmosp…

Lust Department

To lust means to have strong desire for someone. It could also mean a general want or longing, not necessarily sexual.

Department could be referred to as division of  a large organization such as a government, division, or business, dealing with a specific area of activity.

Oh well, The post title "Lust Department" is dwelling solely on the first meaning of the terminology "lust." and would critically analyse it in it's "department."

Lust department is usually the road to illicit sex.  Lust is often confused with love and has no lasting effect.

Lust is holistically mistaken for love in our present age and time. An unknown person defined lust, as when you "love only what you see on the outside," and love, as when you "lust for what's on the inside." You'll agree with me that this is a "soul definition."

Statistically, it's being proven that men are visually stimulated, therefore, it takes a good man with the r…


The term cynicism is referred to as a distrustful attitude, it's an emotion of jaded negativity. It is a general distrust of integrity, which could be manifested by frustration, disillusionment, distrust and previous bad experience.

Cynicism is an act which is so wrong in every ramification because those who possess such act are solely self-centered.

I had this friend who was so cool from my own assessment, little did I know there was more to being just "cool." I noticed some questionable behaviours which was the direct opposite of what I expected, this will prompt me to make a plea. Dear friends, know your friends, spend quality time with them, assessing them from a distance would do more harm than good. Like every committed relationship exhibited by couples, friendship too is hard-work. Don't be so quick to term an individual "friend." I'm guilty a thousand and one times.*coversface*

Cynicism will bring any individual to his or her downfall, because …

Balak And Balaam

Balak and Balaam

I've never written any piece on how God disgraces any satanic agent that springs up in our lives to cause us pain and torment. The story of Balak and Balaam will inspire you greatly, read on...

Balak was the king of Moab during his reign, and from the above illustration, you'll notice how violent he looks. On the other hand, Balaam was a prophet of the Most High.

The Israelites journeyed through the wilderness for a long period of time under the control of  Moses. Moab at Jordan-Jericho happened to be one of the places they camped before continuing their journey to the promise land, and as a result of that, Balak the king was greatly intimidated and terrified by their multitude, so he invited Balaam to come and curse the Israelites on his behalf.

The funny news was brought before Balaam through the administrators of Balak, but God rebuked their request and warned Balaam not to emerge on any journey to curse no Isrealit…

You Give It Your All But Never Waste Your Time In The Process

Perfect reason why you shouldn't waste your time

Errrm, I dunno what it is, but some friends have made me their relationship counselor, they go as far as giving me confidential details, and in my head, I'm like why do this people trust me this much, why did they choose me? Well, it's the Lord's doing.

On Wednesday at about 11 pm, a friend's call pulls through and this friend begins to complain to me about how his ex continually cheated and in the name of love still reciprocated unconditional love, in short, he terms her as "my cheating ex" *some guys can love hard sha. lol. Uninterestingly, that relationship died and never resurrected. Funny thing is that this my good friend keeps bragging about how he loves unconditionally and gives it his all in every relationship he found himself until whenever "babygirl" wakes up and says she's not doing again. smh

Was he wrong for loving unconditionally? No. Was he continually stupid in l…

Smooth Over Regular Or Regular Over Smooth

By now, we should be aware that God is in the habit of picking nobodies and making them somebodies. Typical example is Rahab "the prostitute" who became transformed, not so many are aware that Jesus came from her lineage.

To be elevated by God, we must first experience the dimensional shift from the "regular" to the "smooth" this way, we become qualified to operate in the realm He specially designed for us. David used "smooth stones" to fight Goliath and not "regular stones" and we see how God crowned him with victory.

You think you still operate in the regular realm? It's about that time to smoothen yourself real good so that God can use you to do great and mighty works. God is forever by our side "chilling" for us to make up our minds and become useful, for He has given us dominion over the earth, provision to actualize any dream, and people around us, because we were not structured to live in isolation.

Therefore, we …

Because You Didn't Trust Me

Trust can be defined as the firm belief in reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

Trust in God should be exhibited with every ounce of faith, bearing in mind that the blessings obtained will always be greater even when it doesn't look like it as a result of the level of consuming sacrifice(s) involved.

There are consequences for not trusting in God, sometimes, He overlooks it, other times, He acts upon it.

In Numbers Chapter 20, we see how God instructed Moses to "speak to the rock" to produce water in-front of the rebellious Israelites. In truth, Moses couldn't bear the frustration from the people no more and fitting myself into the picture, I too, may not have being able to manage the situation right.

vs 11 "Moses raised his arm and slammed his staff against the rock once, twice."  This was contrary to the instruction given to him by God, he failed to trust the Alpha and Omega. God instructed him to "Speak" but he "Struck.…

Dear Young People

Dear Young People,

We are aware that you are so fly, so exposed and so grown
We know you feel you can do it all
We can relate that your teen social media icons inspire you greatly
We understand you can keep up real good with your peers too
We consciously watch you suffer from emotional imbalance
We notice the fact that your level of mentality is far-stretched yet underdeveloped
We watch you keenly on the nature of your foulmouthedness
We can observe that you are untouchable "the mighty one in every battle"
We sincerely appreciate how dope and loving you can be

But you know what...

Calm down honeys, calm down
Please grow!
Growing doesn't necessarily entail that you become as gigantic as an agric-fowl
It entails that you continually take baby-steps to attain full maturity
It emphasizes on the need to pass each stage or phase of life in the right dimension
It gives more insight on the need to listen more and react less
It equips you for the battle ahead
This way, meekness …

The Operation Of Salt Of The Earth + "Plenri" Pictures

Salt of the Earth isn't a religious nor a profit organisation. It is a ministry or better still a community guided by spiritual principles which constitute vibrant members with great talents and big dreams who aren't lazy. The idea is to come together to solve each others need so that "Not a person among us is needy" (Acts 4:34). It equally entails that other charitable deeds are done to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged and also, talents and ideas exhibited by our members are summed-up to make a difference and effect change in our country and in the world at large.

According to Mother Theresa, "No one can feed everybody but everybody can feed some one" and also, "If you can't feed a hundred, feed one."  This entails that we can help at least one person no matter the level we're currently at.

Salt Of The Earth kick-started it's outreach on the 23rd of March 2016. The Federal University Of Nigeria Owerri in Imo State Nigeri…