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You Can't Be Friends With Everybody!

Becoming friends with everybody will lead you to doom. As a matter of fact, the Holy Scripture warns about its dangers.

Be good all want, faultfinders (under the umbrella of friends or fans) will never fail to disappoint. They are readily prepared, scouting for the next victim to take down. Be warned!

Too many friends are tons of distraction. No one ever made it to the top with too many friends. The path to success is very lonely. Growth is silent too.

Paul in his 1st letter to Corinthians, warns about the dangers of feeling at home with the sexually promiscuous, ill-tempered, fraudsters etc, and getting along with them.
To live aright with God, there are some friends you can't tag along with, even though it is advised that you should try to talk friends (who indulge in negative activities) out of their shady ways into the way that brings light. Be wise in your dealings and know when to push the "STOP" button.

The quality of friends you keep, either makes you become a b…

Discipline Towards Food!

Packaging one's self in public especially during the reception of food is scriptural. You didn't know?? lol (Well, especially during love feasts).

Anchor Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:33-34
"So, my dear friends, when you come together to the Lord's Table, be reverent and courteous with one another. If you're so hungry, that you can't wait to be served, go home and get a sandwich. But by no means risk turning this meal into an eating and drinking binge or a family squabble. It is a spiritual meal - a love feast."

It is true that the impression others have about you doesn't justify your standard. But bear in mind also, that impressions are powerful and you should learn to send the right signal to those who are watching, not forgetting that most people are plotting over ways to bring you down to your lowest. Don't give them the opportunity.

Impressive composure while having public meals includes; good table manners, etiquette, elimination of every tra…

Which Location Were Adam And Eve At When the Serpent Tempted Eve?

Remember the story of how the devil was cast away from heaven right? Often a times, the name, 'devil' is usually substituted with that of the serpent.

I was going to ask how come the devil gained access into the garden of Eden which was not stated if it were in heaven or not, but then, I went back again and read through Genesis Chapter 3 allover and realized the Holy Scripture reiterated the name 'serpent' and not 'devil'.

I was also going to conclude that scripture only recorded that Adam and Ever were cast off the beautiful garden and was going to ask what happened to the serpent after it was cursed to crawl on its belly forever. I went back again and read allover again.

{Peep Genesis 3:20-23 for the detailed rundown}, God  made leather clothing for them and cast them off, now fully aware that they had gained wisdom of both good and evil.

vs 24."He threw them out of the garden and stationed angel-cherubim and a revolving sword of fire east of it, guardi…

Joy Unspeakable...

December 15th & 16th 2015, are dates that never completely erases from my memory no matter how hard I try.They were days I realized that I hadn't learnt to put Jesus first in my dealings.

By 17th December 2015, I painstakingly used the whole day aligning my ways and retracing my steps. Since then on wards, I've built my wall so high around Jesus. Nothing shakes, intimidates, disturbs, or tries to trap me in unhappiness. *I firmly believe every event that occurs under the surface of the earth are orchestrated by God Himself to lead one into the next phase, and it always works for an individual's good.

I eventually figured out that happiness was just a state of mind and that the mind can be trained to work in accordance. It takes only the mind to be convinced.
When the mind has been truly trained to be convinced, 'Nwanne, fogerrit!*lol... and leave it for God', you can overcome any obstacle.

Look up to the hills. Now, look even farther, that is the only place he…

Happy Sunday!

Here's me wishing you joy unspeakable, love immeasurable and happiness undiluted.

Enjoy every bit of your day as you prepare to face the coming week and overcoming it as well.

Have a Warm day!


21st Century Opportunity!!! *Sponsored Post

TREVO, an American company based in Nigeria, who have stood the test of time over the years due to its integrity, functionalism and steadfastness towards upgrading the health status of people all over the world, is showcasing her product and offering partnership opportunities to individuals hungry for success.

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Penetration With Ease

A maiden virgin on her wedding night would attest to the fact that penetration with ease is not obtainable, but with time and continuous trials, penetration becomes easy. Identical application is evidenced in real life situations.

Penetration with ease may seem like an impossible venture at first, second or multiple trials, but overtime, the path gives way and becomes accessible to gain entry into.

As God's children whose governmental system is that of the 'Heavenly Economic System', penetration with ease in different works of life are among the many rights we are entitled to as citizens.

Philippians 2:13 (MSG Translation)
"Better yet, redouble your efforts. Be energetic in your life of salvation, reverent and sensitive before God. That energy is God's energy, an energy deep within you, God Himself willing and working at what will give Him, the most pleasure.

Obey His stipulated rules, Partner with Him and Penetrate with ease.

Have an Amazing Mid-Week.

No Bloggin…

The Ultimate Well Done

Well-done is a congratulatory message or note for a job painstakingly accomplished.

The ultimate well done is received when we subscribe to becoming God's fool. Wisdom to accomplish tasks doesn't come by mere being up-to-date with the times.

This may break your heart... Do you know that destiny helpers ain't the real deal?

Just like Paul rightly explained in his letter to the Corinthians, stating, "I planted, Apollos watered but only God causes growth." Destiny helpers are mere (planting and watering) devices/servants from God whose job description doesn't include giving growth.

Anchor Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:21
"Everything is already yours as a gift."

As you thrive to becoming God's fool, bear in mind that everything in the world is yours as a gift, excluding nothing!

Be God's fool today and receive that direct Ultimate-Well-Done note from Him who is the unrivaled Author and Finisher of our faith and the only One who gives an empowered …

Jars Of Savings

Saving doesn't yield wealth but saving retains wealth.

"Savings" come to the rescue during stormy days. It assists in getting project(s) done, it helps to  boost one's immune system, need there be any case of distasteful happenstance or circumstance.

Poor savings is as a result of poor planning. You should never squander every fund you come in contact with. Keep a portion in the treasure!

People who save are more strategic, are good planners and never get stranded. Inculcate the rewarding habit of saving.

Saving cuts across finance. It includes; effective time management, thorough documentation and attainment of goals (short term and long term goals), and strategic planning in every sphere of life.

It's easy: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

Trust God for the innovative ideas and contacts to amass wealth, work hard, and remember to save for you and the coming generation.

Anchor Scripture:Mathew 25:3-4
"The five foolish virgins took their lamp but did not take an…

Have You Read The Book Of Romans???

The Books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes used to be my favourite books of the Holy Scripture cos they taught me advance-common-sense, until I stormed St. Paul's letter to the Romans.

Everything you need to know about various spheres of livelihood and the perfect way to go about it; rightly, healthily, richly and fulfilling were painstakingly documented by the lawyer, Apostle Paul. Let no naysayer, false prophet or sweet-tongued babble, fool you or preach to you in ways that only suit their perception, stance about life or justify their negative or excessive action.

You want to get the detailed gist or an in-depth descriptive note on Offering, Law/Justice, Celibacy, Envy, Greed, Circumcision, Stewardship, Consistency, Motivation, Innovative -invention, Alms-giving, Blessing, Friendship, Norms, Equality, Functionalism, Common-sense-theory, Citizenship, Offerings, Adultery, Fornication, Murder, Laziness/Excessive slumber, Gossips, Good/Healthy relationships, Freedom to follow the righ…

Copy and Paste

The computer definition of copy and paste means to make a copy of a file, folder or selected text in another location. Other times, it could mean the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

The divine Copy and Paste technique is way different from the computer definition or plagiarism, in that, one can copy God's orchestrated revelation conceived in one's heart and mind and paste it in the heart of other people and these unique group of people will perceive and accept it as authentic.

More so, on the part of the people, it could mean subscribing wholly to the principles of success stories told by great men, women, professionals, mentors, saints etc, and applying it as a way of life to produce identical result just like the function of a model, recipe, or theory.

What a person emulates (copy), has a lot to do with one's  destiny alteration when effectively applied (paste). They include either positive or negative actions.

Circumcise 'It!'

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin. The process is usually very painful.

The history of circumcision can be traced down to the time of Abraham, which served as a mark of evidence supremely based on the covenant between himself and God.

Overtime, it became a mere religious ritual among the Jews, and they forgot what mattered the most.

Apostle Paul found their new way of life distasteful and emphatically preached to them, warning about the dangers of adhering strictly to the outward circumcision and ignoring the one that mattered most which was the inward circumcision. He further explained to them in the book of Romans Chapter 2 on the benefits of keeping God's words uncircumcised than breaking His laws circumcised.

It'll interest you to know that Barrister Paul was knowledgeable enough to figure out that all the promises made to Abraham were before the circumcision process.

Biblically, Apostle Paul enlightens us that actual circumcision means detaching one…

Until It's Bigger Than You

"Call yourself Blessed when that scary long-term-goal that seemed impossible has been surpassed and more exploits are being put in line." E.Hillz

If it's not bigger than you, then its not God-like.

God-like goals can be accomplished if only we eliminate the negative and subscribe wholly to Trust.

Do you trust the Big Man upstairs? To what extent do you trust Him?

Good-news! if He can do it for Abraham, He can do it for you.

 Abraham is a significant character because he transcended from being childless to becoming a father of many children/descendants, he amounted from nothing to something, surged up from zero to Hero.

Interestingly, his progeny is sustained till date, reason why we partake in the Abrahamic covenant which entails that we 'possess the Earth'.

This didn't come on a platter. Abraham got involved in the process, faced series of trials and emerged victorious after which. Are you still sitting pretty instead of getting involved in the process? It&…


Don't be deceived. You need funds to get a technical task accomplished. Whoever told you otherwise, lied. Prayer without activating "the work/p.u.s.h harder button" to obtain funds is only a waste time. As a matter of fact, working for a cause is prayer too.
Paraphrased version of Psalm 128:2~"By the works of your hands, you shall eat."

Interestingly, activating funds are tied to the labour of our hands and mouth. The Lord God gave you a mouth to be used. Proverbs 18:21 "Words kill, words give life; they are either poison or fruit- you choose."
You want life and every good thing life has to offer? Use your mouth! Decree a thing and it shall be established-{Job 22:28}

The internet we enjoy today was as a result of the innovative idea and brainstorming by the "Advanced Research Project Administration (ARPANET). The grandiose project was funded by the US Department of Defense(DOD) in 1969.

ARPANET as a body started small but overtime grew and began…

It's Okay To Split For A Cause

It's okay to split for a cause, God will still find both parties valid.

Dear Catholics and Protestants, you're doing just fine. Hate, criticism or rash judgement will lead nowhere.

There were two great men and disciples of Jesus who nagged at each other over a third party and split in the process. These two leading men were Paul and Barnabas.

Paul and Barnabas were the perfect definition of friends that loved more than brothers. The 'perfect duo' shared identical vision of making the Gospel known home and abroad and in turn, winning souls over to God. They went about doing good until an unexpected fuss surged up.

The fuss emerged as a result of John-Mark's initial attitude during their first Missionary journey where he tagged along with Paul and Barnabas but changed his mind by returning to Jerusalem after they had reached their designated country of assignment.

During Paul and Barnabas' second Missionary journey, Barnabas insisted that they tag along with…

Publicizing Controversial (John) Mark!

*I've been writing under the influence of the Holy Spirit, reason for the post delays. I needed to critically research the respective characters. Excited to note that Controversial (John)Mark is the last man in the 'temperament drill' and you'll love him.

Characteristics of a Melancholy (weaknesses and strengths in no particular order);
Gifted, Aesthetic, Moody, Self-centered, Persecution-prone, Self-disciplined, Analytical, Touchy, Theoretical, Unsociable, Negative, Industrious, Critical, Industrious.

(John) Mark is a Controversial act because he is the alleged biological son of Mary and Joseph and in turn, half-brother of Jesus.

Mark and his brother James opposed the fact that Jesus was the Messiah (A Suffering Messiah is not taken seriously in a family though). *lol

(John) Mark and Jame's unbelief lingered till the death of Jesus. This unbelief was automatically swapped to an unwavering belief after Jesus began to appear to his alleged half-brother (John Mark) …

Amplifying Contagious John!

This Sketch of John the Apostle looks like a jealous lover right? lmao

Qualities of a phlegmatic; Humble personality, relaxed, well-balanced consistent in life, possess 'hideous emotions', confident, competent, mediates problem, easy to get along with, have many friends, have compassion, good listener, do not like to offend good listeners, possess a biting sense of humour.

As a phlegmatic,
*John possessed 'top-notch' level of humility

This could be evidenced through his writing. He intentionally didn't want the limelight aimed at his direction, so he subscribed entirely to report writing technique. e.g John 21:20 "Turning his head, Peter noticedthe disciple Jesus loved following right behind him."

Also, he was from a wealthy family. His family business at the time was fishing which was a popular means of livelihood at the time. The distinguishing feature of their wealth can be evidenced in Mark 1:19-20 "They were in the boat, mending t…

Illuminating Sparky Peter!

It'll interest you to know that Peter was a typical Sanguine. He was a talker, very sociable, easily moved by the outward emotion of others, manipulative, and possessed unique qualities that made him outstanding.

As a Sanguine;
*Peter was too engrossed in the moment. He was a 'showoff'
{Mathew 14:28} "Peter, suddenly bold, said, "Master, if it's really you, call me to you on the water."
Even with the doubts racing through his mind, he tagged along. He was in the habit of creating a scene, he literally wanted to keep-up and meet full expectation. He ended up sinking, was eventually rescued by Jesus and the rest is history. *lol

*He was a Charismatic Leader
He had unique features that made him outstanding. He was fluent with words and exhibited unrivaled boldness. Reason why God looked beyond his flaws and revealed classified heavenly secret to him when Jesus threw a sensitive question to his disciples. He was handed the keys of heaven on a platter.{Peep …