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From my finding, the new bred generation prefer sycophants that'll white-wash and give them high definition fictional ''amebo''. Apparently, it is tantamount to their survival, thus giving them an imaginary sense of belonging status.
Sincerity and genuinity  has been confused for "eye service'' or ''holier art thou'' attitude.

Well, half truth is no truth.

These days, i'm afraid to tell the entire truth because "badbelles'' are in the habit of quoting portions from my statement. They never do it in entirety. Lately, the voice in my head that yells "SHUT UP!" each time i'm about to open up is on cloud nine. I'm so glad there is a voice.

Anchor Scripture: {Proverbs 17:28} ''Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if the hold their tongue.''
I used to be a talkative in the past (only with my supposed friends) and it still put me in trouble. Now that i'm a lady,…


The word "please" is a subtle cry for mercy. It expresses one's vulnerability. The phrase 'please' has reinstated businesses, work, cordial and intimate relationships. In the same vain, it has clouded the thinking abilities of individuals, thus handicapping them. These "handicap" could entail compromising to illegitimate business deal, subscribing to peer pressure, or in serious occasion, giving up one's moral values. Some have contacted venereal diseases because of please.

It is true that vulnerability is a bridge to connection. But never forget that vulnerability is one of the ways. There are others means of attaining it. Connection in this context means legitimate links to self purpose.

Please can be used in harmless or harmful contexts. Stay woke! Ensure you're using the term "please" to achieve a purpose, not to attack a prey. If the eventual result of the use of your "please'' doesn't align with godly results, t…

You'll Never Walk Alone?

The above epigram/post title "You'll never walk alone'' is familiar among football fans especially Liverpool Football Club fans.

When you walk alone, you go far but when you walk with people you go fast - Joyce Meyer
Anchor Scripture: {Ecclesiastes 3:1}
"To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.''

There is a time to walk alone and there is also a time to walk with others. If you're still in the "Walking alone phase," nothing will stop you from walking with others at the appointed time.

Ever been in a situation where no one thinks of a certain good, but the moment God blesses you with an idea that'll tend to take you and the organization you probably work in to the next level, almost everybody in the organization begins to resist and antagonize you directly or indirectly?
In such situation, don't feel tempted to bury your ideas in a coffin. *See Ephesians 5:14 (MSG Translation) Never be scared of walking…