You wanna know more about Ellahillz, get in here!.

This is going to be a lengthy one,but I promise to make it as entertaining as possible. As I promised, u'll love it! In short, lemme even start thanking you in advance for reading!


Her real name is Nzelu Emmanuella Somtochukwu.She hails from Umudim Nnewi in Anambra State. She's a 2'1 sociology and anthropology graduate from the renowned Imo State University, Owerri. She is a Certified Chartered Manager (all thanks to NIM, I earned it though). She recently obtained a diploma in Institute of Customer Relationship Management, with all of this and more qualifications to come  her way in the nearest future and with the help of the most high God, trust her  to deliver 'over well' to you guys 'as e dey hot'.yelz oo, don't jealous her.*tongue out*
Okay, now check out the detailed gist about her....

She is secretly religious; 'In Rihanna's voice', "everybody have their own relationship with God"...She thinks that defines her. She is a secret singer, lol!, the whack voice won't let her come out of her shell, she's working on it sha. She has  four gospel songs and three love songs to her credit, lol! yelz oo. She always believed in love even though she subconsciously didn't show it at a point in her life and was tagged 'NOT ROMANTIC'...Flame would fight some people if they ever call her that again, yelz! he's a warrior, don't mess with him!.

She's being in quite a number of failed relationships,one lasted for a week, some months and the longest a year plus...she sef get her own for body. She secretly knew what she wanted sha...special sorry to those that wanted to get serious with her when she left. she craved for internal happiness and fulfillment, don't be quick to judge her. At the moment, she has found her prince charming...hehe, some souls are patiently waiting for another breakup, lool, sorry to disappoint you, u'll wait till.....*lips sealed*.  We're already courting, lol. She's doing a grown ass lady sh*t, please don't jealous her.hehe. plus in due time time, she'll give out all the goodies she secretly wanted to share with just him..hehehe..enough of her boring relationship story.

She's a lover of  nature and has always craved for that fairy tale lifestyle which is coming real soon, that, she believes entirely, ranging from world tour, vacations, skin pamper, posh cars, lovely weaves, amazing hairstyles, lovely dresses, accessories, even to the living happily ever after part.To much E! is worrying some people, lol.

She badly wished she was an On Air Personality. Still on the mission though, she hasn't given up one bit. She  secretly wished she were 3-4 inches taller too, pheew!. Her height didn't allow her go far in her modelling carrier so she opted out big time...She still has plans of being an ambassador of a brand, a bill board model, a hair model, etc she must be a model!.*crying out loud* lol!. Damn it, She entirely loves the camera and She's got great attitudes and stunts too. If Chrisbrown's girfriend; Karrueche Tran who is 5'1ft tall is so goooood at what She does, Modelling! then, over positivity is worrying her and she can shine too jawi when the right people locate her...*covers face*. She's aware She's beautifully made with an appropriate curve for a skinny somebody like her, duurh!

She's the first born child out of four other siblings...Ada Ada toh bad'. She can be non-challant but she's changing. She's ambitious and loves to hallucinate and of course dream BIG!. She's a lover of wisdom and 'amebo'. Often a times, she can like to crush on fine boys, but it ends there. She's loyal to tasks and generally doesn't have time for ceremonial bullsh*ts in all ramification. She's fun loving, a lover of children, very playful but never a player like some termed her. Abeg, who dash her, she doesn't even have that mind self plus ehen, them boiz love her and She just loves them back, she's their niggur u know, lol! she's dope like that, hehe. She can like to form hardcore, don't b fooled, she's a serious softie, those close to her can relate buh then, she's still hard

She is an ardent reader of different blogs but seldom drops in a comment on any post, she appreciates all bloggers and a  lover of all the blogs she lays her hands on. She's always shuttling from Linda Ikeji blog to Stella Dimoko blog to Liala blog to Miss Petite Nigeria blog to Ladun Liadi blog to Kemi Filani blog to Gistmaniacs blog to Dondumex blog even all the way to oyibo blogger Perez Hilton, she's addicted!. If only those popular bloggers knew her, 'she for don win all their give away tey tey'. She hopes and prays people get addicted to her blog in no time. She paid her dues. 

She loves to dance, no wonder one former commissioner like that (you won't hear his name from her mouth) always told people 'that activity dey her body'. She has never and would never 'do' a married man. Some people need to slow down with their false gossips biko. Ehen, back to her dancing skills, she can like to form fire dancer and badoo at parties ehn, she has so much energy though, 'every every ends there sha'. She secretly wishes to do a twerk video soon! maybe she will some day. Please and please, twerking is still an act of dancing jor,  She's a fan of twerking big Oh! how she misses Bisi (her partner in everything that is good for the body and soul) right now, *sobs*.

She's misunderstood by quite a large number of people she comes in contact with, in her every day life. It even reached the extent that she tried convincing them not to always think negatively about her all the time, for where, e no work, lol! currently, she doesn't f*****g curr', it has reached that level oo. Many thanks for not believing her when she tried explaining herself, maybe she would have still cared so much about the impression others had about her. She can be easily distracted ehn, please never try to distract her biko, plus she can be so disciplined too ehn, very few can relate. *wink*. She can hold up secrets but she isn't naturally secretive, sometimes, she'll still spill. She loves to style people's hair, she's in love with all of it, well, she has stopped styling for free, Miss Polo, Niger State, take note, looool!

She loves surprises,e.g; An amazing footwear, A surprise date night, A sexy dress that fits perfectly (her curves must show)lol, Roses, Chevron and its like recruiting you,...u know...please never call her up and say guess what and she's like wah?!,and u tell her u lost your job, please and please that is not a surprise nah', it's a heart attack, but she wont die sha, lol. No one would loose their job this year, she sees everybody doing some serious upgrade and attaining greater heights that was never imagined. Amen!

All through her life, she taught the meaning of her name 'Emmanuella' meant "God is with us". Although God has being with her all the way though and still is. However, she only discovered a month ago that the name was from a Hebrew origin and it meant "Faith". moral lesson of her assumption, 'Don't just assume, 'Be Empirical!. Since then, the "Faith" in her has being immeasurable. Believe her when she says name(s) affect beings that spring up from the maker,"God". 

The story never ends. To wrap it up, she wishes to become a prolific writer someday, she longs to own a foundation someday too (so many people need help in her dear country Nigeria!). She loves being inspired by rare gems, gainful workaholics and in-turn hopes to inspire people, especially youths across the globe.

She commends your patience big time for reading up her epistle. lol. She didn't forget to show appreciation. She's never ungrateful jor. Thank you!

And on this note, welcome into my life, and of course,

         Welcome To Ellahillz Blog!
                                      'unique in all ramification'



  1. Nice one love...keep it up!u v always had it in You#

  2. so feeling this sis... nice one u got here... *big hug*

  3. Turn up Turn up Ladies and gentle men... Ella hillz in the buildinggggg.. Bubba I am uber excited that you took this step... and trust me ehn, you will enjoy it. Kindly send me an email to, make we relate on a blogger to blogger level. :)

    Cheers to a ghen ghen Blogger, bigger you I pray Ella... So you are a softie! Chisos!!! I never Hexsperred it oooo... Nice one about the name Emmanuella? That was an enlightening point.

  4. Micheal and Lucy plenri thnx..JDB.lool.u are blessed.expect my mail u'll pay for free advert

  5. Go girl, the sky is only ur starting point.

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  7. @Ross Mary, your testimony is indeed a scary one. glad you found happiness, but i do not subscribe to or advise a fellow to engage in fetish practices, they do not last and they have their implications. t.k dear.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

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