I Am Not Looking At You!

I'll use a public transportation to my destination rather than use a personal ride or request for an Uber whenever I find it cheaper. It'll continue till my finance pops.

I'll give up my seat and stand graciously other than shut my eyes to a stranded elderly person.

I'll get it right during the courting phase before I walk down the aisle other than go about it the wrong way.

I'll thrive legitimately even if it takes a longer time to actualize purpose rather than be a woman of easy virtue living a vain life for social media acknowledgement.

I'll gracefully pass through my process rather than pretend to have it all sorted out

I'll slide into your "DM" if you inspire me with or without your permission rather than live with the memory of not sliding in to express my thoughts.

I'll love my mentors unapologetically without your opinion because we mustn't always have "identical'' mentors.

I'll use an android device I can conveniently maintain rather use an 1phone/pad that'll make my heart skip countless beats when the screen cracks up.

I'll work rigorously hard to ensure I ace examinations and other affairs of life even if i don't win other than lazy around foolishly waiting for supernatural aid.

I'll prefer to be loved but even if I get shoved, it doesn't really matter because you're ugly to me and I ain't seeing you.

I'll (act) vulnerable rather than (play) strong when I need help. I'm either acting or playing. Life is not that serious. *lol... Well, I have my serious moments.

I'll choose creative mediums to enhance the virtue of my character rather than get "bondagefied" in a religious protocol.

I'll love/serve God in spirit and in truth, His praise will forever be on my lips. I'll ''unshamely'' tell the world how beautiful he is through my Blog Posts and other platforms rather than remove God out of the equation because society doesn't project the young lady that takes the "Jesus thing" too serious.

I'll not live my life trying to impress you when I have pressing needs to address because at the end of the day...,

I Am Not Looking At You.


  1. Great mantras to live by indeed, more power to you and warm greetings!

  2. @Blogoratti Thank you! *e.hugs


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