From my finding, the new bred generation prefer sycophants that'll white-wash and give them high definition fictional ''amebo''. Apparently, it is tantamount to their survival, thus giving them an imaginary sense of belonging status.
Sincerity and genuinity  has been confused for "eye service'' or ''holier art thou'' attitude.

Well, half truth is no truth.

These days, i'm afraid to tell the entire truth because "badbelles'' are in the habit of quoting portions from my statement. They never do it in entirety. Lately, the voice in my head that yells "SHUT UP!" each time i'm about to open up is on cloud nine. I'm so glad there is a voice.

Anchor Scripture: {Proverbs 17:28}
''Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if the hold their tongue.''

I used to be a talkative in the past (only with my supposed friends) and it still put me in trouble. Now that i'm a lady, the Holy Spirit has given me the grace to guard my tongue and use it for declarations instead. But damn it, I can like to gist for Africa whenever i'm with my ''real'' friends. Each time, i'm involved in so much gisting, i notice the Holy Spirit distant itself from me. It's painful when that happens occasionally. It feels like a warning sign.
Truly, God wants to use the hell out of me, I dodge the overwhelming works that comes with it at times, but do not take it for granted! Anything or being that can't be used is useless.

Lately, I've been working on the strain. I took steps to confide in a friend and asked her to advise me during one of our morning devotions. Her advise, "Apply moderation.'' The phrase "Moderation'' never left my head since then.

Subscribing to the ''Shut Up'' technique keeps one out of trouble, invigorates their work and aids in the consistent renewal of the mind.

Just SHUT UP! You'll be glad you did. *Winks

Have a Glam day Fam!

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