Subtle Depression???

Been Not So Happy Lately...

I think I'm losing the writing gig
I think the new things I'm trying out are taking forever to click
I think I'm failing in my marital obligation
I think I'm not as fortified as I thought I'll be
I think I'm not smashing all my intended records
I think I've allowed fear overshadow me
I think there's a missing puzzle unidentified
I think my mind is just wandering and not at rest
I think my spiritual life is dwindling
I think I'm anxious for everything
I think I'm a shadow of myself
I think I'm losing my life

What happened to me? The shock from the sudden switch from Spinsterhood to Wifeyhood? Supernatural help... Please find me!

*The aforementioned are not subject to mental scrutiny, you'll not win. *smiles

Have a Blissful day Fam.

I've Missed You a Great Deal! Thank You For Visiting.


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