It is the act of eliminating all the equations around you but ensuring you remain a constant.

Self love is the ability to say a firm no to the inadequacies around you and taking appropriate measures to put a final stop to repeat occurrences. It's the ability to ''unlink'' your happiness with people, places and things. It entails treating one's self to the best of nature's finest and enjoying your own company.

It is the ability to recognize that life is not fair and making it fair to you. Self love technically means living in isolation but not suffering depression. It entails being disciplined enough to remain on your lane when people are going south.

I remember relocating to Abuja in April 2015 with a broken heart. I had just concluded the burial rites of my late mum. I vulnerably searched for security in the wrong places, people and things but it was an epic fail. Then I sought for help in the Lord and He thought me the Art of self love. Even though i'm still learning till date, looking back from where I started, I've come a very long way!

Self love is keeping to yourself when you don't have a confidant and not dying. *Sanguines take note!

Self love is establishing a love affair with yourself and putting yourself at the top of your to-do-list every single day.

Self love is sanity, not vanity.

Trust God to bestow upon you, the grace to love yourself unconditionally and watch all the lines fall into pleasant places.

Have a Refreshing day!

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