Go Back To The Drawing Board!

When things aren't adding up, quit the complaints and go back to the drawing board and start all over!

The drawing board gives you freedom to evaluate, erase the initial plan and  replot the course for actualizing divine purpose.

Scriptural Passage: {Numbers 11:1-2}
"The people began to complain to the LORD about their troubles. When the LORD heard them, He was angry and sent fire on the people. It burnt among them and destroyed one end of the camp."

The above scriptural passage explicitly show us the dangers of complaints and grumbling.

No one is comfortable with a crying baby, even God. Complaining non-stop about an unruly situation without investigating the root cause and tackling it by applying effective measures to redeem you will only do you a disservice.

Ever been in a situation where you complain and grumble about everything that is weighing you down and begin to bore the people around you, making them feel uncomfortable? Well, That was my case a month ago. I'm glad I gracefully passed through that awful phase by mediating upon Holy Scriptures day and night.

Often a times, the complaints are valid. You resort to people who know nothing about the solution to your problem to share in your pain and just redeem you. And guess what? They never hesitate to disappoint you!

Chin up! Brace up! Take courage and act. Straighten your crown, else it slips!

God is waiting for you to ask him questions, including silly questions! He is the master teacher; implore Him to teach you how to profit. And when he reveals heavenly secrets to you, be patient with the process, tell no one about it prematurely and commit yourself to working diligently and sacrificially.

You may have to endure embarrassments, backlash and negative vibes. Never take your eyes off the aim, fix your at Jesus and he will help you win.

*You missed your turn and can't phantom? Go back to the drawing board!

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