Go Through The Woman!

You've been approaching the kingpin to mediate your ordeal but to no avail? Go through the woman in his life!

Because women are subtle in nature, blessed with the gift of discernment and are "natural" mediators; they have the ability to exert a certain degree of control.

{Anchor Scripture: John 2:5}

"His mother said to the servants, Do whatever he tells you."

While they ran out of wine at the wedding of Canaan, the servants approached the famous Jesus to step into the situation and stir up a remedy but he turned His back against them. Envisaging the power of a woman, they approached Jesus' mother, Mary. Thus, the singular act birthed a situational overturn.

Interestingly, the woman (his mother) had the ability of making him perform a miracle to avert their embarrassing situation even after He (Jesus) claimed that "His hour has not yet come."

What are struggling with? Have you done it the way your (virtuous) mother, wife, fiancee or girlfriend emphatically told you to go about it?

Are you still approaching the hardened kingpin but to no avail? Inquire about the ''Number One'' woman in his life and Go Through Her...

Only then will you find solace.

Note: Women are endowed with the ability of bringing fortune or misfortune. A good woman will bring on the former but a bad woman will bring about the latter.
In today's context, we're dwelling solely on the good woman which is synonymous with the proverbs 31 woman.

Have a Swell day!

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