Two Captains Can Sail A Ship

Can two captains sail a ship? Yes, only if they agree to take turns.

In a ship where there are two captains that agree to alternatively take turns, accelerated progress is the end result. It gives room for the other to take a break, regain lost strength, ease the tension, and reduce the burden.

Anchor Scripture: {Leviticus 2:26}
"One will put one thousand to flight, but two will put ten thousand to flight."

The power of One is distinctive, but Two is exceptionally remarkable.

No one made it to the top without a helper (an alternate captain) 

Humans waste time trying to dominate their fellow humans instead of dominating things. The original plan of God for man was for him to use things and work with people, not use people. 

God was deliberate when he created a pair. He appropriately dished out distinguished roles amounting to their overall well being. 

In our society today, a greater percentage of men possess atrocious ego. This so called ego makes them take irrational decisions even when they're aware it would result to an unhappy ending. They pride themselves with the leadership status popularly termed "Eze onyeangwanam". *See Igbo friend for translation. 

No organization stands the test of longevity with only one person running its operations.

The power of two is more than what meets the eyes. It's the least but yet the most important facet in division of labour. Imagine when three or more captains come together; They'll birth the iconic.

For two captains to effectively sail a ship; pride must be eliminated, humility must set in, and love must rule.

Two Captains can sail a ship... only if they agree.

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