Where Do You Live?

Who could imagine that two virgins could succeed in the malicious act of taking turns in sexually abusing their father?
Where you live, what you see, and what you hear are the three things that define you.

Anchor Scripture: {Genesis 19:33-34&36} MSG Translation
''They got their father drunk with wine that very night. The older daughter went and lay with him. He was oblivious, knowing nothing of what she she did. The next morning, the older said to the younger, "Last night, I slept with father. tonight it's your turn we'll get him drunk again and then you sleep with him."
vs36: "Both daughters became pregnant by their father Lot."

In the previous post, we see how the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah were wiped away because oftheir many atrocious acts, while in today's anchor scripture, we see how Lot's daughters exhibited the the behavioural traits they acquired from the land of Sodom and Gomorrah which they once inhabited.

No functional human being in the right frame of mind would get their father drunk and take turns having sexual intercourse with him with the intent of getting pregnant.

Among the many social groups, the institution of family and peer groups (greatly influenced by the habitat) are concerned with molding or maiming one's personality.

Sexual abuse, illicit drug use, drunkenness, laziness, violence, radicalism, waywardness and other negative traits can be traced to habits acquired from the geographical location where we inhabit, the things we see or watch (either on social media or attitudes expressed by the people around us), what we hear ( communication) and even what we read.

1Corinthians 15:33 states, "Evill communication corrupts good manners.''

Even If you're a good person, when you continually hang around bad people, you'll subconsciously pick up some behavioural characteristics that'll alter your personality.

Ever wondered why bad people who continually hang around good people begin to exercise inherent characteristics they never knew they possessed? Ever wondered why a lazy student begins to do tremendously well in their studies when they get involved with a hardworking student? Ever wondered why unsuccessful people begin to exhibit measurable progress when they flock around successful people?

Be deliberate about choosing the location you tend to inhabit, the friends you keep, the content of what you watch, and the innumerable activities you get yourself involved with.

A good location with good people births good communication that produces the good. We are products of what we see, what we hear and where we live.

Filter your INPUT today.

Have a Productive day guys!

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