And The Greatest: LOVE

Once upon a time, there lived three beautiful coy mistresses named Faith, Hope and love. Faith was a War-goddess who fought and won all her battles, Hope was a renowned Psychologist who mastered the waiting game technique and attained all she ever craved or desired, but Love held no heroic title which made her unique, for she stood out among her peers.

Love was Kind

She was Patient

She was Prudent

She was Security

She was Motivation

She was Solution

She was Powerful

She was Passion

She was Hardworking

She was Impartial

She was Consistent

She was Terrific

She was Magical

She was Exhilarating

She was Obedient

She was Respectful

She was Charitable

She was Meek

She was Wisdom

She was Subtle

She was Principled

She was Divine

She was Contagious

She was Disciplined

She was Righteous

She was Admiralty

She was Ambitious

She was Spontaneous

She was Miraculous

She was Royalty

She was Answer

She was Detailed

She was Perfection

...all her traits soon distinguished her from Faith and Hope, her childlike simplicity caught the attention of many, and she was crowned the Greatest Coy Mistress ever lived.

# Be Love, Do Love and Live Love

Have a LOVEly day!  *winks

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