It's Okay To Be Direct, But It's Not Okay To Be Too Direct

A particular lady was new in town and desperately needed to obtain pictures to cover a story for her blog post, but had no friend capable of helping her.
She attended a church programme and soon spotted a young "familiar" man that seemed capable of having access to the pictures she wanted. The young man seemed approachable (she thought men were more approachable than female), hence, she walked up to him when the programme ended.

After introducing herself to him, she politely asked for his complementary card. He couldn't access his, so this young lady handed hers over to him, reminding him not to fail her for she urgently needed to talk with him.

The next day, he called her up. She opened up to him and he provided the solution she needed. He told her where to lift the supposed pictures from.
Excited that her need was finally met. she thanked him gracefully.

Later that day, the young man  chatted her up on ''WhatsApp''. The young lady  was thrilled that she finally made a new friend in town (remember she was new in town). Their conversation was going great until he asked, "What do you want from me? We're both mature adults and I can accept anything." Confused on the next reply to give, she paused for a bit and soon decoded what his question meant. *The young man was carnally minded.

Not trying to react in a harsh way, she politely discontinued the conversation without his notice.

Which relationship have you destroyed because of the wrong approach? Wisdom connotes that we should never be in a hurry to conclude because our perception maybe wrong!

{Proverbs 13:16}
"Wise people think before they act; fools don't-and even brag about their foolishness."

Give it time. Think it through. Don't be in a hurry to react foolishly.

It's okay to be direct, but it's not okay to be too direct.

Have a Fab day Fam!

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  1. Perception is everything indeed. Great perspective, warm greetings!

  2. @Blogoratti, Thanks... where have u been? Happy New Month dear one!


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