The Tree Of Life

What could be have been so special about the tree of life?

Do you know that Adam and Eve's disobedience wasn't the root cause of their exit from the garden of Eden? God's insecurity that Adam and Eve will eventually locate the Tree-of-Life and eat from it was the root cause.

Anchor Scripture: {Genesis 3:22}
"God said, "The man has become like one of us, capable of knowing everything ranging from the good to evil. What if he now should reach out and take fruit from the Tree-of-Life and eat, and live forever? Never-This cannot happen!''

Ab initio, God's intent for the creation of man wasn't to make him last on the surface of the Earth forever, He created man to entertain Him during His leisure hours. Man's lifespan had been predestined by God before their fall. Eating from the Tree of Life was capable of making man last forever, reason why God pulled the trigger by sending them off as outcasts. 

Asides longevity, ever thought of other special composition of the Tree of Life? Still thinking...

Have a Fruit-Bearing-Day Fam!

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