Are You Walking In Holistic Obedience?

Walking in obedience is the only requirement for a next (divine orchestrated) level. It should be intentional, deliberate or planned.

It is true that nothing moves until you move, but let me quickly add, nothing moves in the right dimension until you make the right moves.

If God has put a vision in you, adhere to it and run with it. Could it be that your crooked path is not been made smooth amidst the many prayers because of sheer disobedience?

Are you called to the Ministry, Politics, Educational Sector, Media, Fashion and Lifestyle Department but still letting it sly ? Obey that still subtle reoccurring voice in your head and just go for it!

Provision is made available at your place of assignment- Dr. Mike Murdock 
{Anchor Scripture: 1Samuel 15}
Vs 3:“Go and attack the Amalekites! Destroy them and all their possessions. Don’t have any pity. Kill their men, women, children, and even their babies. Slaughter their cattle, sheep, camels, and donkeys. 

vs 7- 9: "And Saul attacked the Amalekites from Havilah[b] to Shur, which is just east of Egypt. Every Amalekite was killed except King Agag. Saul and his army let Agag live, and they also spared the best sheep and cattle. They didn’t want to destroy anything of value, so they only killed the animals that were worthless or weak.

King Saul's reign ended immediately after he disobeyed God. Disobedience could be very costly.

Also, it is not enough to be obedient, stepping out in time to execute God's instruction is key. Jonah learnt his lesson in the belly of the big fish.

Eliminate delay, procrastination, favouritism, cynicism, and outright disobedience to will of The Most High God and walk in Holistic Obedience. 

Have a Productive day!

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