Newsflash: You'll never conceive if you keep taking contraceptives.

Contraceptives are anything contrary to Conception. Contraceptives are hinderers; they obstruct the conception process, hence yielding nothing.
Birthing the iconic will never be possible if the intake of contraceptives continually gets in the way.

Anchor Scripture: Luke 1:31&38
"And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call him Jesus."
"Then Mary said, "behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be done according to your will."

From the above anchor scripture, it is relatable that Mary didn't subscribe to contraceptives to obstruct the growing fetus in her womb. Her response to Angel Gabriel was, "Let it be done according to your will." A "No" from Mary would have altered the conception phase.

Contraceptives are abortion pills.

So many people in the world consciously or unconsciously abort their fetus because they don't want to go through the inconveniences that comes with pregnancy. Rather, they are looking for a surrogate mother who will help them bear and birth their pregnancy. And in a situation where no surrogate mother shows up, they remain sterile.

Are you pregnant with ideas, good counsel, and innovations that could cause a dimensional shift in the world we live in? Discard those contraceptives, permit conception, embrace your pregnancy phase, and be assured to birth your bundle of joy like the analysis of a Hebrew woman in Exodus 16:19

Have a Contraceptive-Free day!


  1. Never read anything like this. God bless you for this. ❤

  2. @fisayo @Godfirst, Thanks guys. Glory to God.


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