Monitor Your Progress

It's the only way to accrue record-breaking results.

A wise farmer plants his seed into the ground, waters it on a regular basis, and is vigilant to notice any weed that may surround it; hence uprooting it. It's the only way he can reap a juicy bountiful harvest.

Anchor Scripture: {Exodus 2:4-6a & vs 7}
"The baby's sister found herself a vintage point a little way off and watched to see what would happen to him. Pharaoh's daughter came down to the Nile to bathe; her maidens strolled on the bank. She saw the basket-boat floating in the reeds and sent her maid to get it. She opened it and saw the child - a baby crying!"
vs 7 "Then his (baby Moses') sister was before her: "Do you want me to go and get a nursing mother from the Hebrews so she can nurse the baby for you?'' Pharaoh's daughter said, ''Yes, Go.'' The girl went and called the child's mother.''

From the interesting anchor scripture above, we see how Moses's sister monitored the progress of her infant brother till he reached the bosom of Pharaoh's daughter. She didn't quit monitoring him even after she noticed that the baby was in safe hands, she took the risk of approaching Pharaoh's daughter to proffer a solution on who was to nurse the baby, this way linking Baby-Moses back to his biological mum! How sweet!

Indeed, out of sight is out of mind. Imagine if Moses's sister didn't watch her little brother to ensure he obtained the security he deserved, Pharaoh's daughter may have handed the baby to an inexperienced nurse who wouldn't have given the baby adequate care.

What trade are you involved with? Ensure you monitor your progress  at each phase. This way, it will enable you proffer apt solution, or avert any ill, need there be a case of an emergency.

Have A Beautiful Easter Celebration And A Fruitful Week Ahead!

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