No Wonder She Snitched!

I used to think that Rebekah, mother of Esau and Jacob, was a mother who allowed favouritism take a toll on her. This is displayed by the way she snitched to her favourite son, Jacob, about Isaac (Father of Esau and Jacob) wanting to bless Esau their first born son. (Genesis Chapter 27)

Out of curiosity, I made Rebekah and Jacob my case study. From my mini research, God opened my eyes to realize that in Genesis Chapter 25, Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob over a plate of meal; for he was hungry. The event birthed the future brouhaha between Esau and Jacob

*I'm pretty sure, Rebekah was excited about the event, hence, prompting her to monitor the well-being of her favourite son Jacob, to ensure all the blessings accrued to a first born is obtained by him.

It safe to say that Rebekah wasn't entirely dramatic after all. Also, note that Esau was Isaac's favourite son. Both parents were guilty of favouritism, Rebekah was the smarter one. (This post doesn't justify favouritism as a standard for raising children. It has done more harm than good).

My verdict: Never make decisions (especially sensitive ones) when you're hungry, angry or even (artificially) happy, the consequences may be grave.

*Snitching about the "Issac family" was a great idea right? *winks

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