He Has Given Skills To All Craftsmen

The Big Question: Are You A Craftsman?

Whether you say yes or no, you're right.

Anchor Scripture: {Exodus 31:6}
"And to all who have aptitude for crafts, I've given the skills to make all the things I've commanded you."

The above anchor scripture is not bias intent, neither does it propagate segregation or stereotype. The ''craftsmanship ability'' is entitled to all who have the aptitude to acquire it, so far it's in line with everything God has commanded.

Which inherent craft are you exhibiting? Which extrinsic craft are learning? God has assured us that He has given skills to ALL craftsman.

Still craving to become a skillful craftsman? Here are the virtues to incorporate;

First, you must take to cognizance that the Holy Spirit teaches all things.(Every and Any craft can be learnt)

Second, you must seek to find, and ask to receive every good and perfect gift. (Jeremiah 29;11- I have plans to give you a future you hope for)

Third, You must establish/maintain a personal relationship with God. This way, streams of creative ideas and revelations are deposited into us.

*Being skillful works hands in gloves with creativity. (Galatians 6:1- Live creatively)

The responsibilities of a craftsman does not come rosy and handy, it entails rigorous training and discipline which may drive us crazy, hereby prompting us to give up. But Hebrew 12 :6 admonishes us, saying, "We should not shrug off God's discipline, neither should we be crushed by it because it's the child He (God) loves that He disciplines and corrects.

Ask for anything in God's name and He'll do it (John 14:14), for He Has Given Skills To All Craftsmen!

Have a REASSURING day Fam!

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