Dining With The Devil

You may ask, is it okay to dine with the devil when James 4:7 categorically states, "Submit yourself before God. Resist the devil, and he'll flee?''

In cases where resisting and fleeing from the devil is inevitable, what do you do? Dine with him with a very long spoon! This literally means keeping a distance; subscribing to full consciousness and eliminating every distraction till the said meal has been done with.

Anchor Scripture: {1 Peter 5:8}
"Be alert and sober of mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

In as much as dining with the devil to obtain a tangible result may be the only route to obtaining a desired result, know when to stop dining! "There is time for  everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."- Ecclesiastes 3: 1 Be at alert.

The devil is bad to the bone! He can go the extra mile to pin you down to a spot. Never give in. Never (consciously or unconsciously) create the slightest opening for  him to penetrate. Avoid sin - Gossip, fornication, adultery, malice, theft and every other negative vice. It's the only way to step out of the dining room without a running belle. It's the only way to stay winning.

It's okay to dine with the devil when the need arise, but do that with a very long spoon!

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  1. This is really a new insight. Does the devil really give you an opportunity to dine with him having the long spoon. Basically if what you are after is for yourself, avoid the dining table. Like Bishop Jakes will say, "If God tells to preach in a room full of witches, you won't have to worry because he will always be in control". But he he hasn't asked you to, my friend I think total abstinence is key here.

    My 1 cent though.

    Nice reading your thoughts.


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