The Infected Cookie

If you could say no over and over to an infected cookie in the past (even when you had to elope because you didn't have the nerve to look it in the face and reject it) then you'll end up with a running belle if you can't look it in the eye today and yell a thunderous no, now that you're well thought, confident and eek of wisdom.

Ever been in a situation where people offered you regular cookies (which were not bad) but it didn't seem to excite you because of the picture of the special cookie that's been registered in your taste bud that needs to be tended to, thus making you salivate on the subconscious until you took a bold step not to salivate anymore but wait gracefully for that specially-made cookie irrespective of the time frame?

Well, one fateful day when you were not looking, a regular cookie tagged along. You didn't notice it because it was not just your type but the cookie was all up in your face consistently, like it was an emissary. You soon oblige on purpose to have a bitty taste of this basic cookie that's refused to just let you be. And alas! it tasted great. The subtle imperfection embedded on the wrapper used for its packaging didn't matter. But as this supposed special cookie digested in your system, it made your belle ache real bad. Only then did you realize that it was infected.

Memory Verses: {Nahum 1:9} NKJV
"What do you conspire against the Lord? He will make an utter end of it. Affliction will not rise up a second time.''

Do not give up on the scout for that special cookie you've envisioned. You deserve the best, not the second best.

Have a Fab day Fam!

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