Give Up On Your Dreams

But only for a short while though...

Some people put their dreams on hold for many weeks, months or even years in order to serve, acquire knowledge and in turn undergo the training phase. They are on the right path.

I once heard a public speaker say, "In order to make your dream come true, you'll have to give up your dream to make another person's dream come true.''
You make ask, "How feasible is this?'' Well, there is something called calculated risk. Ensure that whoever you'll give up your dreams for is worth it. This can be likened to the case of a nursing mother who takes a while off the work scene to tend to her newborn, but her snap back is divinity, because she returns fiercer than ever. Service and Honour is rewarding.

Anchor Scripture: {Genesis 29:18}
"Now Jacob loved Rachael; so he said, 'I will serve you seven years for Rachael your younger daughter."

Giving up one's dream temporarily comes with a lot of mixed feelings that includes; pain, anguish, happy moments, sleepless nights, discipline, subscribing wholly to the ethics etc.

Jacob was a distinguished Zoologist who put his dream on hold in order to ensure that his heart desire is met. It entailed marrying Rachael.

While putting one's dream on hold, it is deal to apply wisdom, thus analyzing the prospect of your long term goal and ensuring that plan B is nurtured concurrently.
People change for better or for worse, it shouldn't take you by surprise when this happens. Jacob learnt the hard way. *See Genesis Chapters 29- 31 for the full account.

Time investment/service is tantamount to a certified work experience, because overtime, one's skill is sharpened and their horizon, broadened.

Give up on your dream (but only for a short while), bearing in mind that no calculated risk/investment is a waste of time.

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