Just Like That!

Just kidding... lol

Since year 2015 after the demise of my mum, I've been praying to God for "equally yoked'' female friends who will tag along with me to the future. Two years later, Jesus did it!

I can understand if you're giving me a side eye or probably referring to me as dramatic, but in truth, I was wired to function effectively with the right association. Being raised in a "full'' house may have contributed to the factor.

Anchor Scripture: {Proverbs 18:24}
"One who has unreliable friends soon comes to a ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.''

All my life, I've had cool friends in between, but in the case of an equally yoked friend that sticks closer than a brother, it's been mission impossible. You'll never appreciate the presence of abundance until you've experienced perpetual lack. Well, all I can say is Thank You Jesus!

God added an amazing male friend to my life few months ago and topped it up with two female friends that have been all shades of amazing. Waking up to female friends who will join me in my morning devotion (where we'll have to set the agenda for the day) has been my utmost dream. Good news! that is my reality. Still feels unreal. *lool. Chai! Thank You Jesus.

The most interesting part is that these girls are my confidant, they understand. Guys claim to understand girls but it's really not so, unless you're lucky to meet a like minded person or one who has been adequately equipped from years of experience.

In truth, patience is a virtue! And yes, God is still in the business of answering prayers. His ways or pattern may seem slow but He's never a late God.

I still have other heart desires I'm believing God for, but I don't have trust issues when God is involved. Over the years, I've learnt to be patient with Him, and yeah, sometimes I have some questions about certain circumstances. But ultimately, I've realized that His ways are not our ways and He always has the perfect plan.

Just like that... Jesus heard me. He didn't give me double for my trouble, but triple for my tribulation. His praise will forever be on my lips. Amen

What are you believing God for? Wait on Him. He'll answer.

Have a Fab day Fam!

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