Joy Unspeakable...

December 15th & 16th 2015, are dates that never completely erases from my memory no matter how hard I try.They were days I realized that I hadn't learnt to put Jesus first in my dealings.

By 17th December 2015, I painstakingly used the whole day aligning my ways and retracing my steps. Since then on wards, I've built my wall so high around Jesus. Nothing shakes, intimidates, disturbs, or tries to trap me in unhappiness. *I firmly believe every event that occurs under the surface of the earth are orchestrated by God Himself to lead one into the next phase, and it always works for an individual's good.

I eventually figured out that happiness was just a state of mind and that the mind can be trained to work in accordance. It takes only the mind to be convinced.
When the mind has been truly trained to be convinced, 'Nwanne, fogerrit!*lol... and leave it for God', you can overcome any obstacle.

Look up to the hills. Now, look even farther, that is the only place help and strength transcends. It includes God, His headquarter, and uncountable branches filled with His very loyal subjects. It's His permanent location so to say.

He always has, and always will be, The Unrivaled Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Heart Cobbler, Joy Giver, Sole Provider and the very Impartial Just Keeper.

Only God understands every language of the heart and diversified pitch tones of voices. When one is mad at Him and vents over an unjust cause, He tolerates, when He's been confronted in a subtle tone, he tolerates as well. When one sins consciously and unconsciously, and ask for forgiveness,  He is always merciful and just to forgive and is filled with hearty cheers to welcome one into His warm embrace, because, the kind of love He expresses is unconditional.

Everything that has life passes away and is termed vanity, but His steadfast love never rots nor soars.

Enter that personal relationship with Him, align in His ways and watch Him fill your life with happiness, peace, love and joy unspeakable.

Anchor Scripture: Psalm 37:3
"Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture."

Have a Rewarding week guys!

No Blogging Without You, Thank You For Visiting.


  1. Wow,Thank you so much dear.
    Praise be to the King of Kings,Faithful even in our unfaithfulness, THANK YOU LORD!!!

  2. God first, then nwanne!! forget the rest. He'll take care of it. Nice one Ella. More strength.

  3. Sincerely speaking, I have undergone this. It is as unspeakable as invisible!


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