Publicizing Controversial (John) Mark!

*I've been writing under the influence of the Holy Spirit, reason for the post delays. I needed to critically research the respective characters. Excited to note that Controversial (John)Mark is the last man in the 'temperament drill' and you'll love him.

Characteristics of a Melancholy (weaknesses and strengths in no particular order);
Gifted, Aesthetic, Moody, Self-centered, Persecution-prone, Self-disciplined, Analytical, Touchy, Theoretical, Unsociable, Negative, Industrious, Critical, Industrious.

(John) Mark is a Controversial act because he is the alleged biological son of Mary and Joseph and in turn, half-brother of Jesus.

Mark and his brother James opposed the fact that Jesus was the Messiah (A Suffering Messiah is not taken seriously in a family though). *lol

(John) Mark and Jame's unbelief lingered till the death of Jesus. This unbelief was automatically swapped to an unwavering belief after Jesus began to appear to his alleged half-brother (John Mark) to reveal his glory. Only then was a paradigm shift evidenced.

Background check of (John)Mark
John mark was first introduced in the book of Acts when Peter Miraculously escapes prison{Peep Acts 12:12}. It was recorded that he housed Peter.

(John)Mark was a significant figure in the life of Paul and Barnabas. He was their secret helper.

During the first Missionary Journey of Paul and Barnabas, they tagged along with him, but he vanishes and heads back to Jerusalem.

While embarking on their second Missionary journey, Barnabas suggests that they tag along with (John) Mark again, but Paul (the no no-nonsense guy) out-rightly refuses. The ordeal led to a fuss between Paul and Barnabas which made them part ways.

Decades later, (John) Mark matures and is endorsed by Paul who once made away with him. {Peep 2 Timothy 4:11} .

According to tradition, Mark penned down the account between Peter and Jesus because he was an eyewitness of the duo. He is the brain behind the gospel of Mark.

John Mark was a typical Melancholy.

As a Melancholy;
*(John) Mark was negative and overly critical
During the time of Jesus, Mark and his brother James continually doubted that Jesus was the Messiah. A paradigm shift/change of story is evidenced after the death of Jesus.

*(John) Mark was Analytical
He belonged to the "doubting Thomas" department.
Well, being analytical isn't a bad trait but taking it to the extreme invokes restlessness. His 'analysis paralysis' pays off for him on the run long after a divine orchestrated manifestation.

*(John) Mark was Self-sacrificing
He was a trusted friend, reason why Peter showed up at his place after his miraculous escape from prison. Also, he was a helper to Paul and Barnabas. They to embarked on their first Missionary journey with him.

*(John) Mark was Gifted
His gifting took time to manifest because he was initially an Anti-Messiah. He eventually breaks out of his ignorant state and is the brain behind the Gospel of Mark. Many thanks to Jesus for revealing himself to him after His death. (John)Mark would probably have died with his gift of writing. Jesus obviously saw his inner-potentials and wanted him to use his God-given talent effectively.

*(John) Mark was Industrious
Barnabas (Son of consolation) saw the potentials Paul was blind to noticing due to his initial misbehaviour and stood by him instead. This eventually pays off because decades later, Paul endorses him for his good works.

*(John) Mark was Unsociable
This triggered the "deja vu stunt" that made him journey all the way to Jerusalem. He wasn't bold enough to face the task ahead of having to preach to a great multitude of people.
Barnabas was a significant figure in his life because it was only through him that the "shackles of withdrawal" was broken.

In summary, (John)Mark's (temperament) weakness made him unsociable, overly critical, persecution-prone and negative which was evidenced in the time of Jesus and in the time of Paul and Barnabas respectively. His weaknesses were turned over to good use for the glory of God.

Dear melancholy, (John)Mark is one mentor to look up to while thriving to become a better version of yourself,

#This post was painstakingly crafted for you, trust you were enlightened. *tongue out. There's room for  constructive criticism on the controversial character though.

Yeah!!...And it's a wrap for the "Seasonal Post." Anticipate tomorrow's dose.

Have a Good day!

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  1. Strange. I thought I have commented on this. Either ways, So True you wrote under the influence of the Holy Spirit that you became the John Mark himself.


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