Jars Of Savings

Saving doesn't yield wealth but saving retains wealth.

"Savings" come to the rescue during stormy days. It assists in getting project(s) done, it helps to  boost one's immune system, need there be any case of distasteful happenstance or circumstance.

Poor savings is as a result of poor planning. You should never squander every fund you come in contact with. Keep a portion in the treasure!

People who save are more strategic, are good planners and never get stranded. Inculcate the rewarding habit of saving.

Saving cuts across finance. It includes; effective time management, thorough documentation and attainment of goals (short term and long term goals), and strategic planning in every sphere of life.

It's easy: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

Trust God for the innovative ideas and contacts to amass wealth, work hard, and remember to save for you and the coming generation.

Anchor Scripture:Mathew 25:3-4
"The five foolish virgins took their lamp but did not take any oil with them. The five wise virgins, however took oil in jars along with their lamps."

Notice the plural in 'Jars' right?

Let no one deceive you with the epigram, "spend it all and hope for another." As a matter of fact, everyone is expected to have JARS of Savings.

Today, unsubscribe from the act foolishness and subscribe wholly to Wisdom, for wisdom directs one through rightful living and teaches one to profit in every ramification.

Have a Rewarding Week ahead!

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