Don't be deceived. You need funds to get a technical task accomplished. Whoever told you otherwise, lied. Prayer without activating "the work/p.u.s.h harder button" to obtain funds is only a waste time. As a matter of fact, working for a cause is prayer too.
Paraphrased version of Psalm 128:2~"By the works of your hands, you shall eat."

Interestingly, activating funds are tied to the labour of our hands and mouth. The Lord God gave you a mouth to be used. Proverbs 18:21 "Words kill, words give life; they are either poison or fruit- you choose."
You want life and every good thing life has to offer? Use your mouth! Decree a thing and it shall be established-{Job 22:28}

The internet we enjoy today was as a result of the innovative idea and brainstorming by the "Advanced Research Project Administration (ARPANET). The grandiose project was funded by the US Department of Defense(DOD) in 1969.

ARPANET as a body started small but overtime grew and began to spread its tentacles by 1980.

Other wealthy investors capable of FUNDING the cause bought ARPANET over and today the use of internet is commercialized.

The human race need funds for acceptance, maintenance and sustenance.

As a matter of fact, funds are accessible to only people (mature in mind) with the bio-metrics to access its secret password.

As children of the Most High, the secrets to funds are served on a platter and it takes maturity to unravel the secrets. After which, the principles must be put to effective use and splashed with shots of "Grace."

Therefore, (Unraveled secret + Principle application + Grace )= Fund

Without proper understanding and application of the above equation, funds remain dormant.

Today, painstakingly study the process, remain positive and watch everything work together for your good.

Have a Great day and a warm weekend ahead... Yay! TGIF!

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  1. I do not know why I still procrastinate my thoughts instead of scribbling it. This is part of the reason: Funds and a higher reach for technology. Funny enough, I haven't gathered or found time to use the one I have to reach out for them.

    I will try to change my perception towards it but in the meantime, I need your prayer and also sharing the little I have done for Writing does bring Profit and I am not channeling mine to the right direction.


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