Circumcise 'It!'

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin. The process is usually very painful.

The history of circumcision can be traced down to the time of Abraham, which served as a mark of evidence supremely based on the covenant between himself and God.

Overtime, it became a mere religious ritual among the Jews, and they forgot what mattered the most.

Apostle Paul found their new way of life distasteful and emphatically preached to them, warning about the dangers of adhering strictly to the outward circumcision and ignoring the one that mattered most which was the inward circumcision. He further explained to them in the book of Romans Chapter 2 on the benefits of keeping God's words uncircumcised than breaking His laws circumcised.

It'll interest you to know that Barrister Paul was knowledgeable enough to figure out that all the promises made to Abraham were before the circumcision process.

Biblically, Apostle Paul enlightens us that actual circumcision means detaching one's self  negative.

What do you need to circumcise? What would serve as your own quota of your covenant?

In a bad relationship either with friend or lover? Circumcise it!
Involved with every shade of immorality? Circumcise it!
Addicted to porn, unlawful sex, excessive drinking and smoking? Circumcise it!
Perpetually involved with laziness and idleness? Circumcise it!
Indecisive to a fault? Circumcise  it!
A kill-joy or a naysayer? Circumcise it!
Addicted to social media which has become the order of the day? Circumcise it!

Be like Abraham and Sarah. Don't focus on your impotency or infertility (shortcoming), rather, circumcise it (vice). Not forgetting that every circumcision process must hurt but the benefits obtained after the healing process is ultimatum.

Partake in the Abrahamic covenant of "possessing the Earth" by keying into a Faith Promise (Covenant) today.

Have a Great day!

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  1. I hope I shall not come to the thought of Circumcising You for Something better when a choice is placed between.Well I it is but a thought won't make it an option!


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