Have You Read The Book Of Romans???

The Books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes used to be my favourite books of the Holy Scripture cos they taught me advance-common-sense, until I stormed St. Paul's letter to the Romans.

Everything you need to know about various spheres of livelihood and the perfect way to go about it; rightly, healthily, richly and fulfilling were painstakingly documented by the lawyer, Apostle Paul. Let no naysayer, false prophet or sweet-tongued babble, fool you or preach to you in ways that only suit their perception, stance about life or justify their negative or excessive action.

You want to get the detailed gist or an in-depth descriptive note on Offering, Law/Justice, Celibacy, Envy, Greed, Circumcision, Stewardship, Consistency, Motivation, Innovative -invention, Alms-giving, Blessing, Friendship, Norms, Equality, Functionalism, Common-sense-theory, Citizenship, Offerings, Adultery, Fornication, Murder, Laziness/Excessive slumber, Gossips, Good/Healthy relationships, Freedom to follow the right conviction of the conscience, Keeping the Holy day, Thanksgiving, Life, Death, Criticism/Condemnation, Ways to handle B.B /Zero Tolerance to B.B(killjoys a.k.a badbelle), Dangers of confusing others, Fault-finding, Cultivating a healthy relationship with God but not imposing it on others or trying to justify their plea, Coherence of belief and behaviour, Message on those in faith stretching out a hand to help those who falter, Maturity, Obedience to instruction, Prophesy to one's self and to nations, Missionary Journeying, Vacation, Visitation, Benefits of praying for self and others, watching out for trouble makers and much more?
It's carefully outlined and explained on a platter.

Why should you read the Book of Romans? It will surge up your level of  knowledge, understanding and general studies to another level. I recommend you do that ASAP and thank me later. *winks.

Have an Enriching day!

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  1. Yes, it was arranged to follow the Gospels with the Acts within them. It brought out the best of Paul and seem to be the letter that he composed after his conversion.


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