You Think You're Having A Bad Day?

It actually gets really tiring making expenses over something you thought the initial investments ought to have covered up for, but hey! such is life, it throws unexpected shots. It is ones' sole responsibility of mastering the art of goal keeping, so that even when some shots are fired and conceded, overall defeat is not preeminent.

Yesterday started off really cool for me, it always does when I start with God. Along the way, list of expenses began to roll in, deep in thoughts, I termed everything " a process" and quietly talked to God to help speedy up the process so that a new phase is unraveled. Above all, my thanksgiving list was quite juicy and His praise never left my lips still.
Moreover, It was my mum's remembrance day and I had already keyed into the miracle which I get to experience on the 15th day of every month. *My mum lives on, this is personal!

There was a situation of a flat tyre, as we pulled over beside the available "vulcanizer" to get it fixed, I stepped out of the vehicle which was the normal thing to do, little did I know I was going to meet the shocker of a life time.
A "pure-water" hawker approached me, she was filled with hearty smiles and rushed to give me a warm hug. She exclaimed, "Are you not Aunty Chidinma's Sister from Anambra State?"  
For goodness sake, I am the first born child and daughter from my egg-mummy and the names of my younger sisters were Chinelo, Nwando and Ife, ''I thought to myself.''
"You don't remember me? She continued... I know you! My name is Happiness, I used to work as a nurse in your sister's pharmacy in Port Harcourt, ROFAB Pharmacy is the name of the pharmacy."

My head(memory) began to reboot and recall past memories from my one-year stay in Port Harcourt after my secondary school education. Yes, there was an "Aunty Chidinma" who owned one ROFAB Pharmacy and I helped her manage the place as well, I lived with her through out my stay. She was "an aunt" not a sister.
 Eventually, everything began to add up but Happiness remained unrecognizable to me.

As Happiness began to relate her life ordeal to me, I was deeply moved to tears. I was trying to solve the equation of how a once "chubby-light-skinned-young-good looking" nurse transformed into an "old-suffering-dark looking-unattractive" woman, hawking overloaded basin of "pure water."
How could this be? Oh! how I cried! Her ''Calabar-English'' accent was the only thing I could remember about her, it didn't change one bit. Oh! I equally remembered she wasn't up to 5ft.
I was barely 15 years old going on 16 during my stay in Port Harcourt after secondary school, I'm 25 years old at the moment, feel free to do the mathematics. Ten years was and is such a long time! coupled with the fact that I was such a baby at the time (even though I thought I was really grown at the time).

She(Happiness) narrated how she furthered her studies, lost her dad, got evicted from her former apartment in Port Harcourt, relocated to Abuja and got evicted a second time where they seized all her belongings (including her credentials) and how she couldn't pick a dime from the place because she couldn't pay to obtain any of it, she further narrated how the cloth she was wearing was given to her by a church member and how her fiance who once refused her travelling to Dubia to work when the opportunity came, dumped her without a trace(he changed his sim card and equally changed location). *Some guys sha!
It was a lengthy heart-rendering conversation and we needed to adjourn the conversation, other activities of the day were calling. I asked for her digits, she said she had none anymore, she went on to say so much, and above all, she said she was homeless!

I gave her some money to manage herself for a while, wrote down my number on a piece of paper, handed it over to her and asked her to please call me.

As I write this piece, I'm still bewildered in shock.

If you're moved to help get Happiness a home, please don't hesitate to place a call or send a message to my email (details are in my profile). It's ''Operation Take Happiness Off The Street!" Nothing is too small.
Together we can do this right? Yes we can!

Are you still having a bad day? I don't think so!... Have you said Thank You Jesus Today?

*Indulge gratefulness as the watchword, bear in mind also, that people are gnashing their teeth in abject poverty.

Have a Solemn day Fam.

No Blogging Without You, Thank You For Visiting.


  1. When you think you are in your comfort zone, will be when God or nature will bust your dreamworld to let you know there is someone to make comfortable. That- is when you know if you really had a bad day or not!


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