Fear paralyses all that is beautiful. The moment fear is eliminated from the equation of our lives, tapping into creation process becomes handy.

Fear is synonymous with insecurity, and insecurity leaves an individual at a spot.

The only reason fearful/insecure people never make moves is because they are afraid they'll never get something better compared to that which they claim to be stuck with. The mentality has been proven wrong since the fall of Adam.

Switch fear with faith, and watch the unusual begin to happen.

Anchor Scripture{Proverbs 29:25}MSG Translation
"The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in God protects you from that."

It's typical to wallow in fear for a while, but you're not allowed to enable it overshadow you for too long. What are you afraid of?  Is it about your family? Your Career? Your Spouse? Your Friends? Your Relationship? That Unforeseen Promotion You Rightly Deserve? That Business Proposal that's on the verge of getting sealed but funny stories are beginning to spring up? Your Personal Life And All You've Involved Yourself With? Walk in righteousness! Fear not! and Trust God! -For He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ever ask or imagine {Ephesians 3:20}

Today, subscribe to faith to surge up that morale level, which will give you every ounce of positive vibe(s) you'll be needing to take over new territories and do exploits, for faith is an attitude.

Have a 'FAITH-full' day guys!

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