''Follow Follow''

"Follow Follow" is the 'in' thing now. It always has though. Even Jesus was a victim.

Most people tend to follow people (especially on social media platforms) for the wrong reasons. They are either monitoring, analyzing, or seeking for cheap popularity and other benefits, immediately their expectations are not met, they cut themselves off and defect to other preys with immediate effect.

Who are you following? Who is following you?  Are you in their space for the right reasons? Are they in your space for the right reasons? Watch it!

Even Peter(the mouthed guy) and John(the beloved) with all their anointing went back to fishing when ''The Celebrity Jesus'' was no more even after they had tasted the goodness of their master and experienced His mighty works first hand.

And as for the people, they followed Jesus because;
-The hungry wanted to be fed
-The poor wanted to be rich
-The sick wanted to obtain healing
-The dead wanted to be resurrected
-The naked wanted clothing
-The blind wanted to regain their sight
-The deaf wanted to speak
-The infamous wanted to become famous

...and when He was charged to be crucified, not a soul could stand by him! How disappointing and heartbreaking.

When you separate the conditional benefits off an individual, can you be by their side through the thick and thin? Likewise, can they stand by you through the thick and thin?

Rely on the God, the 'revealer' of secret things to step into your situation and do what only He can do. Cos when He opens your eyes to see, just like He opened the eyes of Hagar(the Egyptian handmaid of Sarah and the mother of Ishmael, first born son of Abraham) to see the well in the desert, things will never remain the same.
More so, ask God to open your eyes to notice the right people who genuinely follow you for the right reasons and have your overall interest at heart.

Today, apply caution and eliminate every "follow follow'' in your life.

Have a Great day.

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