Virtue Left Me...

There are TWO times virtue leaves an individual. First, is when he is filled with the Holy Spirit (and his works are been manifested) but he falls into sin. Second, is when an individual is filled with the Holy Spirit but performs tons of miracle and is left exhausted.

Let's term the former "lower virtue" and the latter " higher virtue."

Both category of virtue need Prayer (intercessors/ intercessory) to be reinstated. Uninterestingly, the lower virtue takes a lot of time to be reinstated. However, the higher virtue can be reinstated with ease.

Virtues are ethical behaviours showing high moral standards. Subscribing to sin leads to loss of the lower virtue, which send the sufferer into depression, stagnation, confusion, doubt, disbelief, trauma, sober moments, and all other negative psychological imbalance.

Subscribing to holiness without introducing sin into the picture during workings of miracles reintroduces the sufferer/victim into the next level (phase) of higher dimension.

Luke 8: 45-46
"Who touched me?" Jesus asked, while everyone was denying it, Peter said, "Master, people are crowding all around and pushing you from every side." But Jesus answered, ''Virtue left me!'' The woman with the issue of blood knew that she could not hide, so she came trembling and knelt down in front of Jesus."

Virtue means strength, but in the above context, it was used to denote purity.

Both losses of virtue need intense prayer and other spiritual exercises to be reinstated even though one leaves you agonized and dejected, and the other brings on sparkles and fortifies the body even more.

Never lose the "lower virtue" you'll suck at being you, it takes only the extravagant grace of God to revive you and make you functional once more.

Be virtuous in your dealings and if you're going to lose your virtue, lose your 'Higher Virtue!'

Have a High-level-Virtue-Filled day guys! *winks.

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  1. Like you deciphered what I was struggling with.
    Now I can gladly move in them.


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