Maturing from childhood to adulthood wasn't an interesting phase for me. Each day, I prayed to become an adult real quick. My lesson teacher, Uncle Daniel, would beat me to stupor until I aced all my assignments and took first position in class. He ignorantly thought he was boosting my morale level because I began to ace my assignments and come out tops in class, but unknown to him, he was harming me. My mum was another "Agile Mopol", she supported the course and didn't hesitate to praise Uncle Daniel even when Daddy Shina, the neighbour, continually visited to alert her of the child abuse that transpired while she was away. She always turned a deaf ear.

I grew up in a perpetually tensed atmosphere, for I lived in fear. Unknown to the Uncle Daniel and Mummy, they were harming me psychologically, physically, emotionally and otherwise. "Beatings will continue until morale improves" was the anthem. Even when I aced my exams, Mummy would still call me a local champion, emphatically stating that my mates were winning common wealth scholarships. Oh Mummy! lol. *It wasn't funny then, glad that I can laugh about that phase now.

Until I bagged a 2.1 in my first degree, mummy didn't take me serious. She eventually began to build confidence and believe in me overtime, and that (type of morale) changed my life forever...

Beatings will never surge up any morale level. Words, Actions and Patience will. Speak the right words into (an) individual/people continually, display an immeasurable amount of affection to convince them that you truly care, and be patient with them to let them make their mistakes and learn from it.  Above all, guide them in the path of righteousness and pray for them, for prayer works!

Anchor Scripture {Colossians 3:21} MSG Translation
"Parents, don't come down too hard on your children or you'll crush their spirits."

Help build somebody's Morale level today!

Have a Swell day guys...

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