The ''New'' Beast

A beast is not just an ugly creature with ten horns and seven faces as referenced in the book of Revelation 13. If you possess identical characteristics such as; having a loud mouth, being boastful and blasphemous, *nwanne forgerrit, you're a beast.

A pretty/handsome face with an ugly mind = Beast. Why is this equation tangible? Humans are in the habit of accessing or passing judgement based on the outward, only God is always in the habit of accessing and making his final verdict based the inward.

Peep{Jeremiah 17:10}
"I, the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give each man according to his ways, According to the results of his deed."

{Luke 16:15}
"Then He said to them, you appear righteous in the public, but God knows your heart. What this world honours is detestable in the sight of God."

You see, what society sees and calls monumental, God sees through and calls monstrous. We live in a world where people draw their conclusion based on all they perceive with zero research or thorough scrutiny, and It'll interest you to know that the new generation man is filled with antics and has mastered 'the art of fakery' with ease. With this, they find it easy to manipulate the psychic of their prey.

Beware of the ''new'' beast. They are no longer ugly-looking, they have mastered the art of animation and formation, and have situated themselves among God's right-living people. They're the perfect portrait of all you've envisioned or fantasized about. Only the Spirit-filled with the extravagant gift of discernment can distinguish an individual.

Separate yourself from people with 'beastility characteristics' and eliminate any trace 'beasticide seed' that's subconsciously building up within you.

Have a Beast-Free day guys! *winks

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  1. Actually, we live in a world of gravity where no matter how upwards we go, we come down. This is also seen in the forces of magnetism and are the examples of opposites working together.

    I truly wonder how man got it wrong that what he/she sees as wrong is not acceptable when God scores it.

    The thought of it scares me.


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