Queen Esther...

Thought I knew so much about Queen Esther until I saw the movie titled "One night with the King." It gave me an amplified vision/version of Queen Esther's characteristics.

Her unique qualities will make you love her even more, more than the King ever did.

-Queen Esther was a reader
-She was charitable
-She was free spirited
-She was pure (a virgin)
-She was teachable (she asked the King's personal aid to teach her what impresses the King)*Smart woman, Smart move!
-She passed her interview (she was truthful about her background amidst the fact that it wasn't a juicy one.)
-She was wise enough not to tell it all (she kept some confidential issues to herself)
-She was a charmer (her weapon was her intelligent conversation)
-She was vulnerable but never stupid
-She made the King fall head over heels in love with her. He remained loyal to her as well(only a few women can pull that stunt off with ease)
-She was a woman of virtue (Her dignity was so intact)
-She never gave up trying to make amends when she 'faultered'
-She was a prayer warrior (and just like Jesus, she prayed for the pain to pass away if it were God's will when she was in distress)*Naturally, no one loves 'sufferhead'
-She didn't remain silent for a long time (she spoke up when it was time for her to speak up!)*Don't be a dummy!
-She fasted too
-She had the interest of her people (the Jews)
-She broke the protocol/norm *Calculated risk is key
-She was such a good actress *She stuck to her script
-She brilliantly justified her change of name sighting Jacob
-She was made queen for such a time for her reign
-She found favour before man and before God!
-She received the blessing of her uncle, Mordecai, and prided herself graciously in it.
-She was faithful
-She was not the most beautiful out of the other maidens, but she was comfortable in her own skin
-She wasn't perfect
-She was the daughter of Benjamin, the daughter of the Most High God!

Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. {Isaiah 40:31} Also, God is in the habit of transforming nobodies into somebodies.
What are trusting God for? Receive His word, Believe His word and Become His word.

Trust you were inspired by the life of Queen Esther!

#Have an Amazing Weekend ahead guys. *Muaaah

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