Sometimes, it is the best way to figure out where you are going...

Failure means lack of success. And when there is lack, seek knowledge!
Knowledge ushers in success overtime. The process of acquiring knowledge to tackle lack may seem painfully slow, but here's the good-news: There is improvement, and there is a learning process.

Giving it all up isn't profitable. The world needs your time, prayer, talents and treasures.
Even scripture never promised the world was an easy venture, It required different level or phases of battles before victory became eminent. (Take a cue from King David and St.Paul)

In the course of failure; hustle, thrive, soar even higher still. There is no shame in hustling, the eyes of your spectators won't even harm you, I promise.*lol. It's the mind you'll have to train/convince to remain focused and elude distraction. Some of these distraction include; procrastination, naysayers, insecurity, opinion advocates (those who advise others but themselves), evil communication/bad company, etc.

To overcome failure, you'll be needing a lot of positive vibes, 'fresh air', mentoring and discipline(long suffering). Interestingly, failure is part of success.

Anchor Scripture{Proverbs 24:16}
"The righteous may fall seven times but still get up, but the wicked will stumble into trouble."

The mastery of failure transforms fear into action. And you see, there's no shame in falling or failing, but if you'll ever fall, ensure you fall forward, arise, ''shake your tail feathers'' and get back on track.
Never forget, the mastery of failure transforms fear into action and action yields results.

Have a Dope Weekend ahead guys! *You know it's all love from my angle.

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  1. I don't know what to say. You just captured what weakens me to a halt.
    And even provided solutions too.

    Truly its more than Love from your angle. Its the Angel in you that is power-packed and loaded.


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