Happy Easter Guys!

Yeaaaah, I'm back and bubbling real good with life, a lot transpired I must confess, and subsequently I'll be sharing in bits with all of You, so stay glued!

Join me in thanking God for a peaceful and safe trip amidst the lil brouhaha that sprang up in between. I'm tempted to spill what happened....Well, lemme just spill.

I embarked on my journey by road from Awka(In Anambra State) to Abuja. I got to the park as early as 5:50 am so that I could board the first bus and reach in good time. I was delayed till about 7:40 am before the vehicle I boarded eventually decided to take off, in truth, I was so bitter and furious, little did I know God was preventing me from something dramatic.

Pheeew, well, we set out, barely an hour later, the driver complained to us that he needed to fix the brake pad and that was how baba went to drop us at one of their terminals.... This time, I was so irritated, pissed, disgusted, angry, bitter and everything negative!

Good thing, he returned in less than 35 mins and this time, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then, we continued our Journey.

Whenever I'm on transit, its's either I'm praying, listening to music, surfing the internet, reading a book or sleeping, You'll definitely catch me doing any of the listed item but then, in truth, I can sleep for federation, I sleep more. lol

At about 2 pm, I sensed something wasn't right, I opened my eyes, *covers face, I was fast asleep.
"Omo", the driver was literally averting, other vehicles ahead and behind did same, and then he got to the queue where other vehicles had parked and then joined them, before I could say Jack, baba had opened the door of the bus. There was this irritating young man who sat sat behind me that kept saying every shade of negative stuff about how "Okene People" kill people by either slitting their throat or butchering people from the head with daggers, this guy kept saying all sorts. My ears were so full that I immediately hushed him to shut up! I kept telling this grown man to be filled with positivity and never negativity no matter the circumstance.

Before I could finish talking, people from the other buses that had queued up with us took to their heels, the passengers in my own vehicle took off too. I didn't understand why the driver had averted and parked alongside others, but this dine minute, I discovered.
It was a robbery...

The idea was to park so that people can find their way in case anything goes wrong. I looked round, contemplated whether to run or not, and I hear something say, "remain in the vehicle", I immediately went to the back seat of the vehicle, stuffed my laptop bag under a seat, squeezed myself on the floor in between the seats and began to pray. It was just me in the vehicle, the driver had fled too.

Five minutes afterwards or less, the Police patrol team rode to our direction, and that was the saving grace, they shot in the air to scare the robbers that were already robbing the buses ahead and made way for all of us.

It was a "not so okay" experience, but in truth, all the people that fled were running into the bush, some to "God knows where", they didn't have a direction. The sad news is that some people didn't join their respective vehicle to escape the dilemma when the Police turned up to clear the road because they allowed fear completely overtake them without even being watchful.

Was I the bravest of them all? Not exactly, I just felt I had the covenant of divine protection and I knew how good my baby sister and I prayed before I headed for the park. In my meditation that morning, God called Himself "completely dependable" and promised He'll take care of me, I keyed into that portion and it worked for me because I kept professing that. I didn't know how it will happen, but I was confident that my God will break protocols on my behalf

When the "run-aways" returned to the vehicle, they kept saying "babe, You get mind o, nawa! where you from? How only you get mouth, come gather mind sha. I felt good with myself and started explaining some common sense principles with them before I went biblical a little, some tried to counter, but at the end, they agreed with me and shook their heads in bewilderment. I could read their minds, I could beat my chest they said, "this tiny girl, all this thing from her mouth" lol.

I forgot to add, the old papa youngie that kept spilling trash before the ordeal, was almost left behind, God saved the drama King through the help of a passenger that sighted him from afar.

Is my/our God a good God? Yes He is! I thank Him for all He continually does in my life. Please join me in thanking Him for an overall safe trip with zero complications. It was He and and He alone that made it possible, I don't want to imagine if the brake pad hadn't failed!

I returned home to an exciting surprise which I received with a lot of with mixed feelings, It literally erased the thoughts of what had transpired earlier, I was awestruck! I think that's the most appropriate phrase to use. #yimu+blushing cheapishly jor.

Happy Easter once again guys! Enjoy the reason for the season. It's all love from my end to Y'all, I'm excited to be back to work for a course. *smiles

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