Who Am I ?

Proverbs 18:21;
"Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."

Romans 12:2;
"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing, you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."

Oh well,',--;'

Who Am I ?

Many people ask me who am I.

I'm a hardworking young lady who has a goal to accomplish. My goal is to be the best I can be through the help of God who strengthens me. I'm a big dreamer and each day I try to be a better version of myself  by stretching myself to becoming a professional in my field.

Each day I have this big portrait of myself becoming an accomplished Mission blogger, Effective Communicator,  Philanthropist, Writer, a Socio-Preneur, Hair-Stylist and Virtuous Woman.

As a 2'1 graduate haven studied Sociology and Anthropology, versatility in all ramification is entailed, no wonder I can fit in just anywhere especially when whatever is assigned to me involves meeting people, helping people grow, and ultimately learning to upgrade myself. I'm still a work in progress.

I am an athletic being. My favourite sports include; Table tennis, Sprinting, Jogging long distance, Volley balling, Aerobics. I tried playing football in a competition back in my undergraduate days, and it was not a nice experience, the football pitch was too big and it kept sapping my energy, the macho girls kept dealing with me silly and eventually I left the pitch before it was even game over. hahaha, I wasn't born to this world to come and suffer for nothing. I equally love to dance!.*lol, how could I forget that.

I am smart, I'm a good person, I know my worth, I know what a wonderful person I am, I know how to be strong when I have to be. I never force myself on people. I am unique, I am different and I am disciplined. I am approachable and easy going, people of like minds love my company and easily connect with me.

I don't take negative talks about me to heart for too long, I have short memory of wrongs, I live and let live, I can't stand ungrateful people. My brain is highly functional and it retains a lot.

I love to read. My learning style is kinetic. I learn by touching and doing.

I love to direct and work with principles, dominating and manipulating human beings are what You'll never see me do, *animals and other good stuffs to control never finish nah..haha. I'm subject to learning. I observe, listen , argue if need be and I'm committed to practicing till I get it right.

I love to listen to calm songs with  empowering contents, and sing along too, it's been my latest addiction. *Don't be shocked to meet me and my voice that I'm still managing on Coke Studio..hahah, my dreams are too juicy abeg". Oh yeaaah, I love to take selfies, selfies and more selfies, *wide grin. I love taking pictures, they bring back memories whether pleasant or unpleasant. You'll never catch me in the act of deleting my pictures except the badly captured ones or the identical ones.

I could get upset sometimes because I'm only human, but my favourite state is being happy and staying happy. I never allow people rob me of my joy and happiness. I don't take life too seriously, to me, it comes in phases and is only a journey.

Different people perceive me differently, there perception doesn't really count to me, I focus on me and how to make a difference.

I love looking good. Looking good is good business for me, it boosts my confidence, people have a good impression about me, and because I never know who I'll run into, I want to look my best all the time, life is too boring to wear boring clothes.

I am a traditional person, I have regards and respect for culture especially in my country Nigeria where cultural practices are upheld and diversified.

I was raised in a good Christian home and on my own, I took my relationship with God to another level. Serving God in spirit and in truth is a personal decision.

So the question was who am I ?

I am a young lady with a big dream who can take giant steps to attain greater height. My experiences have made me who I am today; a hard-worker and a dependable person, but I also know how to have fun and enjoy the small things around.

Who Am I?  I am Nzelu Emmanuella "Ellahillz" Somtochukwu

Let's meet you. Who are You? *smiles

Have a great day guys.

No Blogging without You, Thank You for Visiting.


  1. I am Akinbinu Thompson Ayomide! An accountant by profession but teaching(education) chose me. I have an hunger for helping people, adventure and evangelism. Lemme stop there for now *wink*

    1. That is very good, I'll like to do ICAN too..

    2. Hmmmmm. Thats whom you are jooor. Extra fun to be with,you can like gist. Chaiii. Miss doz days.

  2. This actually got me thinking!
    Seriously who exactly am i? It didnt only take me down the memory lane, it has brought a focus into my life.
    Well, hitting the nail somewhere; I am a person who realized that one is God is a majority, very optimistic, learnt to see the best in people, Yes! I am what i want to be, I can achieve whatever i want to achieve. I am a very hardworking person, a neat freak to be precise, sometimes people think im fake about it but im like my mom didnt train you man!

    I despise ingrates, from different points of view I've watched the world at a young age, made mistakes,stood up to be a better person.

    I am a 300l Banking and finance student at Nnamdi azikiwe University, because i am an aspiring financer I'm good at making decisions and i make things happen.

    My hobbies are reading novels, writing poems, surfing the net, dancing, being with family and being with friends.. Dont get me wrong, i like school too.

    When you see our kind, you ask the nature of which we are from, a person born of the womb of Mrs.Ogochukwu Florence Nzelu(in her blessed memory) is always an achiever.
    Yes this is still an 'I' question...

    I am Nzelu Lucy Genevieve Nwando, I am a work in progress, i like to watch people think less of me and i always tend to prove them wrong.

    Give me time until I'm a finished project and then i hope grace will be granted to me to reintroduce myself.. #PEACE

  3. Jeez @Ellahillz no vex abeg oo, was just writing didnt know it will come out that long

  4. I am Dubem Okafor. I am a model. Google has the remaining info abt 'dubem Okafor

  5. Nice one thnumps up

  6. I am Akinbowale Oluwadamilola, a child of God, children teacher and counsellor, blogger at deelivia.blogspot.com , economist, entrepreneur, dancer, writer, lover of Ellahillz, singer (in church alone for now lol),student (MSc. Management), hehehe and i am very playful. In summary, i am a prudent entity who seeks to achieve great heights with God's help, eliminating all negativity that may come my way.

  7. The love is too real right here...@Thompson, *wink, @Mrs Fimibama, loool, OMG..I won't lie, I still love gist till date, Until my mama's death, she used to call me madam gist and used to warn my younger siblings not to imitate me cos I was still knowledgeable and was only misleading them. hahah, Mummy Somto, I miss you everyday!, @Lucy, what an awesome personality you have, I enjoyed reading ur epistle, so never mind, ur safe,hahha. @Dubem okafor, Mr celebrity model, na u! hahhaha, @Dami, Awwh, these days I don't even know the right words to describe your heavenly personality, keep being my Angel dami, don't ever stop!...To my blog family, You all rock! Thank You for supporting ur girl!..The traffic on this post was so amazing even though it didn't reflect in the comment section, but I get, most of you don't have time to comment cos of the busy days and all..Thank you so much once again. I'm blessed to have all of you!

  8. A man with so many vision and destiny.


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