Men Who Cheat And Women Who Seduce

To cheat means to act dishonestly or engage in unfair behaviour in order to gain advantage. Words synonymous to cheat include; fake, defraud, trick

To seduce means to attract(someone) to a belief  or into a course of action that is inadvisable or foolhardy. Words synonymous to seduce include; tempt, lure, cajole, ensnare

Our society is full of people who cheat and seduce. These days, you'll agree with me that women not only seduce but cheat and men not only cheat but seduce. The two unfavourable acts are exhibited by the duo.

Who can climb the mountain of God?

According to Proverbs 24:3-4, only the clean-handed, only the pure-hearted; Men who won't cheat and women who won't seduce.

Men and women of hope and ambiguous promises, let's thrive not to be caught in the act of cheating and seducing because of temporal or material gratification, because clean living and justice with neighbours means far more to God than religious performance. Never cheat or seduce your way into anything, rather let's go hunting for what is right and kind and as we do that, we would find glorious life itself. It'll entails a lot of discipline, that I'm aware of, but in truth, with the help and involvement of God, all things are possible and obtainable to those that are committed to making a difference.

One last thing, never cheat or seduce as a form of revenge. So many men and women are involved in such petty acts, men and women were not entitled to play the revenge role. Leave revenge and judgement for God, this way, we live a far healthier life void of negativity and drama.

Have a cheat-free and a seduction-free day guys! lol(I'm serious ooh)
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